Moogfest Countdown [24 hours]

moogfest2014banner2Now Moogfest 2014 is 24 hours away, and after I spent several hours on Sunday skimming through the first 41 names on the roster and making a list, I spent about 70 minutes I’d rather have used sleeping last night, scanning through the next 30 names. Did any of these work for me?

MOOGFEST FINAL LINEUP 2014 | Asheville, NC | April 23-27, 2014

  1. Com Truise
  2. Audion
  3. Teengirl Fantasy
  4. Razor & Blade
  5. Eric Volta
  6. Factory Floor
  7. Jimmy Edgar
  8. The Crystal Ark
  9. Metro Area
  10. Publicist
  11. Holly Herndon
  12. Hello Hugo
  13. The Jellyrox
  14. Blondes
  15. Nitin
  16. Ejecta
  17. Thugf*cker
  18. Mike Huckaby
  19. RBTS Win
  20. Tin Foil Hat
  21. Kri & Sensoma
  22. Machinedrum Vapor City Live
  23. Body Games
  24. In Plain Sight
  25. Megafortress
  26. Black Dice
  27. Heads On Sticks
  28. Tiga
  29. Riff Raff
  30. Patten

Well, there were a few high points:

  • Factory Floor
  • Ejecta
  • Publicist
  • The Crystal Ark
  • Metro Area

factory-floor-TI have been reading about Factory Floor for over a year on The Quietus, an entertainment website with somewhat congruent editorial tastes to mine.  I don’t always see eye-to-eye with their coverage [suffice to say, I don’t think I’ll be seeing Holly Herndon…] but their coverage should be investigated since it often hits close to home. Factory Floor have a guitarist who just recorded an album with Chris + Cosey. Done. Check. Their music is the closest thing to good ‘ol Post-Punk to be found in the Moogfest lineup, so that works pretty well for me!

ejecta-TIn contrast, I’d never ever heard of Ejecta, but a few moments spent sampling their wares on iTunes made me a believer, oh yes! The due is a collaboration between Leanne Macomber of Neon Indian, a group that seemed familiar, and Joel Ford of Tiger City, who didn’t. I just looked up Neon Indian, and they played an earlier Moogfest, so that’s where the name is probably familiar from. The music of Ejecta is dramatically different from most of the Moogfest lineup in that is is beautiful and ethereal. I was reminded of Austra while listening to samples, and that is a wonderful thing, especially when the band is placed on a roster that is crawling with ugly noise; which is as common as dirt apparently in these, the end times. Not that I have any problem with ugly noise, in moderation. One must remember; I was listening to the original ugly noise in the late 70s, long before most of these artists were born. It’s tedious to a mature adult whose parents are dead in any case.

the-crystal-ark-TAnother band I had not heard of before was The Crystal Ark. They proffer an eclectic blend of electro that offers pleasure to these vintage ears. The New York duo have an appealing selection of material that could help me pass the time between sets if it came to that. I’ve yet to have actually constructed the gig sheet that will place all of these acts on a grid with travel time from venue to venue figured into the mix, I may or may not actually see them, but they are an effective third tier option.


Normally, when I see a shirtless guy in a photo, my first thought isn’t “I’ll bet his music sounds good!” Let’s just say I wasn’t expecting much from his promo pic, but having sampled Publicist, it was not half bad! Drums + synths + vocoder = an interesting variant on acid house as propelled by much better rhythms. This was an intriguing, physical music that actually worked for me. And it seems like Publicist has effectively addressed the lack of rock that blands out a lot of the music of this ilk.

metro-area-TFinally, I was crestfallen to have seen that not only was Ryuichi Sakamoto not on the Moogfest roster, but his old band, Yellow Magic Orchestra, weren’t either! Talk about a coup that would have been! So after I checked out the sounds of Metro Area, I was somewhat soothed since they reminded me of nothing so much as YMO, which goes pretty far in my book. Their electro tracks sound less pre-fab then the norm in these laptop days, so, I’m willing to give them a try if the timing works out.

Next: …the last of the roster


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2 Responses to Moogfest Countdown [24 hours]

  1. Roger says:

    Envy is a colour I very rarely wear, but it feels comfortable at the moment! Enjoy Moogfest Monk. Hope you pack a neck brace to limit the potential whiplash of looking from one stage to the next! I know you’ve not had ‘high interest’ in the Pets for some time, but I hope the do put on good show for you. Failing that, there are more than enough acts to keep you pleased. Just pace yourself :)


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Roger – Envy? That’s surprising talk coming from Australia, where, correct me if I’m wrong, your continent received a John Foxx visit as transcribed on disc 2 of “Metatronic!” I’d trade all of Moogfest for a John Foxx concert, Roger! That said, I’m already tired and the shows haven’t even begun yet. I will have to be taking Friday off if I want to catch Yacht, who get off the stage at 2:00 a.m. that morning. I know PSB will be a great show tonight. It ends at 10:00 so I can be in my bed by 10:30, banking as much sleep as possible!


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