Collecting Simple Minds In The 21st Century

Simple Minds ca. 2002: L-R: Eddie Duffy, Jim Kerr, Mel Gaynor, Andy Gillespie, Charlie Burchill

Simple Minds ca. 2002: L-R: Eddie Duffy, Jim Kerr, Mel Gaynor, Andy Gillespie, Charlie Burchill

I am a Simple Minds collector [within reason]. One thing that has stuck in my craw was that in the new millennium, it suddenly became very challenging to buy all of the tracks/mixes of this band due to their many, many licensing deals with labels all over Europe. Where in the good old days, just buying the UK Virgin pressings netter you 95% of what was released, in the new era, things were highly Balkanized with vinyl and CDs being issued willy-nilly and to make matters more confusing, Jim Kerr teaming up with DJs on “other” projects concurrent with the Simple Minds imprint. This exploded in 2002-2004 at exactly the moment where I had the least amount of money in my life to spend on music, so there is a lot of material missing in my Record Cell.

In 2002, I grabbed the last few items ca. 1986-1998 for a BSOG that I had made that year, and it covered two phases of their long career with non-LP tracks/mixes accounted for in a huge brick of music. What I will enumerate now will be the contents of the third phase of their career [1999-2016] and this will take time and get fairly messy. But until I do this, It’s hard knowing exactly what I still need, so strap in and get comfortable. It’s another Simple Minds thread at PPM. Hopefully, one that will last days instead of months. Titles I do have in red.


simple-minds-belfasttranceuk12aJohn ’00’ Fleming VS Simple Minds
Belfast Trance
UK 12″ | Nebula ‎– Belf 001 | 2001

  1. Belfast Trance (New Vocal Mix)
  2. Belfast Trance (Original Vocal Mix)

This DJ wax was issued in 2001.

simple minds - dancingbarefootUKCDASimple Minds
Dancing Barefoot 
UK CD5 | Eagle Records ‎– EAGEP198 | 2001

  1. Dancing Barefoot 3:51
  2. Gloria 3:45
  3. Being Boiled 3:51
  4. Love Will Tear Us Apart 4:49

I actually bought this in a store in Knoxville during a visit there in 2001. It sported a dreadful version of the Joy Division number.

simple minds - homosapienUK12ASimple Minds
UK 12″ | Remote Recordings ‎– REMOTE 016 | 2001

  1. Homosapien (Malcolm Duffy Mix) 8:01
  2. Homosapien (Malcolm Duffy Dub Mix) 6:46

I was shocked to see this issued on another label than Eagle Rock, which had Simple Minds signed in 2001, but the band retained the right to shop DJ projects to any label interested, making the next four years of collecting them almost impossible, as you’ll see. I recently got this, sparking this thread.

simple minds - homosapienUK12ASimple Minds
UK CD5 | Remote Recordings ‎– REMOTE 016CD | 2001

  1. Homosapien (Malcolm Duffy Edit) 3:30
  2. Homosapien (Malcolm Duffy Mix) 8:01
  3. Homosapien (Malcolm Duffy Dub Mix) 6:46

The impossible to find CD single of this title had the succinct 7″ edit of the A-side.

simple-minds-belfasttranceukcdaJohn ’00’ Fleming VS Simple Minds
Belfast Trance
UK CD5 | Nebula ‎– Belfcd 001 | 2002

  1. Belfast Trance (Vocal Radio Edit) 3:52
  2. Belfast Trance (New Vocal Mix) 7:57
  3. Belfast Trance (Dub Mix) 7:46

A trance mix would only improve the awful “Belfast Child.” But these side DJ projects really muddied the waters at this time. There are many of them, too.

simple minds - cryGERCD1ASimple Minds
Cry #1
GER CD5 | Eagle Records ‎– EAGXA218 | 2002

  1. Cry 3:58
  2. Lead The Blind 3:59
  3. Homosapien (Vince Clarke Remix) 3:58

The 2xCD5 singles were no longer on the UK label. The Eagle CD singles for “Cry” were a German release.

simple minds - cryCD5A1Simple Minds
Cry #2
GER CD5 | Eagle Records ‎– EAGXS218 | 2002

  1. Cry 3:58
  2. For What It’s Worth
  3. The Garden

The B-sides here were left over tracks from the last two albums; “Our Secrets Are The Same” and the cover album “Neon Lights.” Neither would have improved the albums they were cut from.

simple-minds-cryclubinvestit12aSimple Minds
ITAL 12″ | Absolutely Records ‎– ABR 014 | 2002

  1. Cry (Clubinvest Mix)
  2. Cry (Phunk Investigation Radio Edit)
  3. Cry (Dubinvest)

While Germany got the “Cry” B-sides, Italy got the remixes of “Cry.” And there were a lot of them.

simple-minds-crytazzit12aSimple Minds
Cry [remixes]
ITAL 12″ | Absolutely Records ‎– ABR 015 | 2002

  1. Cry (Tazz Glasgoal Remix)
  2. Cry (Tazz Dub)

Italy got two 12″ers of this title.

… to be continued

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9 Responses to Collecting Simple Minds In The 21st Century

  1. Echorich says:

    Yikes! I have some investigating to do. Not sure many of those “dj” or dance remixes hold much interest for me. Sometimes blurring the genre lines should be reigned back…


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – You know it! I basically ignored most of these at the time of issue since they were as scarce as hen’s teeth at the time. Buying Italian DJ 12″ singles was easier said than done in 2002! Many of these were on GEMM or eBay for $20 and up, not to mention shipping. It was easy to pass them up. Now, in 2016 lots of these have filtered into American dealers’ stock. Discogs has a robust market of dealers even as GEMM is no more. It’s possible to now get these releases for a few dollars each, and at that price point I do have an interest. Hence this thread.


  2. Tim says:

    I don’t really follow Simple Minds like other folks here do, just curious, the Cry, is that a cover of the Godley + Creme track? And Dancing Barefoot = Patti Smith cover? If they are these, are they any good?


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – “Cry” is definitely not the Godley + Creme tune. It is a fizzy pop tune from these erstwhile anthemic rockers. Worlds away from their stadium rock phase, thank goodness. “Dancing Barefoot” is indeed the Patti Smith classic. Pretty good since I’ve not heard a bad version of the song yet. The original still reigns supreme, though.


    • Mr. Ware says:

      Cry is not the Godley/Creme track, but rather a very fine Simple Minds tune. Dancing Barefoot is the Patti Smith tune and totally superb.


    • Echorich says:

      Some love MUST be given to SM’s take on Being Boiled. They give it a rubbery groove and Jim even has is voice run through a computer. Post Modern indeed.


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