Delayed Reaction: The Music From Philadelphia

Less than one week later, the music arrived - $5.00 for 14 12

Less than one week later, the music arrived – $5.00 for 14 12″ records

I left readers hanging in the lurch two posts ago when I talked about the oddness of going to Beautiful World Syndicate and being unable to buy the music I knew they had [and that I wanted] in any other way except mail order. Usually I share the bounty so without further ado, here’s the roundup. 12″ Records first.

  1. The Suburbs – Waiting – 12”
  2. The Firesign Theatre – Eat Or Be Eaten – LP
  3. Cosmetic With Jamaaladeen Tacuma – So Tranquilizin’ – 12″
  4. Cosmetic And Jamaaladeen Tacuma – (In The) Nightlife – 12″
  5. Was (Not Was) – Boy’s Gone Crazy – 12″
  6. The Three O’Clock – Hand In Hand – 12″
  7. The Three O’Clock – Love Explosion – 12″
  8. Three O’Clock – Suzie’s On The Ball Now – 12″
  9. Ken Lockie – The Impossible – LP
  10. Chaka Khan – Love Of A Lifetime – 12″
  11. Tom Tom Club – Don’t Say No (The Marshall Jefferson Remixes) – 12″
  12. Tom Tom Club – Sunshine And Ecstasy – 12″
  13. The Blow Monkeys – It Pays To Be Twelve – 12″
  14. Fingerprintz – Shadowed – 12″

suburbs - waitingUS12AFST - eatorbeeatenUSLPAcosmetic - sotranquilizinUSP12Acosmetic - inthenightlifeUS12A

I think the arrival of the Suburbs disc means that I only need their debut 7″ EP, their infamous “WWIII” single, and a curious late-in-the-day indie 12″ right before they broke up in 1987 called “Little Man’s Gonna Fall,” that I just became aware of. The Firesign Theatre album was one of their 80s albums as a trio [sans David Ossman] that has proven difficult to find. There is also a CD of this title with the rare CD+G graphics. This has been the year of Cosmetic. First I finally found their album in January in a store in my town, and now I have their two 12″ singles; so you know what that means … A REVO DLX RM is in the works!

was(not was) - boysgonecrazyUSP12Atheee o'clock - handinhandUK12Athreeoclock-love explosionUS12A3oclock - suziesontheballnowUSP12A

I have a carload of Was (Not Was) 12″ material that’s by no means ready for the BSOG, but now I’m one title closer. The three Three O’Clock records all have non-LP mixes,B-sides for supplemental tracks I can fill out the CD of their 2013 live album from Record Store Day with when I make the inevitable REVO CD. I only need the “Neon Telephone” US promo 12″ and I’ll be there.

ken lockie - theimpossobleUKLPAchaka kahn - loveofalifetimeUS12Atoom tom club - dontsaynojeffersonUK12Atom tom club - sinshine+ecstasyUS12A

The Ken Lockie album was a scarce one! I need the two singles from it before I can digitize it, in good conscience. The Chaka Kahn 12″ is is all but name a lost Scritti Politti 12″ with the band writing and playing with Arif Mardin producing. Grist for the Scritti rarites disc! And now I’m two titles closer on that Tom Tom Club BSOG of rarities.
blow monkeys - itpaystobe12UK12AFingerprintz - shadowedUK12A
The Blow Monkeys 12″ was the final one I needed for their BSOG and a real bear to find from a US dealer. I could have bought this record 26 times over the last four years, for a fortune in postage from Italy or Germany. I had to pass until now. And the first of the Fingerprintz singles in house means that I can begin thinking of DLX REVO RMs of the three wondrous Fingerprintz albums [already in-house] with appropriate bonus tracks!

The CDs cost a flat $3.50 in shipping

The CDs cost a flat $3.50 in shipping

Then there were the CDs I ordered. A large box 60% full was waiting for me yesterday when I arrived home. What was in it?

  1. Adam And The Ants – Prince Charming – CD
  2. James Brown – 20 All-Time Greatest Hits! – CD
  3. Bruce Gilbert – Insiding – CD
  4. Frank Sinatra – Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely – CD
  5. Prince – Ultimate – 2xCD
  6. Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand – 2xCD
  7. Billie Ray Martin – Undisco Me – CD
  8. Client – Pornography – CD5
  9. Client – In It For The Money – CD5
  10. Client – Heartland – CD
  11. Client – Clieиt – CD
  12. Client – Zerox Machine – CD5
  13. Client – Radio – CD5
  14. Robert Palmer – “Addictions” Volume 2 – CD
  15. Le Tigre – This Island – CD
  16. King Crimson – B’Boom (Official Bootleg – Live In Argentina) – 2xCD
Half of this box seemed to be Client discs...

Half of this box seemed to be Client discs…

BRM - undiscomeUSCDAEven more titles on the preferred ease-of-use format! After years of waiting to find Client recordings for sale, the trickle that began in Amoeba Hollywood last year has become a deluge; five singles and two albums! I’m very happy to have their fantastic cover of Adam + The Ants’ brilliant “Zerox Machine” finally in house in a plethora of mixes. It accompanied my breakfast. More femme coldwave in the shape of the rare single for Billie Ray Martin’s awe inspiring “Undisco Me” single. This was the most expensive thing in the shipment at $10.00 and a bargain. Caveat: I’ve had the DL of the extended version of this from iTunes for many years. According to my iTunes, it is the most played track in my library at 17-20 plays. That’s how much I love this song; enough to have listened to it on my computer many times more than any other DLs I have purchased!

I was happy to finally get the third and final Le Tigre album after loving the first two so much. I have been jonesing for Prince on CD for decades [I only ever had vinyl in the pre-purge days] but you never see that guy in the used CD bins, so when I saw they had a 2xCD comp of 7″ edits and 12″ versions from his imperial WB period, I was all over it! That was the CD I’ve begun listening to on the commute to work today! I was so gratified to hear the 12″ mix of “Controversy” this morning for the first time in at least 30 years!

I was ready for the King Crimson “B’Boom” “official bootleg” and the 2nd Robert Palmer “Addictions” volume of Palmer material curated/remixed/re-recorded/resung with copious notes from the artist was most welcome. I’d shied away from the “Prince Charming” album since day one, but for $2.00, I’d gamble a chance on it. Now that they have formed a band with Sparks, I’m ready to dive into the Franz Ferdinand pool with the DLX ed. of their debut. We’ll see what they’re like.

Finally, I got the best Sinatra album¶ for a pittance, with a Bruce Gilbert solo ballet soundtrack and the Godfather of Funk on a sampler. How I lived with no James Brown in-house for over 50 years is a puzzle I can’t solve! I should mention that all of this music cost $120.50 from philadelphiamusic, from door-to-door. They’ve got 86,343 titles still in their store. The music has really hit the high tide marks in the last six weeks. All at “buy a lot” pricing. Now I just have to find the time to listen to all of this vinyl and report on my findings.

– 30 –

¶ – Note: not New Wave

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  1. SimonH says:

    Nothing much better than receiving a box full of new music:)


  2. SimonH says:

    Even better!


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