REDUX: New Wave Scorecard


May 17, 2011

I was viewing the latest Simple Minds news the other day at Dream Giver, the best SM information site out there, when I saw that temporary Simple Minds drummer Michael Ogletree is hitting the Rewind Festival this summer with his old companions in – great googly moogly – Fiction Factory! I love those guys, and would certainly like to see them live but the whole 80s fest scene alternately attracts and repels me. I would be lying if I didn’t say there are significant acts I’d love a chance to see live, but for every Fiction Factory, ABC, Heaven 17, or China Crisis, there’s a Go West, Rick Astley, or Cutting Crew. Yech. And that whole “wax museum of pop” vibe is depressing to me. Roll ’em out, Get ’em off. Set up the next act; just like tenpins. [ninepins in the UK, though]

That got me to considering just how many of my favorite post-punk acts have been reforming of late. I cynically noted that when the market tanked big time after the housing/banking crisis collapsed under the weight of the fairy dust that had propped it up for so long, that left a lot of musicians nearing retirement age who must have seen their portfolios – if they had enough sense to take any steps to secure their retirement years to begin with – crashing and burning with an extreme vengeance just a few years shy of cash-in time. I’m 47. Most of the acts I like are older than my peer age; OMD are the young end at 51 but Ferry and Bowie are 65 and 64, respectively. Considering that Messrs. Ferry and Bowie influenced an entire generation of my favorite acts, it’s safe to say that any acts I like who are still alive [R.I.P. Mr. MacKenzie] must be considering that it’s now or never to shore up their IRAs and retirement portfolios in time to reap the benefits just a handful of years down the line. Fortunately, the amount of money available to those who capitulate to this trend should be much more than they ever saw in their heydays, when selling records was the way musicians got paid. Good luck with that, by the way. Yeah, the field of acts trying for one more grab at the brass ring is so crowded you’d need a scorecard to keep up … [cue harp run]

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