Foxx Fanatics Commit Covers To Wax In Ten Days

Metamatic Records | UK | 12" | 2016 | META60EP

Metamatic Records | UK | 12″ | 2016 | META60EP

Various Artists: He’s A Liquid UK 12″ EP [2016]

  1. Wrangler [featuring Gazelle twin]: He’s A Liquid
  2. Hannah Peel: Tidal Wave
  3. LoneLady: 030
  4. The Soft Moon: No-One Driving
  5. Xeno + Oaklander: He’s A Liquid

Well, it seems that hardly a day goes by without a new Foxx release getting ready to drop in the chute. Last week it was a new compilation and the arrival of the “Burning Car” LP in my mailbox that triggered a post. Here’s another limited edition that functions as a sequel to the intriguing “Exponentialism” EP of three years ago. That release was a CD EP of four tracks covered by two artists, but this time the format has shifted to 12″ vinyl. The covers are by artists all linked to Foxx in various ways.

Wrangler is the Stephen Mallinder/Benge/Tom Winter project I have nothing but time for. Of course, Benge was Foxx’s partner in The Maths. Hannah Peel toured live with The Maths in their four piece lineup. Xeno + Oaklander have mixed/been remixed by The Maths. The Soft Moon collaborated on what is now my favorite Foxx track of all time; “Evidence.” Finally, LoneLady was produced by Benge of The Maths, so she’s hovering on the Foxx periphery.

The record has the requisite Barnbroook cover we’ve come to know, love and yes, expect. There will be no CD this time, but the 12″ comes with a download code for maximum irony. We’re going forwards and backwards in time now; bypassing what used to be the present entirely. I should get used to it. My complaining does nothing in that regard. Especially when I still buy the vinyl. Act now as supplies are limited to 500 copies. Price is £10.99 [$15.79]. Order here, if you are also inclined.

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1 Response to Foxx Fanatics Commit Covers To Wax In Ten Days

  1. Echorich says:

    I don’t mind this contradictory trend of releasing vinyl with downloadable files. It fulfills a certain fetish as well as an ease of portability. It IS going to force me to upgrade my turntable situation soon though. What I won’t do is own an album on vinyl which I then duplicated on cd (again for portability in the 80s/90s more than any other reason) and now re-repurchase it on heavy weight vinyl. Even my fetishes have their limits I suppose.


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