Want List: The Revillos – Do The Mutilation

Victoria Records | SPN | 12" | 1983 | VIC 64

Victoria Records | SPN | 12″ | 1983 | VIC 64

The Revillos: Do The Mutilation SPAIN 12″ [1983]

  1. Do The Mutilation
  2. Snatzomobile

What th…!! It pays to keep diving into the database of Discogs.com. You never know when a picture that you thought that you were familiar with suddenly shifts; revealing new facets of fascination. I count myself as a collector of all things Rezillos/Revillos. I have all of the 7″ singles and the withdrawn UK “Attack!” album on their own Superville label. But exotic foreign variants are popping up like gophers; each costing substantial amounts of money. I count myself lucky that this year I finally bought a copy of the French-only 12″ EP “Teen Beat” after years of waiting for an affordable [$<50.00] copy to surface, and now this Spanish-only 12″ single of “Do The Mutilation” from “Attack!” has come out of nowhere to tempt me.

According to the listing for the single on Discogs.com, the cover shows a misprint of info. “Love Bug” is not in fact included, but when a Revillos single like this appears 30 years later, can it really matter? At a time when I am selling off huge chunks of my collection of redundant records, there are a few examples of the collector’s sickness that I willing still harbor. The complete output of The Rezillos/Revillos is one such example. I have plenty of time for such pursuits.

Revillos-attackFRPLPARevillos-attackFRLPABut that’s not all that’s out there. The “Attack!” album itself managed to get a  proper release in France as well as Spain. And there appear to be two different French covers with a full color photo treatment of Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds depicted outside of what looks to be their Barclay Towers studio home [L] as well as a one color blueline of the more familiar UK cover design [R]. These are also for sale at prices unpopular with The Monk. The photo cover would set me back $40-60 right now and the blueline cover I can only find for sale in Japan for ¥120,000 [$120 + postage]!!

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