Want List: Boris Blank Cultivates his “Avant Garden”

boris blank - avant garden GERCDANot only did Blank collaborate on the recent “Convergence” album with Malia, but in June he is offering a triple disc set of instrumental film music entitled “Avant Garden.” He also invited film makers and animators to make videos for the 15 tracks excerpted on Boris’ Soundcloud page. I’ll be embedding several tracks in this post, but the rest may be seen on Boris’ Vimeo Page. As for “Avant Garden,” what little has leaked out on it suggests that the release will be on sale in July. As far as I can see, there is no presale page/store where interested parties may purchase it… yet. And Yello fans might want to get a leg up on the competition since the issue is limited to just 1,500 copies. The three discs will have 46 previously unreleased [presumably] instrumental tracks. I have no idea whether the format will be CD or LP. The one point of contact I have found online for this album is a link to Ian Tregoning’s email address for inquiries on the project’s Soundcloud page, so if you’re really interested, by all means drop Boris’s engineer and right hand man a line. Scuttlebutt has it that this is actually intended as library music, so expect the cost to be rather high. Meanwhile, here are a selection of tracks that have had videos made for them by several filmmakers.

Video by Dirk Koy.

Video by Boris Blank.

Video by Kevin Blanc.

There is also a video by Dieter Meier for the song “Big City Grill” that was edited from his 1974 film “81,000” by Daniel Cherbuin. But since it is a pre-existing work of art, it can’t be embedded, but Yello fans should visit Boris’ Vimeo Page for the track since it proffers the look and sound of Yello given a strong dose of 1974 hauntology by the [brilliant] use of proto-Yello footage! It proves that Meier’s directorial style was fully formed before those first Yello clips began to leak out in 1981. Only the absence of  his trademark lighting gels fails to mark this as a clip that only Dieter Meier would have shot.

As you can hear, the music runs the gamut from delicate, ethereal ambience to playful Yelloid techno. Since this is intended as a production music, purchase may not include any synchronization fees, which might be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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