Eno • Hyde Burning Rubber With Album #2 In Less Than 60 Days!!!

"You've had your turn Bowie. Noe I've hooked up with Eno! - Karl Hyde ©2014 Nick Robertson

“You’ve had your turn Bowie. Now I’ve hooked up with Eno!” Brian Eno + Karl Hyde ©2014 Nick Robertson

I was just having a “chat” with friend chasinvictoria this morning at 4:30 a.m. when the topic of the wonderful “Someday World” came up. He had just bought his copy recently but I’d pre-ordered mine, so I’ve been listening to it for several weeks. I happened to mention that I could hardly wait for the mooted second album to drop when chasinvictoria casually offered “there’s two songs already out on free previews!” My eyes widened as I contemplated this and grabbed the iPad and made a bee-line for the Warp Records website. Sure enough, this puppy is poised to hit the streets in five days! Six if you live in America where we adhere to Tuesdays instead of Mondays for new releases.

Warp Records | UK | CD | 2014 | WARPCD255

Warp Records | UK | CD | 2014 | WARPCD255

Eno • Hyde: High Life UK CD [2014]

  1. Return
  2. DBF
  3. Time To Waste It
  4. Lilac
  5. Moulded Life
  6. Cells & Bells

The new album features just six tracks with longer cuts predominating. Two of these cuts are brief songs under five minutes. The rest are expansive cuts with heavy guitar by Hyde manipulated by Eno, Roxy/Fripp style! Eno was hot to continue the collaboration with Hyde, preferring more studio time to the usual promo. Hyde, for his part, wanted to have Eno process his guitar live to spontaneously bounce ideas and concepts off of one another. They both wanted to move in very different directions that those they had previously explored on “Someday World.” And how! Check out the preview of “DBF” as seen below.

That definitely harkens back to the Fela-inspired Afro-Funk phase of Talking Heads ca. “Remain In Light” or Eno’s collaboration with David Byrne on “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts.” Sampling the rest of the album reveals that only two of these cuts are remotely like the songs on “Someday World.” Having explored the pop, they have cast their artistic new a lot wider this time. Vocal tracks seem to be in the minority this time. Hyde takes “Slow Down, Sit Down And Breathe,” which is a digital-only bonus track, and Eno takes center stage on the hymn-like “Cells + Bells.”

“Lilac” is the perfect sound of a lazy Summer’s day, but “Moulded Life” is the funkiest groove that I’ve heard since Ryuichi Sakamoto rounded up Bootsy Collins and Emmett Chapman for “Neo Geo” in 1987! It’s not just bad, it’s superbaaaaaad! This is shaping up to be the sort of “second album” that reminds me of what John Foxx + The Maths did in 2010. The initial album was full on ear-loving pop of a very high caliber while the hot-on-its-heels second album left the familiar far behind for a very different, more abstract vibe.

The CD has six tracks, The DL [your choice of MP3, WAV or FLAC in addition to 24-bit WAV] has an extra track, and the gatefold 2xLP [inc. MP3] presents temptations with a second bonus track [“On A Grey Day”] only on that configuration. Pre-order any of these from our friends at Bleep.com. Normally, I’d eschew the LP, but the LP has extra benefits with the “augmented reality” Eno • Hyde [free] app that will do some sensationally abstract thing when aimed at the spinning record on your turntable. Find out more here as I’m too busy to mess around with apps right now as my lunch hour is over. We’ll see what I end up eventually buying. My thought is the CD is my true friend. How often will I aim my devices at a spinning record?

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4 Responses to Eno • Hyde Burning Rubber With Album #2 In Less Than 60 Days!!!

  1. Echorich says:

    YES! Eno exploring those West African Rhythms he so brilliantly knows how to manipulate!!! Yes there is some very Remain In Light/My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts feel here – and I can’t think of a greater compliment. Those processed guitar licks are like a drug! GIVE ME MORE!!


  2. It is irritating that the second bonus track is only on the LP compilation, which I have no interest in buying at hipster pricing, thanks! Luckily, this is exactly where patience and/or iTunes or other digital outlets excel, so I’ll hear the LP bonus track eventually.

    The new album (streaming for free here: http://pitchfork.com/advance/479-high-life/ for a limited time!) is wonderfully diverse, anchored by Hyde’s Eno-ssified guitar. Half of the tracks are hypnotic, the other half all over the damn place. Nice to hear Eno take lead on “Cells” (nothing against Karl’s singing). Personally I think “DBF” disrupts the flow of the album but on its own its a very cool slab of hot “Remain in Light” type funk! So far, loving it.


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