Want List: Visage – Never Enough

Blitz Club Records } UK } CD | 2013 | BZCR014

Blitz Club Records } UK } CD | 2013 | BZCR014

Visage: Never Enough UK CD [2013]

  1. Never Enough (John Bryan Widescreen Version)
  2. Never Enough (Marc Mitchell Remix)
  3. Never Enough (Bottin Edit)
  4. Never Enough (Lasertom Version)
  5. Never Enough
  6. The Anvil (Live in Hoxton)
  7. Never Enough (John Bryan Orchapella)

After being teased for long weeks on the third Visage single, the synth gods have smiled down upon us and dropped the killa opening track to the “Hearts + Knives” album that quickly became my favorite Visage song ever this year! They could have picked from at least five songs I would have approved as the third single, but this one is close to daddy’s heart! The CD single is out now [to buy here in the physical realm plus the usual digital simulacra] and has five remixes and a live B-side. Yes, Virginia, Visage have released a live version of “The Anvil” in 2013! I can’t wait to hear that with Robin Simon taking that classic tune places on his six string weapon.

The mixes are by a completely new cast of characters, but if the remixes of the first two singles are anything to judge by, I feel we are in capable hands. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the remixes on the previous two singles and have no reason to doubt that anything but life-affirming remixes are in store for us again. More intriguingly, the Visage   website promises that more mixes will be out on vinyl in January. This will be a first for the new album singles on vinyl. A little careful digging reveals that one of these mixes is by mixer Jon Pleased Wimmin, to be sampled here:

Hmm. Kind of a Arthur Baker electro vibe ripped through time to incorporate trance elements. I’m kind of on the fence about this, but it has been done well enough to maintain my interest through the snippet, so one hopes that the full mix can do the same. Hopefully not over a 10+ minute mix. Trance mixes are not really my cup of tea, but a little of any style can be accommodated in my musical world.

However, this is all talk at this juncture. I first need to buy the CD single before it sells out like the others all have, but I’m busy selling off stuff to round up two C-notes for that Moogfest 2014 ticket by next Thursday before the price rises to [gulp] three C-notes when they announce the acts! I’m 75% the way there as of today. Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to hit that goal then snatch up this CD single before the month is out.

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