How To Dismantle a Sonic Bomb

It seems like years ago now, but last Fall, there was a problem with my modest iTunes library. It got larger without my permission. I commemorated the expulsion of the interlopers.

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3 Responses to How To Dismantle a Sonic Bomb

  1. Echorich says:

    Well, I listened to it once, picked two songs to keep and removed it from everywhere I didn’t want it to be. It was a stunt, ill conceived and poorly received, from a band that seems to be more and more in the same boat and a corporation I usually have little issue with.


  2. Meh. The gov’t reads your mail and your favorite search engine and social media sites constantly scan your online behavior put all kinds of shit on your computer including ads and emails from 3rd party advertisers. But everybody got up in arms about how “intrusive” U2s gift was. Whatever.

    Perhaps if the album would have been better there wouldn’t have been such an uproar. And if a group like The Stones had done it, people would applaud in admiration. Those naughty boys! The backlash was more about not wanting to be preached to by a Rock entity that has an altruistic outlook. And many of the same people that complained would go out of their way to illegally download new music they really liked, be it U2 or other.


  3. I’m sort of in Orange County DJ’s camp on this. While I agree that it should have been a voluntary instead of mandatory download, I thought it was a nice gesture (and a well-above-average effort) rather than, as many have interpreted it, an aggressive or arrogant move. Still, music is a very personal choice and nobody likes to be dictated to about what they should have, so I understand some of the outrage. As OCDJ observed — this is one album that was not pirated, though that wasn’t the point.


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