Second Chance For Lene Lovich Boxed Set

It's gone, daddy, gone…

It’s gone, daddy, gone…

In October, bad timing conspired to make me miss an event I had been waiting months for. Lene Lovich had regained control of her back catalog and was promising a Boxed Set of God® of her first three albums, plus bonus tracks. When the details dropped and the smoke cleared, there were but 100 copies of the FLEX001 box released to the world where they were snapped up by ravenous Lene Lovich fans in a matter of hours. The £50 selling price got cheapskate tongues wagging “…for only 4 CDs??!!” but not mine. I thought that it was a bargain, considering that these would be handmade boxes [like how I do it] filled with tchatchkes like a signed print and a keyring made from fabric from Lene’s stagewear.

I was sad because every penny I scrounged up this year by selling off my redundant music titles was earmarked for the Golden ROCKtober East Coast Tour, which roughly coincided with my 50th birthday in September and actually lasted through early December, encompassing shows by Simple Minds, John Cale, Pere Ubu, Sparks, Television, and Hugh Cornwell! Then, I had to quickly raise another $200 after that wrapped up two weeks ago to buy a Moogfest 2014 ticket on the off chance that John Foxx + The Maths would be there before they increased in price yesterday. Now my wife also wants a Moogfest ticket to see Laurie Anderson there and there’s a limited number of $200 concert only passes for sale and I’m furiously selling off more music to hit that goal before it’s too late. Meanwhile, word comes from LLHQ that the successor to the highly-sought-after FLEX 001 is now on pre-prder at a time when I’m [again] raising money for another fe$tival ticket for my wife.

Flex Music | UK | 4xCD | 2014 | FLEX002

Flex Music | UK | 4xCD | 2014 | FLEX002

Lene Lovich : Boxed Set UK 4xCD [2014]

Disc 1 – Stateless

  1. Home
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. Lucky Number
  4. Too Tender [To Touch]
  5. Say When
  6. Writing On The Wall
  7. Telepathy
  8. Momentary Breakdown
  9. I Think We’re Alone Now
  10. One In 1,000,000
  11. Tonight

Disc 2 – Flex

  1. Bird Song
  2. What Will I Do Without You?
  3. Angels
  4. The Night
  5. You Can’t Kill Me
  6. Egghead
  7. Wonderful One
  8. Monkey Talk
  9. Joan
  10. The Freeze

Disc 3 – No Man’s Land

  1. It’s You, Only You [Mein Schmerz]
  2. Blue Hotel
  3. Faces
  4. Walking Low
  5. Special Star
  6. Sister Video
  7. Maria
  8. Savages
  9. Rocky Road

Disc 4 – Others

  1. Blue
  2. Cat’s Away
  3. One Lonely Heart
  4. Alpha Girls [?]
  5. Details
  6. Never Never Land
  7. Big Bird
  8. The Fall
  9. Trixi
  10. O Seasons, O Castles

This time there will be 500 of these boxes, with manufacturing outsourced to concerns that normally take care of this sort of fulfillment. The selling price has been reduced to £40 [about $16.00 less] but the frantic, piranha-like feeding frenzy on the first box [which lasted about 72 hours on the open market] suggests that I have a week or two at best before I get disappointed again. The track listing for the rarity disc is based on a grainy photo of the box art in a forum and track 4 looked like a song title that my best Photoshop efforts have failed me on. As near as it seems, it’s a song [seemingly] called “Alpha Girls” which doesn’t correspond to any know quantities. FLEX001 has yet to leave the nest; the band underestimated the amount of work in putting out a BSOG, methinks! Trust me. It’s a hard slog. Especially without a PA to offload the less glamorous work to! But until it’s out there in the wilds, we’ll just have to guess at disc 4, track 4’s contents.

What’s missing? Enough for another packed disc. Probably two. Here’s my list.

  1. Lucky Number [version]
  2. I Think We’re Alone Now [Japanese ver.]
  3. Blue Hotel [dance mix]
  4. New Toy
  5. New Toy [dance mix]
  6. Blue Hotel [version]
  7. Be Stiff
  8. The Fly
  9. Monkey Talk [live London]
  10. The Night [live London]
  11. Too Tender [To Touch] [live London]
  12. Angels [live Boston]
  13. Lucky Number [live Boston]
  14. Home [live Boston]
  15. It’s You, Only You [Mein Schmerz] [Remixed Ext. 12″ ver.”]
  16. Wonderland [New York dance mix]
  17. Wonderland [London dance mix]
  18. Wonderland [New York mix radio edit]
  19. Wonderland [London mix radio edit]

All of this resides in the Record Cell but the new Box has 24 bit remasters that sound like they are worth the effort. LLHQ have issued soothing words of assurance that the loudness wars are over… we’ve won. The best reason of all for buying this box, beyond the remastering, and the notion of copies of the first three albums as discrete, perfect entities for the first time ever, is that the money goes straight to Lene Lovich. Surely the noblest of causes? The artist herself proclaims that the cash she got for the first 100 copies of FLEX 001 surpass all previous royalty payments from The Industry.  Pre-order here, and know that more fun is being loaded in the merch queue at Flex Music.

The four discs in FLEX 002 will be issued separately as discrete, stand-alone CDs in the new year, as well as copies of “March,”  her 1989 album. Vinyl hounds can get ready to buy red/clear/blue copies of the first/three/albums as well, but what I’m holding out for is a CD of the UK edition of “Stateless” that only exists on the first Stiff LP pressings from 1978. I’m thrilled that they have taken it upon themselves to remaster this from a clean vinyl copy since the master tapes are long gone. It saves me a ton of work.

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6 Responses to Second Chance For Lene Lovich Boxed Set

  1. Taffy says:

    Not to crow, but…one of those hundred boxes is going to ME!
    And count me super-surprised to learn that New Toy doesn’t figure in the box at all.
    Meanwhile, your list of tunes not contained in the box didn’t include the three Xmas songs on her early holiday single. But you surely knew that. :)


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Taffy – That’s right. The Xmas single was on Polydor, so I count the odds of that turning up again at about 1000:1. All of this seems to be Stiff legacy recordings or later. In a perfect world, however, one could still dream. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” however timely, remains missing from my Record Cell as it is priced out of my range. Kudos on grabbing FLEX001! Please share data on that mystery song once it arrives.


  2. John says:

    I found this mention of ‘Alpha Girls’ in a review from when Lene played Joe’s Pub in NYC in 2005:

    “After wrapping up Lucky Number Lene said the next song was very new and isn’t even on the new album, that it’s from a new film, a tiny wonderful little film called “Alpha Girls.”


    • postpunkmonk says:

      John – Welcome to the comments and thanks so much for shedding light on what was literally a blurred spot on the new Flex box. So there is previously unreleased material on “Others vol. 1?” Superb!


  3. John says:

    Thank You, happy to shed some light. Love your site! Though not issued under Stiff records, Lene did record her version of ‘Supernature’ and it was released on the ‘Animal Liberation’ cd in 1986. That same year she performed at the Hammersmith Palais in London, co-headlining with Nina Hagen. I was so surprised to find that out as I thought Lene did not perform in concert from 1983 until 1990.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      John – I forgot all about the Wax Trax album and its subsequent songs/mixes. I have a UK 12″ as well as a US promo 6-track EP with more promo-only mixes of “Don’t Kill the Animals” that I completely forgot about. If it was a snake, it would have bit me.


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