Mari Wilson Pop Deluxe Gets Pledge Extension – Act Fast!

mari wilson - popdeluxeUKCDA

Beehive Records | UK | CD | 2016 | BEEHCD4

Mari Wilson: Pop Deluxe UK CD [2016]

  1. Always Something There to Remind Me
  2. I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love
  3. The Look of Love
  4. Don’t Sleep in the Subway
  5. You’re My World
  6. 24 Hours from Tulsa
  7. In Private
  8. White Horses
  9. Anyone Who Had a Heart
  10. I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten
  11. I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself
  12. Island of Dreams

It’s been a little erratic with the storm affecting my lunch hours [to put it mildly]. I’ve just time for a quick note today updating the status of Mari Wilson’s new album. Here’s what we know thus far:

  • The album is being mixed by David Bascombe, who should have plenty of presence in each of your own Record Cells
  • The track listing has now been released and it’s jam-packed with a mix of stone-cold classics of UK girlpop and some surprising choices. I was intrigued to see late period, Pet Shop Boys-written Dusty Springfield material surfacing. This is definitely in keeping with the mooted moderne thrust of the album.
  • Most importantly, the pledge has been extended. There are six days left to reach the pledge goal. Pledge percentage stands at 63%. You know what to do!

– 30 –

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8 Responses to Mari Wilson Pop Deluxe Gets Pledge Extension – Act Fast!

  1. Nick A says:

    sure you’ve seen this already………..


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Nick A – I was monitoring his condition last night but no, I can’t say that his death was a surprise. I’ll post an obit ASAP.


      • SimonH says:

        Very sad news. What a beginning to 2016 it’s been.


        • cdave2 says:

          Indeed. I’m very sorry to hear that. I hadn’t been familiar with his work other than hearing “Wonderful Life” back in the day, so many thanks to you, Monk, for reintroducing me to such a singular voice. (Uncannily, shortly after I’d read your announcement Karl Hyde, who considered him a friend, also sent thoughts via his blog.) He touched a great many people and I’m chagrined that I’d overlooked his talent.

          On a lighter note, I hope the storm is clearing in your area. You know it’s something when a Chicago January is mild in comparison!


      • Echorich says:

        I implore everyone to seek out last year’s Blind Faith. It is a masterwork. I have listened to The Love Show and Ashes Of Angels all day long today.


  2. Echorich says:

    I can’t wait to hear Anyone Who Had a Heart. It’s the best Bacharach/David song IMO. Sandie Shaw kinda owns in for me, but it really is meant for the type of singer Mari is as well.


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