Boris Blank Not Sitting On His Hands, Either!

Boris in his Powerplay Studios © 2013 Thomas Lüthi

Boris in his Powerplay Studios © 2013 Thomas Lüthi

As night follows day, I realized that if Dieter Meier was creating extra-Yello projects, what was to stop the other half of the Yello partnership from following suit? I thought that I’d better check up on Boris Blank. As it transpires, he’s got lots of music in the chute with two albums out this year from the Ernie Kovacs look-alike half of the seminal Swiss synthmeisters. First up is a collaboration with Malawi-born jazz singer Malia with an album entitled “Convergence” that is just out now. Hmm, Boris is working with jazz musicians, just like his partner. Interesting. That was always lying under the surface of their music, which is why it was probably so robust.

UMG | GER | CD | 2014 | 374 186-2

UMG | GER | CD | 2014 | 374 186-2

Malia + Boris Blank: Convergence GER CD [2014]

  1. Celestial Echo
  2. Embraceable Moon
  3. I Feel It Like You
  4. Touching Ghosts
  5. Claire Cadillac
  6. Raising Venus
  7. Fever
  8. Smouldering Ashes
  9. Magnetic Lies
  10. Tears Run Dry
  11. Turner’s Ship

The production sounds like fans of Boris’ productions for Billy MacKenzie [raises hand] will have much to enjoy here. The sumptuous vibe that he so effortlessly achieves can support not only the idiosyncratic Dieter Meier, but a smoky thrush like Malia like a house on fire. Of course, Yello’s collaboration with Shirley Bassey telegraphed all of this decades ago.

Niiiiiiiice. I’m finally home [not with my car] after an adventure-filled two hours filled with serious exercise, so we’ll have to pick up the Boris Blank thread on the next day I’m able to. But it’s snow days, followed by no lunch hours for as far as I dare guess ahead at this point.

Next: …The Blank Tapes surface

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