Is It Time To “Upgrade” This Blog?

about-these-adsOf late, I am seeing messages [in admin mode for my eyes only, it seems] that suggest that my readership numbers are getting high enough [in spite of running the blog in “stealth” mode to evade search engines] so the kind people of WordPress might be [understandably] inserting ads in Post-Punk Monk. If any readers could be so kind as to confirm this to me one way or another, I’d be inclined to make an annual tithe to WP to displace the money this blog may be earning them in order to spare any and all of you the indignity of advertising. It would bother me to think that I was in any way exploiting any readers here, and I’d prefer not to “sell out.” …Unless I could go all the way and cease working and instead devote my life to PPM, at which point your satisfaction with this blog could potentially skyrocket geometrically, since I am never bored, have hundreds of fascinating ideas and almost zero time and funds to devote to them. Venture capitalists, don’t be shy.


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7 Responses to Is It Time To “Upgrade” This Blog?

  1. Tim says:

    I see no ads.
    When Google Reader was running they were inserting commercial content into my reader feed that wasn’t there if I went to the actually blog. This resulted, before I understood what was happening, in an embarrassing moment of “Hey Solidarity I didn’t know that you were blogging from Wisconsin!” between me and one of the retro blogs that I follow due to the presence of some “Scott Walker must go” ads (and by Scott Walker I sadly am not referring to the musician).


  2. Echorich says:

    Definitely haven’t seen any ads Monk. And may I say that the refuge that PPM is is all the greater for it!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Keep me posted. I’ll gladly pay the pittance to avoid them. It’s fair that the fine folks at WordPress get some scratch. It’s a platform that I believe in commercially and personally.


  3. Tim says:

    You may want to qualify people’s experiences based on browsers and other gizmos. I use Google Chrome with AdBlock and it zaps out a lot of stuff I don’t want to see. At work we use virtual desktops and sometimes my AdBlock is allowed and others not. One sometimes doesn’t realize the scope of what is being blocked until you have no choice but to see it again.


  4. I “lowered shields” to check and did not see any ads or content you didn’t put here. This won’t stop Google (through its Chrome data-mining tool that pretends to be a browser) “inserting” ads in un-blocked configurations, however, but users of other browsers are probably safe. I’m on Safari normally, but I also checked the site using Eccch-splorer for Windows and came up empty-handed (except for the damage to my eyes — mein gott in himmel the typography horror!!


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