Andreas Dorau Celebrates his 50th Birthday With A New Album

Pop Genius Dorau resurfaces for his 50th birthday

Pop Genius Dorau resurfaces for his 50th birthday… in the Hamburg Central Library

Regular readers will note that I have all four of the Bureau B reissues of German pop genius Andreas Dorau as purchased over the last two years. I just got notice that Dorau has just served up his latest offering of  ebullient pop and will be keeping an eye peeled for purchase of this latest album, his first since 2011. Dorau celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday and had his latest album released on Friday to synergize his celebration. “Aus Der Bibliothèque” [“From The Library”] is his first album to be recorded with a full band since 1988’s jaw-dropping “Demokratie.” While his self-recorded albums of in-studio wunderkind pop are excellent, I do think that when he has the energies of others to play off of, his compositions really take flight; moving from excellence to astonishment. So it could be that this album may sit on the very high shelf that “Demokratie” currently sits on in my pantheon of Dorau albums.

“Aus Der Bibliothèque”  was so named, because Dorau spends a lot of time there, eventually realizing that his song ideas might be at his very fingertips. Open to the possibilities, the songs began flowing with the investigations of various books, CDs, and DVDs. On the lure of libraries, Andreas proclaims “…why should I spend money on books, music or DVDs when they will just gather dust at home?” A man after my own heart, except for where music is concerned! My take is that money is better spent on music than books or DVDs which are only enjoyed occasionally. Music, in contrast, is a perpetual enjoyment in the Monk’s world!

Bureau B | GER | CD | 2014 | BB 152

Bureau B | GER | CD | 2014 | BB 152

Andreas Dorau: Aus Der Bibliothéque GER CD [2014]

  1. Hühnerposten
  2. Flaschenpfand
  3. Der Monat
  4. Wasserstoff
  5. Löwe
  6. Reden Wir Von Mir
  7. Tannenduft
  8. Stählerner Adler
  9. Sabelle Fliegt
  10. Faul Und Bequem
  11. Klischee
  12. Bienen Am Fenster
  13. Für Immer

The preview clips paint an irresistible portrait of the album that continues Dorau’s affinity for quirky, idiosyncratic lyrics mated with fulsome pop melodies that offer pleasure unabashedly. Andreas’ love of pop music was also spurred by his library. His modus operandi in writing these songs was to check out a random selection of CDs at the library; scouring each one for harmonic ideas, however small, to use as the seeds of his own compositions. Much cheaper than a sampling clearance as well! And more endearingly old school. Speaking of endearing, you also have to love his choice of books for the cover shot!

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4 Responses to Andreas Dorau Celebrates his 50th Birthday With A New Album

  1. Echorich says:

    I’ve always wondered what it was about German pop and rock that attracted me more than, say French or Italian, or even Icelandic pop and rock. Sure sometimes it’s the strict motorik beat, other times it’s the completely over the top vocals, but mainly, I think German pop and rock, especially of the NDW, is inventive. This is a land of traditionally great science and mathematics, so combine that with some free thinking artistic passion and you’ve got a pretty amazing brew.


  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Echorich – Oooh, I don’t know! I was quite the Francophile in the late 80s-early 90s; before the French discovered hip-hop! Prior to that, they were making la belle musique! Andreas is a fascinating guy though. I like everything I’ve heard of his but some of it I’m bonkers over. I look forward to hearing the full album and reporting back!


  3. He certainly has a way with a catchy tune!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – Certainly so! He has enough of a conceptual framework for his projects to give them an intellectual patina that in no way hampers his delivery of the melodious pop he’s obviously smitten with.


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