Rock G.P.A.: Simple Minds [part 66]

Ltd. Lenticular BooK/2xDVD/2xCDConveniently, Just a few weeks after I saw Simple Minds live in America, the band were playing some year-end dates in the UK/Scotland with Ultravox opening up [!] and the one of these in the glittering new Glasgow Hydro, was recorded for resale. The band were selling the LTD DLX 2xDVD/2XCD autographed book package [with lenticular 3D cover] from their website for the not insubstantial sum of £60 [about $85 American]. After a run of several months on sale, the not LTD DLX package would then be supplanting it in the marketplace. Without knowing what would be cut from the mass market package of this concert, I barely made the pre-sale cutoff, thanks to some timely sales of my music at the usual places.

I was most interested in getting the full concert on CD since it would in all likelihood, be the closest thing to the show that I saw three weeks earlier on CD. I bought thinking that the soundtrack CDs might be the feature cut from the mass market version. As it turns out I was wrong. When the LTD ED went on sale in May of 2014, the mass edition followed closely behind and we got to see the carnage. They chopped five songs out of both the CDs and the DVD. The second DVD [special features] was M.I.A. This meant that had I been cheap, I would not have gotten the peak experience of “This Fear Of Gods” to play in the comfort and safety of my own home!

After this 2nd version was released, there was much grousing among the Simple Minds community. Had they revealed exactly, what would be in the cheap version of the set, maybe they would have driven more sales of the executive version! Those that were holding out for the Blu-Ray had no choice in the matter. It was the edited version. While I’ve enjoyed the CDs in the set, I’ve yet to actually watch the DVDs. Knowing me, that might take decades. I have 28 year old music laserdiscs I’ve yet to watch, much to my consternation!

The rest of 2014 was spent waiting for the new album, “Big Music” to reach the fans’ ears. It was given a mooted release of “late 2014” and it would appear in a three tiered package. A single CD, a 180g 2xLP of the single CD, and the DLX ED with a bonus CD, DVD, and poster in the nice EMI box of the sort that fans had gotten used to with X5 and “5×5 Live.” The one to buy for me was the one with the most music – that was simple enough. Fortunately, the asking price was modest, about $25, including postage from the UK. I jumped right on that one and good thing too, as it sold out handily. We begin the review tomorrow.

Next: …Is That Big Music In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

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