Want List: Shriekback – The Island Of Hopeful Monsters

Shriekback | UK | CD | 2015

Shriekback | UK | CD | 2015

Shriekback: The Island Of Hopeful Monsters UK CD [2015]

  1. Black Light Trap [demo]
  2. Death, Sex and Money
  3. Fine Minds [Running on the Rocks]
  4. Pretty Little Things [demo]
  5. Guiness Despair
  6. Faded Flowers [excerpt]
  7. New Man [demo]
  8. Got Heat
  9. Over the Wire [demo]
  10. Purified
  11. Seething [Sinus Aestuum]
  12. Juice [Mare Nectarum]
  13. Sea of Vapours [Mare Vaporum]
  14. Shake the Big Tree
  15. Goodbye My Monkey

Here it is the year wrapping up and I have still yet to order Shriekback’s new album, their new dub album, their DLX RM of “Tench” and they’re dropping another disc full of stuff for our perusal! With the band working that back catalogue like diligent sound farmers, this sees many Shriekback releases that I may have merely fantasized about during the lean years, now manifest, and clamoring for my fiscal attention. Alas, this Monk has taken vows of poverty, so the steady stream of mail ordered goodness from Shriek Central has become spotty and intermittent in my world at best. After all, costly vacation expenses and life itself have taken precedence in this, like any other year.

We also recently discussed how Burning Shed have taken over for Shriekback physical releases, but not this time. This time, the band have claimed that this was a very short run of CDs so any interested in hearing the material should act quickly. This will probably see me passing up “Without Real String Or Fish” and “Tench +” yet again to net the rarer fish from the Sea of Shriekback. But just what is “The Island Of Hopeful Monsters” anyway?

It’s a headfirst dive into the Shriekback demo archives spanning roughly from the “Oil + Gold” era through to the “Naked Apes + Pond Life” eras. It encompassed unreleased songs as well as primordial, mutant versions of those we’d come to know under other names elsewhere. Mr. Andrews taunts us with the notion that material from “Go Bang” in their more pure, larval forms, were perhaps more recognizably Shriekbackian in their demeanor. This might prove fascinating listening indeed. Fair enough.

As I mentioned earlier, there were long years …nay, decades, where Shriekback product was thin on the ground, and yet upon entering a music emporium, I would always look reflexively, just in case. In hope. So the steady stream of new issues [3-5/year] must be seen through the lens of making hay while the sun shines. Because the day will eventually come where there are no Shriekback reissues tempting us to part with our hard-earned shekels with their glistening, reptilian hides. This band were always a best of breed band to my ears.  The qualities that their music had [usually] in abundance were honorable and rare in this fallen world, so I think I just might be ordering my copy come this pay day. Let’s see.

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