FFS Journey Across North American Soil This Fall

FFS dazzled european soil earlier this Summer…

FFS dazzled european soil earlier this Summer…

I had gotten wind of at least one of these tour dates a few days ago when a friend in Chicago spilled the beans ahead of the Sparks Maeling List, but it’s official: FFS, the none-dare-call-it-supergroup formed between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, have announced North American tour dates. I still don’t have the album, but I saw a copy for sale in town… does that count? It was even the DLX edition with four bonus tracks, and the price was right, but it was not in the budget, and other things were more timely expenditures, so I passed on it for the time. I may be in a position to buy it next weekend if it’s still there when I go to Harvest Records 11th Anniversary sale. We’ll see how things pan out.  We can sample the wares right now, though!

Pretty much prime Sparks with an 80s twist for fans of their mid period. Apart from some of the vocals and instrumentation, it sounds like quintessential Sparks. No complaints! The viddy is nicely reminiscent of the sort of video mandalas that Zbigniew Rybczynski used to make, abetted by more powerful computers. What of the dates?

FFS | North American Tour – 2015

Sept. 30th | TORONTO, ONT | Sound Academy
Oct. 2nd | BOSTON, MA | Orpheum Theatre
Oct. 3rd | PHILADELPHIA, PA | Electric Factory
Oct. 5th | WASHINGTON, DC | Lincoln Theatre
Oct. 6th | NEW YORK, NY | Terminal 5
Oct. 8th | CHICAGO, IL | Riviera Theatre
Oct. 9th | MINNEAPOLIS, MN | First Avenue
Oct. 11th | DENVER, CO | Ogden Theatre
Oct. 13th | LOS ANGELES, CA | Hollywood Palladium
Oct. 14th | SANTA ANA, CA | The Observatory
Oct. 15th | OAKLAND, CA | Fox Theater

As per usual, the Southeast does not figure in the Mael Brothers [and co.] plans. Am I bitter? No. Not any more, as I did have the Sparks event of my life in 2013. Hopefully not the only one, but if it is to be, then que sera. But interested parties adjacent to their itinerary, might want to check them out. They can probably do no wrong. They are legends.

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5 Responses to FFS Journey Across North American Soil This Fall

  1. Echorich says:

    Wouldn’t have minded seeing this show, but I have Kraftwerk the week before NYC and DC…
    I do enjoy FFS, it was much more impressive that I expected it to be.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – FFS was probably a throwback to the era when Sparks had a full band, more than anything. Dudes who played instruments with them. The song sure sounds like Sparks, though I have not heard FF on their own yet. From the sample I heard, FF may have gone into this saying “How can we make Sparks just look good here?” More support than collaborators, though the video was all I’ve heard. It sure has Sparks POV, though.


  2. nick says:

    I caught some of their show from Glastonbury that was shown on the bbc recently and it was quite impressive. They only showed 3 songs and one of those was ‘This Town…..’ which i still keep watching from my HD recorder. I did manage to blag a download from another blog who had a spare code …i don’t think you will be disappointed


  3. nick says:

    and this still makes me laugh……..


  4. I think the Monk has hit the nail on the head without even hearing the album! This is FF who are apparently big fans acting as support for Sparks and their songs more than anything. It’s certainly the best thing I’ve heard from FF (who aren’t at all bad, don’t get me wrong). I’m irritated that this won’t get close enough to me for me to go, but hopefully it will be successful and more dates will be added. This fall is going to be a great concert season again this year, it would seem …


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