Want List: Lene Lovich Stateless x2 Ltd. DLX RM

lene lovich - statelessUK78LPA   lene lovich statelessUSLPALene Lovich: Stateless Original/Remixed Versions DLX RM UK [2014]

Disc 1 [1978 1st UK version]

  1. Lucky Number
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. Home
  4. Too Tender
  5. Say When
  6. Tonight
  7. Writing On The Wall
  8. Telepathy
  9. Momentary Breakdown
  10. 1 In A 1,000,000
  11. I Think We’re Alone Now

Disc 2 [1979 US version]

  1. Home
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. Lucky Number
  4. Too Tender (To Touch)
  5. Say When
  6. Writing On The Wall
  7. Telepathy
  8. Momentary Breakdown
  9. I Think We’re Alone Now
  10. Tonight

As you may remember last December, I was hoping that I could order a copy of the Lene Lovich 4xCD FLEX 002 boxed set of three albums and a rarities disc. I had missed the über limited 100 copy handmade set that sold out on hours back in October, but the set they were offering now, was produced in an edition of 500 and slightly cheaper, so I was happy to order it, now that my Moofgest ticket situation was all wrapped up. When I went to the Lene Lovich Web Store last week, cash in hand, to finally order my copy of FLEX002, to what to my wand’ring eyes should appear but an unannounced twofer of the first CD edition of the 1978 1st UK mix of “Stateless,” the astonishing debut album by Lene!

The LL website had promised a slightly cheaper [£7.50] single CD later this year, remastered from a clean vinyl copy [all masters were lost/unavailable] of SEEZ 7 [which resides in my Record Cell, not to worry]. So when I saw this unexpectedly, I bought on instinct, even though it would give me two CDs of the final mix by Roger Bechirian. Three if your count “The Stiff Years vol. 1.” The double edition of “Stateless” is another extremely limited edition exclusive from the Lene Lovich web store with both CDs in a special package that can have either cover as the primary art, and most importantly, an edition of only 100 copies.

I saw the blurb, twitched, and hit the “buy” button. For my £15, I’ll get a special edition, presumably long before the other copies are sold. When I scrolled down in the web store, I saw that later this year, that mooted single disc edition of “Stateless 1978” will eventually be issued as a single CD at the quoted cost. If you’d rather be more efficient when completing your Lene Lovich collection, I’ll understand. Me? I throw efficiency to the four winds where Lene Lovich is concerned! I’m just delighted that I have the wherewithal to tithe directly to the artiste to whom I own more than money can pay. Also that LL has saved me 20-30 hours of hard work in remastering from my copy, acquired several years ago which, of course, I have yet to play. The double edition is still in pre-order as of today. You know what to do.

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8 Responses to Want List: Lene Lovich Stateless x2 Ltd. DLX RM

    • postpunkmonk says:

      Dana – I used to have the original US EPIC CD but carelessly traded it in when I got the “Stiff Years Vol. 1.” I lack the Rhino “Stateless Plus” but need to eventually get it as it is the only place that I can find where “I Think We’re Alone Now [Japanese Version]” ever got released.


  1. chas_m says:

    Yeah, I picked up the two “plus” remasters back when they came out (Rhino Records was the new Sire for a while there!), since they had all the bonus tracks I was aware of. I have always assumed Stateless … Plus was remastered from the masters at the time (1995), which would mean the masters have been “lost” since then. Sadly I have these CDs in storage in Florida rather than here in Victoria, so I can’t check on any technical info for them other than through Discogs.com.

    I might get the reissues anyway, since it would be a different remastering from (presumably) a different source, and as the Monk wisely points out — directly supporting an artist who deserves my dollars even if she never writes or performs another song ever again! Her body of work is consistently tremendous — I love it all! She is right up there with John Foxx and Eno in terms of “core artists” in my opinion, and an underappreciated icon for the “women in rock” movement.


  2. Simon H says:

    Hi Monk
    Check out the furore over the box set over at the New Wave Outpost…not sure whether to risk an order now!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Simon H – I had assumed that the “handmade bespoke limited edition boxed set” would in fact be CD-Rs. There is no way to do a print run on 100 manufactured CDs efficiently. I had no problem waiting for the larger 500 run FLEX002 since I felt it would more likely be a pressed CD and therefore more archival. However, if Scott Davies is up in arms over the mastering quality, which we’ve been assured with honey tongues was impeccable, then this is a bright red flag. I trust Scott’s impressions to the point that I have his Amazon reviews bookmarked for reference. Prime commenter Taffy is one of the FLEX001 hundred, so we should await his report on the audio quality. Taffy is a DJ and should know his way around mastering quality. I know the care that I bring to my remastering from vinyl [you’ve seen enough screen grabs of waveforms here on PPM I take it], so I will be scrutinizing these carefully when my orders arrive. Even if a worst case scenario plays out, I have nothing but respect for LL and her body of work, and that won’t change.


      • Taffy says:

        still waiting for my FLEX001 box to show up, and with my backlog of listening material it will be awhile before I can properly listen…but I am aware of the hubbub going on, and am frankly bummed out I paid for CD-Rs. The possibility never crossed my mind.
        I also pre-ordered the this two disc Stateless set. To quote the badge I bought 30+ years ago…”if it’s Lene’s you’ll Lovich”


  3. Simon H says:

    The comment in the response to Scott suggesting an audiophile would only be interested in vinyl was quite funny I thought! Agree re LL, my collection needs more than the ‘Best of’ I currently have, so purchases will be made at some point.
    I don’t consider myself an ‘audiophile’ but sound quality is very important to me, CDs do me just fine though…


  4. Tim says:

    DiscoCat dropped a pretty nice mix of this on YouTube today – his channel is loaded with mixes that he’s done that are true to the original, often longer. Good bios of the bands/artists and he often works using the stems.


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