Much Mooted Matt Bianco Maiden Album Goes Deluxe

Cherry Red | UK | 2xCD | 2016 | WCRPOPD171

Cherry Red | UK | 2xCD | 2016 | WCRPOPD171

Matt Bianco: Whose Side Are You On? UK 2xCD [2016]

Disc 1

  1. Whose Side Are You On (Extended Version)
  2. More Than I Can Bear (Remix)
  3. No No Never
  4. Half A Minute
  5. Matt’s Mood (12” Remix)
  6. Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed
  7. It’s Getting Late
  8. Sneaking Out The Back Door
  9. Riding With The Wind
  10. Matt’s Mood II
  11. More Than I Can Bear (Original UK Album Version)
  12. Matt’s Mood (Original UK Album Version)
  13. Big Rosie (7” Version)
  14. Whose Side Are You On? (7” Version)
  15. The Other Side
  16. More Than I Can Bear (US Edited Remix)
  17. Whose Side Are You On (US 7” Version)

Disc 2

  1. Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed (Extended Version)
  2. Matt’s Mood (Single Edit)
  3. Big Rosie (Extended Version)
  4. Matt’s Mood II (Single Edit)
  5. Sneaking Out The Back Door (Extended Version)
  6. Matt’s Mood (7” Remix)
  7. Big Rosie (Remix)
  8. Half A Minute (Extended Version)
  9. Matt’s Mood (Extended Version)
  10. Whose Side Are You On? (Demo)
  11. Half A Minute (Demo)
  12. Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed (Demo)
  13. Sneaking Out The Back Door (Demo)
  14. Big Rosie (Demo)
  15. The Happy Christmas Song (Demo)
  16. Half A Minute (2015 Version)

That’s the ticket! I have loved this album ever since 1984, when it was released, but even then it was a bit a a chore to find a copy for sale. I managed to get the UK LP some months afterward as an import. Considering how difficult this was at the time, I was shocked to see that it was picked up by Atlantic Records for a US release some months later. The CD was another thing. I have a Swiss pressing [possibly for release in Germany] that came down the pike in ’85-’86. One fascinating thing to note about all copies, was that even the LP kicked off with the extended version of the title tune. I’ve never heard any 7″ mix of the song.

matt bianco - halfaminuteUK12AAll of this has changed now that supremo reissue producer [among his other talents] Vinny Vero has set his laser-like focus to releasing the ultimate version of the album that at the very least, introduced Basia to the world. It’s out next month on Cherry Red’s Cherry Pop imprint. We are thusly gifted not only with the ultimate version of the album possible, but even conceivable. Is every single UK A/B side variant present and accounted for. But of course! US only remixes? Yes we can!

matt bianco - sneakingoutthebackdoorUK12AAs usual, the hyperbolic Mr. Vero has pulled the strings necessary to take this as far as possible, and so we now have six previously unreleased demo versions filling out disc two. And if that was not enough [and gosh, don’t you think it ought to be?]… he’s also roped the classic lineup into recording a brand new version of the single “Half A Minute” just because he can! He’s been producing DLX RMs of the Basia canon also for Cherry Red with “Time And Tide” and “London, Warsaw, New York” having been reissued under his watchful gaze earlier.

matt bianco - morethanIcanbearUK7AI recommend these for anyone who wants it done right, as the track selection, remastering and liner notes will be a form of perfection. For Mr. Vero is first and foremost a compulsive fan of music with an encyclopedic eye for detail in addition to the taste and talent to make these projects happen. I’ve been a fan for over 20 years of his work. If you’ve not had the pleasure, then now is the time to jump in and get on the right side of a good thing. The first 100 pre-orders of this title will be autographed, as incentive for the more fervent fans of MB’s effervescent jazzpop. The price? A modest £10.95/$15.86 [+ P+P]. Since I only have a pair of the five 12″ singles and a single 7″ from this album in my Record Cell, this is definitely in my sights.

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4 Responses to Much Mooted Matt Bianco Maiden Album Goes Deluxe

  1. Echorich says:

    There may be no other band from the jazz/pop, sophisti-pop era for British music that can incite as much scorn and vitriol as Matt Bianco. Among my UK friends, my fandom is known as one of my peculiarities to some and proof an American lack of taste to others. But I have no problem with the sheen of their sound that seemed to put many off. Come on this is a band which rose from the ashes of Blue Rondo A La Turk, who, after Spandau Ballet, were the most integral of Blitz Era bands in London. With the replacement of Basia and Danny White with Jenny Evans and Mark Fisher their sound morphed into a more contemporary pop sound, but the bones of the first album travelled well into their next few albums.
    I’ve travelled the ups and downs of Matt Bianco’s career – some albums are pretty darn hard to find. The reunion album from 2003, Matt’s Mood, felt like an old friend.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Too bad your British friends can’t share your enjoyment of Matt Bianco! As I was saying to Mr. Vero on the subject of this disc recently “when I heard ‘Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed’ on ‘London Calling’ it was like the holy fusion of Yello and Manhattan Transfer!” To which he replied “Precisely! You get it!” Most of my friends shared my ardor for this band in one way or another. I still need to buy “Matt’s Mood.” Shameful, I know, but when it was released I was simply not in the position to purchase – and they came as close as Virginia on that tour!


  2. Tim says:

    I really like some Basia and I worked backwards to this album..which didn’t do so much for me. The deluxe London Warsaw….is quite nicely done I don’t need the vinyl version of the album and a cd of the same, you know? Or pins, badges, stickers, posters, etc. The music and a nice book thanks and I am happy and that’s what that one delivered.
    While on the subject of SDE’s…..after the holidays this past year a Lee Hazlewood set that I had my eyes on fell in cost over 50% and I snatched it up. I can’t endorse this uber box enough if Lee Hazlewood or any of the groups that he produced show up on your radar,


  3. Brian says:

    I can back up Echorich’s claims. Lot of hatred for this one out there… but not from me. Loved it in 1984 and love it now. My vinyl is getting pretty worn out and there are some songs on here I don’t have. So, yes, I’m on board with this edition. I’ll take the original album version of More Than I Can Bear over the remix. Basia’s opening on that one is heaven.


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