ZTT: The First Five Years • A Boxed Set Of God – Monk Style [part 2]

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…So we left off last post with the notion of a bespoke ZTT boxed set of god. Details were hazy, but let’s narrow our focus a bit. This was to be a curation of the ZTT singles as they were originally released commercially. All of the post-modern claptrap would be ignored. “Relax ’93” et al. When I left off, I was wondering if the singles would be consolidated with every track off of every [or most] variant releases added to the same disc. Right thinking comments from Echorich, mr. nick, and Tim all smacked down that expedient notion! Given that this is an act of curation, the gauntlet has been thrown. For the sake of this exercise, all discrete singles would be given a disc of their own. That means four CD singles for “Two Tribes” to contain all of the UK 12″ variations.

But what about 7″ variations? Where do we go from there? Now do you see the murky waters I must navigate? The 7″ variations deserves some love of their own! Not to mention the notorious, singlettes. I have to admit, that I only own one of these, “Do Well” by Propaganda. There are also the original ZTT CD singles, the first such beasts in my Record Cell and should they be ignored? I think for the same of argument, that this would do well to concentrate strictly on 12″ singles. Perhaps there could be a separate box of CD3s devoted to 7″ worship? But this is still a tremendous undertaking. My collection is large, but incomplete. For some singles, I have US or German variations – not strictly canon. For the sake of accurate cover scans, I think that I should acquire straight UK 12″ copies on the holy ZTT mother label. None of this ZTT/Island nonsense, but that will mean buying many singles that I already have!

My FGTH collection, was tidied up in the early 90s thanks to many German singles, which [let’s say it] probably are superior pressings than UK ZTT copies. Especially if they were pressed at Teldec. I also have some unique variants from the US that have sleeves that are “mashups” of the many UK cover designs. Such as my US “Two Tribes [carnage]” 12,” which admittedly, is actually of the annihilation mix! Do quirky mutants such as these get tossed unceremoniously from the project gene pool?

If I do undertake this project, undoubtedly I will be relying on the fanatical ZTT resources the web has to offer for research. Wonderful, highly Monastic sites such as Zang Tuum Tumb and all that, or The Art of ZTT. These sites will be the torch that guides my way forward; should this cross from think piece to reality. So the first step is to compile the listing of the releases. Here’s a first draft, lacking in 12″ variation detailing, which will have to come later, when I have more time.

ZTT Singles : The First Five Years

  • Into Battle • Art of Noise • 26 Sep 83
  • Relax • Frankie Goes To Hollywood • 24 Oct 83
  • Dr. Mabuse • Propaganda • 27 Feb 84
  • Beat Box • Art of Noise • 26 Mar 84
  • Close (to the edit) • Art of Noise • May 84
  • Two Tribes • Frankie Goes To Hollywood • 28 May 84
  • The Power of Love • Frankie Goes To Hollywood • 09 Nov 84
  • Souvenir d’un Paris • Anne Pigalle • 85
  • Welcome to the Pleasure Dome • Frankie Goes To Hollywood • 18 Mar 85
  • Hé Stranger • Anne Pigalle • 25 Mar 85
  • Moments In Love • Art of Noise • Apr 85
  • Duel • Propaganda • 07 Apr 85
  • Wild Hearts • Roy Orbison • 24 Jun 85
  • P:Machinery • Propaganda • 29 Jul 85
  • When Your Heart Runs Out of Time • Glenn Gregory & Claudia Brücken • 27 Aug 85
  • Slave to the rhythm • Grace Jones • 30 Sep 85
  • The Beating of Wings • Andrew Poppy • Oct 85
  • Why Does It Have To Be This Way… • Anne Pigalle • 04 Nov 85
  • P:Machinery [beta] • Propaganda • 25 Nov 85
  • The Essential Art of Communication • Das Psych-Oh Rangers • Apr 86
  • Rage Hard • Frankie Goes To Hollywood • 22 Aug 86
  • Warriors • Frankie Goes To Hollywood • 11 Nov 86
  • Watching the Wildlife • Frankie Goes To Hollywood • 23 Feb 87
  • The Amusement • Andrew Poppy • 02 Mar 87
  • Snobbery and Decay • Act • 05 May 87
  • Absolutely Immune • Act • 07 Sep 87
  • Chance • Act • Feb 88
  • I Can’t Escape From You • Act • 07 Mar 88
  • Escape From New York • Nasty Rox Inc. • 23 May 88

Phew! I’ll have to refine this list and make a table of what I have vs. what I lack. This may exceed the $500 proposed budget…

Next: …sweating the details

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8 Responses to ZTT: The First Five Years • A Boxed Set Of God – Monk Style [part 2]

  1. Tim says:

    There is a commercial release of Tear’s For Fears “Songs From the Big Chair” coming up. It has an entire disk devoted to 7” edits. Why why why? I understand this at times where you have something like the Pet Shop Boys single version of “I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Sort of Thing” which is a different – and superior – mix to the album version but when the song is just shorter to accommodate the radio………? When I do one of my Re-Made & Re-Modeled editions I just go with the version/mix that I like the most and relegate the rest of them to a folder….I haven’t yet gone to the lengths of say, every mix of Twilight World all on one cd……oh to have the time to indulge in that sort of thing!


  2. Echorich says:

    My Nasty Rox Inc 7″ is available for use for this noble effort if required by the compiler.


  3. You really should send this entire discussion (with more liberal sprinklings of the term “theoretical”) to ZTT itself and blow a few people’s minds. :)


  4. Omar says:

    I always loved the ZTT artwork. Especially The Act/Propaganda stuff.


  5. Tim says:

    Learn something new via these threads/posts. I never knew that Roy Orbison had a ZTT release. I am 99% sure that I am missing that one.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – In the no-man’s land between 1979’s “Laminar Flow” and the inclusion of “In Dreams” in the “Blue Velvet” OST, let it be said that the renaissance of Roy Orbison began in 1985 on ZTT with the “Wild Hearts” single from the OST of Nicholas Roeg’s “Insignificance.”


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