Sacre Bleu! OMD Release 2016 US Tour Dates!

The OMD core trio live in Liverpool ca. 2014

The OMD core trio live in Liverpool ca. 2014

The last time I saw OMD on US soil was during the first leg of their reasonably wide ranging 2011 tour behind their “History Of Modern” album. I even popped for VIP tickets. It was a feast of OMD following 31 years of at best crumbs. I sat out their later two tours due to cost and location; the eternal bugbears of the humble gigophile. Since then, they released their “English Electric” album as well as their Museum Of Liverpool live CD/DVD package. Drummer Malcolm Holmes suffered a near-fatal [second] heart attack in Toronto during their last North American tour, which ended on its occasion, understandably. Since then, the OMD wheels have been turning diligently and word has drifted out that there is to be a new album by the Summer of 2016. That’s nice to see. It’s been three years since EE and while it seems brief on the face of it, I’m happy to see a group I like put out an album in less than 5-6 years. [Simple Minds, I’m talking to you]

hojo2With that in mind, perhaps it’s not to surprising to hear that OMD will be embarking on a large US tour next summer. What is surprising is the fine print. The headliners will be… Barenaked Ladies?! Not ever anything approaching a band I could bear, much less enjoy. Even though they have written songs with pop genius Stephen Duffy; a personal hero, I have not deigned to acknowledge them. They exist in that Duffy Netherworld® along with his Robbie Williams material. Whatever pays the bills, Stephen. I get it, but I don’t have to hear it. The other opener on the tour is to be Howard Jones. Never a favorite [to put it mildly] but at least a musician I can bear to hear, though never as much as even an opening set will serve up. At any rate, seeing Jones then OMD will be fine, though the Charlotte date I have my eye on is typical of this tour; on the “summer shed” circuit.  What are those dates? Glad you asked.

Barenaked Ladies/OMD/Howard Jones | Last Summer On Earth Tour | 2016

June 3 | Minneapolis, MN | The Cabooze
June 4 | Kansas City, MO | Starlight Theatre
June 5 | Morrison, CO | Red Rocks
June 8 | Huber Heights, OH | Rose Music Center at The Heights
June 9 | Highland Park, IL | Ravinia Pavillion
June 10 | Clarkston, MI | DTE Energy Music Theatre
June 11 | Cleveland, OH | Jacobs Pavillion at Nautica
June 13 | New York, NY | SummerStage in Central Park
June 14 | Lewiston, NY | Artpack
June 15 | Vienna, VA | Wolf Trap Center for Performing Arts
June 17 | Bethel, NY | Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
June 18 | Philadelphia, PA | The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
June 19 | Boston, MA | Blue Hills Bank Pavillion
June 20 | Pittsburgh, PA | Stage AE
June 24 | Portland, ME | Maine State Pier
June 25 | Wallingford, CT | Oakdale Theatre
June 26 | Baltimore, MD | Pier 6 Pavillion
June 28 | Alpharetta, GA | Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park
June 29 | Charlotte, NC | Uptown Amphitheatre at the NC Music Factory
July 1 | Charleston, SC | Volvo Cars Stadium
July 2 | St. Augustine, FL | Saint Augustine Amphitheatre
July 3 | Raleigh, NC | Red Hat Amphitheatre
July 5 | Nashville, TN | Ascend Amphitheatre
July 6 | Cincinnati, OH | PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center
July 8 | Indianapolis, IN | Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park
July 12 | Boise, ID | Hawk’s Memorial Stadium
July 15 | Missoula, MT | Big Sky Brewing Company
July 16 | Redmond, WA | Marymoor Park Concerts
July 17 | Troutdale, OR | Edgefield
July 19 | Saratoga, CA | The Mountain Winery
July 20 | San Diego, CA | Cal Coast Credit Union
July 22 | Las Vegas, NV | Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
July 23 | Lincoln, CA | Thunder Valley Casino Ampitheatre
July 24 | Los Angeles, CA | Greek Theatre

Tickets go on sale this Friday, February 5th, at 10:00 A.M. EST. Pricing seems to be in the $30-70 range. How likely am I to put out top dollar for an OMD opening set of 45-60 min? Um, not that likely, but I do want to see them this time round. It’s been five years since the last gig and who knows when the next one will come anywhere nearby! Even though Stuart Kershaw has replaced Malcolm Holmes live, this will still be the rest of the OMD core. I’m looking forward to the new album and can hardly not drive the 2:20 to see them play… even on a hellish concrete slab with no cover.

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12 Responses to Sacre Bleu! OMD Release 2016 US Tour Dates!

  1. Dana Madore says:

    When I find out that a fave band/musician is touring again… after a long absence from the stages, I usually JUMP at the chance to see ’em again, figuring it might just be the LAST time they will tour!. For me, it’s always been a good ‘rule of thumb’.

    With all the recent passings of musicians who were really popular for MY generation (I will be 64 this summer)… it makes even MORE sense to slap down that $30 – $70 range for the ticket! I don’t mind missing a few dinners or CD’s here and there to save for the ticket!

    P.S. I had to ‘sit through’ BARENAKED LADIES once… only to find that they were QUITE enjoyable popsters! Excellent musicians and songs with a cool comic-twist (“Be My Yoko Ono”, “If I Had A Million Dollars”, “Alternative Girlfriend” and more)! Even bought a few of their CD’s afterwards!

    Think again… and ENJOY!



    • Brian Ware says:

      Yes, I’ll go on record as being a BNL fan. They are a very entertaining live act and I think anyone attending will enjoy the show. I do agree this is an odd pairing, but not as surreal as hillbilly rockers Black Oak Arkansas opening for King Crimson in Orlando 1972. And yes Dana, I thought at 60 I was the elder here. Nice to know I’m not the only senior citizen.


  2. Echorich says:

    Too far to travel, I’m afraid. I still have the wonderful 2013 tour to fall back on and THAT was some show! Travel up to Gainesville for a short set as an opener just doesn’t make sense.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – You may be too jaded, having grown up in NYC! Any show that doesn’t involve 500+ miles for a favorite band looks better to my eyes. I was used to everyone giving Florida a pass in the 80s until it was too late. The first time I saw OMD it was a opening set for Thompson Twins in Atlanta – an 8+ hour drive… and worth it! Re: Gainesville – I only see St. Augustine, a much longer drive, so I get it.


      • Echorich says:

        yeah, sorry, you are correct, St. Augustine. And yes, too far for not quite enough. I have The Cure the weekend before in Miami, luckily airline miles and a hotel walking distance to the venue are available to me.


  3. Brian says:

    I saw them in a cozy club in the spring of 2013. Would rank it among one of the best shows I have ever seen. Given the roster and venue this time around and knowing the last show can’t possibly be beat I would be inclined to give it a pass except they are playing in my town and close enough that I could probably walk if the weather is nice. So, there really is no excuse. I’m going.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Brian – That’s the spirit. I’m used to OMD not playing near me so when it’s a few hours of driving instead of a day or more, I’m up for it. Actually, I think the Raleigh show will be a better fit, though it’s twice the drive time.


  4. I would love to see these guys, but their US schedule and mine aren’t in alignment, regrettably. I hope the new album is as good (or better — stretch those wings a little fellas!) than the last two.


  5. Paul says:

    Saw the Pittsburgh set last night, my first OMD show and I was really impressed. When I got there Howard Jones was signing autographs and OMD started as soon as I found a good spot up front. The crowd slowly warmed up as they ripped through about 10 songs, all the hit singles but one new track which was really good. They looked like they really had fun, the drummer was awesome, as well as the sound mix. The set was too damn short. I would reccommend this, expecially if you like an early night. I bought a tea towel. However, I managed to drink too much beer, ate Wendy’s, woke up my wife as I skulked into the bed muttering about how baddass my tea towel is. Woke up on the couch with my sneakers on, There are some memory gaps in how I wound up there but needless to say, mistakes were made. OMD was great though, no regrets on that end.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Paul – Welcome to the comments! You mention getting up front. I opted for middle priced tickets as I did not want to drop $75 for an opening set from even one of my all time favorite bands like OMD. You seem to suggest that it was laissez-faire seating for the opening acts. Was that the case? Can I show up for the opening act and get closer than the halfway back seats we now have without incident? If so… That would rock. As for the whole Brit “tea-towel” thing, I just don’t get it. More power to you, though! Did they have other cool merch? I love program books but they are rare. I’ll have to get another t-shirt, though.

      How’s tricks in Pittsburgh? There were some mondo cool record stores when I visited in ’92. The Collector’s Twelve Inch was particularly impressive. I nabbed a lot of my Associates collection there. I also remember a large store on a sort of underground bunker that was either close to a Post Office or a former Post Office. Any clues as to what that place might have been called?


  6. Marko says:

    Saw the show Sat. (June 25th) in CT. Howard Jones was great, OMD were phenomenal. Wasn’t expecting too much from BNL but they one me and the crowd over after their third song. Lasted almost four hours and was a great show!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Marko – Welcome to the comments! Thanks for confirming we have a great time ahead of us next weekend! I am so looking forward to that long weekend plus OMD + old friends.


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