Moogfest Countdown [0 hours]

moogfest2014banner2It’s too late, creeps…!!! Moogfest is here. Now!! Thankfully, last night, I managed to sample the last 30 or so bands on the final roster. Some last minute surprises manifested as seen below.

MOOGFEST FINAL LINEUP 2014 | Asheville, NC | April 23-27, 2014

  1. Hieroglyphic Being
  2. Bombassic
  3. North Americans
  4. Noah Wall
  5. Eaters
  6. Earthtone Soundsystem
  7. The Volt Per Octaves
  8. Brett Rock
  9. Gent & Jawns
  10. Clark – Phosper Live
  11. Aligning Minds
  12. DLX
  13. Marley Carroll
  14. Ataxia
  15. Museum Of Love
  16. Awesome Tapes From Africa
  17. Gordon Voldwell
  18. Treasure Fingers
  19. Nick Catchdubs
  20. Eliot Lipp
  21. Reference – Live
  22. Saul Williams
  23. Egyptian Lover
  24. Salva
  25. Just Blaze
  26. C Powers
  27. High Klassified
  28. Higher Learning
  29. Craig Leon – Nommos Live
  30. UR Presents: Timeline
  31. Sammy Bananas
  32. Mix Master Mike
  33. Clayton Steele

We already covered Craig Leon, who was major to me, up front a few days ago. Let’s see how things shake out:

  • Museum of Love
  • Egyptian Lover
  • Escort
  • The Volt Per Octaves
  • Gordon Voidwell

museumofloveI might be the last person on the planet who has never heard LCD Soundsystem, but I might be hearing the new band of their ex-drummer, Pat Mahoney. Museum of Love sounds pretty engaging to my ears, with actual songs and vocals. I was reminded of Erasure while researching, and that’s not too shabby. Plus, they are at the right place at the right time, which means a lot during a festival.

egyptian-loverStrangely enough, Egyptian Lover was an unknown quantity to these ears until about a month ago, when The Guardian ran a story on the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine. The feature had a big photo of Egyptian Lover holding his proudly like a father. Then when the last trickle of Moogfest players manifested a few weeks ago, Egyptian Lover was right there. How’s his music? How about killa NY Electro who’s been jamming for over 30 years now!!! If one ever liked New Order then surely an artist who was influencing them [and Arthur Baker too, in all likelihood] should be a no-brainer? His jams are crisp and vibrant and his early evening set is at the free Broadway pavillion next to the Moog Factory on Lexington. Expect the local b-boys to bust serious moves for his two hour show. I am really looking forward to this!

escortEscort were a band I’d never heard of and when I sampled their tracks they were disco. The finest disco I’ve possibly ever heard! This is a seven piece band who have serious chops at making a disco/funk hybrid that sounds like the best thing you didn’t know you were missing. It’s electronic enough to fit the brief of Moogfest, but really, their music is a million times better than most of the people making ugly noise and filling the roster. This is going to be a good time!


the-volt-per-octavesThe Volt Per Octaves are serious Moog players, with the whole family playing analog synths in performance! Yes, their daughter Eva is their vocalist, and she started singing with them almost ten years ago. They are all analog, with Nick Montoya an employee of Moog who designs their gear! More importantly they live in town [Moog HQ is here] and I need to pay close attention to their name going forward. They eschew laptops!! Sadly, they are in conflict with Craig Leon, so I hope they will gig at another time, since they are very much in my sights going forward.

gordon-voldwellFinally I liked the synth heavy R+B/funk that Gordon Voidwell proffers. His jams sound like he could give Escort some nervous sweat. Funky but classic. His vocals are what pulled me in above the high level of his arrangements. It’s nice to hear someone who can sing these days! His set conflicts with the start of Nile Rodgers’ Chic, but the more intimate vibe of his venue, and the fact that it competes very adroitly with Rodgers music, suggests, that I might give the opening of Chic’s set a miss to catch Gordon. We’ll see.

So what does my next five days look like? Kind of hectic!


click to enlarge

Tonight it’s all about the Pet Shop Boys, but tomorrow, the pace quickens. My wife has discussed seeing all three Kraftwerk concerts! If it is allowed, I’ve allotted the time in the schedule. My worst conflict is Thursday night, with Adult., Bernie Worrell Orchestra, and Ejecta all bumping heads. Since I’ve seen Worrell a lot, even recently, I’ll pass him up this time, though it makes me sad. I missed Adult. at Hopscotch last September when they conflicted with John Cale, so I really want to see them this time, but frankly, Ejecta, are the one band this whole festival who are making beautiful music with songs, and I was very impressed with their tracks sampled. I will not miss them, so I may split the hour between Ejecta and Adult. Sigh.

Elsewhere, the appearance of Yacht at 12:30-1:30 Friday morning, means that my initial plan to work normally this week, must go out the window! I will be taking Friday off, and if you look at my schedule for that day, I really need to pace myself like a champ! Every minute of sleep that I can bank this week will be sorely needed. On Sunday morning, Factory Floor end their set at 3:30 am!!

Next: …Pet Shop Boys get busy one time!

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6 Responses to Moogfest Countdown [0 hours]

  1. Echorich says:

    Escort are brilliant! Been a fan for years. They even did a remix for Tracey Thorn on her 2007 solo outing. Hope you and Mrs. Monk have a great time.


  2. I hope you enjoy the PSB set, as I know you’ve been away from them for a few years. We watched their live set at Coachella and enjoyed it, though obviously nothing will ever match that show you and I saw in Miami. Indeed, very few concerts of any kind by anyone can match that performance! It’s fun to watch a band blow their entire fortune to date on a single tour …


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – Saved me a trip to Broadway… And the music was much better! As for the point exactly where my mind was blown, that was when they segued “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” into their already incredible cover of “Where The Streets Have No Name!’ Hey kids, it was 1990! It was the first date of the tour. The single was weeks away from release. There was no Internet. No spoilers. Jaws were on the floor in a more innocent time!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – You attended Coachella? When?


  3. nodarkthings says:

    Egyptian Lover was huge for us tweens back in the hey day of Electro and breakdancing. While my friends were dancing in the street on giant sheets of scavenged cardboard, I would play Egyptian Lover’s stuff right alongside Kraftwerk’s Tour de France. Good memories!

    P.S. Loving the blog!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      nodarkthings – Welcome to the blog. Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, stuck down South in Central Florida, breakdancing and electro were non events! I can tell you all about Molly Hatchet, though! I was probably more conversant with the Brits ripping off the scene than the real thing. I am really loving the work I’ve sampled on iTunes from Egyptian Lover. He seems phenomenal. Asheville has a vibrant b-boy scene and with a free show like that, they will be freaking out. I’m really anticipating this… more than Kraftwerk, actually!


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