Not One, But Two More Visage Singles

visage - hiddensignUKCDA

Blitz Club Records | UK | CD5 | 2014 | BZCR016


Visage: Hidden Sign UK CD [2014]

  1. Hidden Sign (Album Version)
  2. Hidden Sign (Kim & Buran Disco Version)
  3. Hidden Sign (Hiem Remix)
  4. Hidden Sign (Extended Remix)
  5. Hidden Sign (Sportloto Remix)
  6. Hidden Sign (Kim & Buran Space Electro Remix)
  7. Hidden Sign (Instrumental)
  8. Hidden Sign (Radio Edit)

It seems like I was only raving about the “new” Visage single, “Never Enough” just a few weeks ago, and when I looked into a reported Chicago concert that PPM regular JT had mentioned last week, I discovered that the first of two mooted other singles had dropped in May while I was obviously distracted! The CD single [god love ’em for doing these] had 40 minutes of music comprised of the LP mix and 7″ edit, with a further six versions. There is the mandatory band’s own old-school “extended remix” that stretches out the track to a languorous 8:47 and will no doubt be another notch on producer John Bryan’s belt. All of the “extended remixes” of the Visage singles from this album were heart-meltingly wonderful examples of the form as rarely practiced in the last 25 years.

Fortunately, for Visage fans, the other remixes included with these singles have all been worth the time and effort and have maintained musical values we cherish even as they take the song around the block for a spin, maybe crossing the county line in the process. All done with the utmost in taste and sensitivity. We can hear the Hiem remix right now, without commitment.

It’s a clean, minimal technopop mix with new emphasis on Steve’s vocals and Robin Simon excised from the mix. It’s a good recasting of the song and I’m not worried. Simon will always be on the album mix.  So I need to buy this now, but maybe I should wait a few weeks. After all, the ultimate single from “Hearts + Knives” is due to hit the street in “early August” and I can probably save a few bucks on airmail shipping. No word yet on the contents, but the band trumpets that the remix package will include an “80s electro legend.” Any guesses? Arthur Baker anyone? No matter who it turns out to be, I have already added this to the ever-growing want list.

Blitz Club Records | UK | CD5 | 2014

Blitz Club Records | UK | CD5 | 2014

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3 Responses to Not One, But Two More Visage Singles

  1. Echorich says:

    This remix of Hidden Sign is gorgeous! This is the sound Human League Mk. II should have attempted rather than the deflating Flyte Tyme hook up. This is synthpop soul! She’s electric remixed in an Electro style could be the very big fat Cherry on top of the synth sundae that Hearts + Knives has proved to be now for almost a full year!!
    If there was any song on H+K which I would love to hear given a remix of the calibre which the band has been producing, it would be Lost In Static. It’s my go to song on the album. A tour de force in mood, Robin Simon’s guitar treatments and songwriting.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Agreement on “Lost In Static,” but H+K is like a greatest hits album for me in that there is zero filler. Looking at the writing credits suggests that this could have been a “too many cooks” project with 5-7 listed writers per track, but I’m guessing that there was not the budget to pay for all of this talent up front, and that publishing points were awarded on a per song basis with the hope that remuneration would eventually come with royalties. Just a hunch. Still, it is fun to see so many singles from a single album! It’s like “Thriller” with great music and in this day and age, it’s a feat!


  2. Echorich says:

    Okay, couldn’t help myself…downloaded from iTunes…as you expected, the Extended Mix is everything you could hope for. Not the orchestral epic that was Never Enough – and that is a very smart move in my mind as you don’t want to diminish the beauty of the John Bryan’s epic turn on that track – but it celebrates Robin Simon’s guitar and that particular synth melange they achieve throughout the album. I’m going to let you discover the rest Monk.


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