Trevor Jackson Strikes Again: Metal Dance 2 Imminent

Strut Records | UK | 2xCD |2013 | STRUT107CD

Strut Records | UK | 2xCD |2013 | STRUT107CD

Various: Trevor Jackson Presents – Metal Dance 2 – Industrial, New Wave, EBM Classics + Rarities 1979-1988 UK 2xCD [2013]

Disc 1

  1. Tuxedomoon – 59 to 1
  2. Logic System – Unit 2000
  3. Psyche – The Saint Became a Lush
  4. Skinny Puppy – Deadlines (400 Blows Remix)
  5. Propaganda – (Echo of) Frozen Faces
  6. Visage – Der Amboss (Extended Version)
  7. Rusty Egan – The Twilight Zone (Trevor Jackson Edit)
  8. Rene Bendali – Tanki Tanki (Rabih Beaini Edit)
  9. Experimental Products – Work That Beat
  10. Crash Course In Science – Jump Over Barrels
  11. Liaisons Dangereuses – Etre assis ou danser
  12. Esplendor Geométrico – Necrosis en la Poya

Disc 2

  1. Ministry – Over the Shoulder
  2. Test Dept. – The Unacceptable Face of Freedom – Face 3
  3. Mile High Club – Walking Backwards
  4. CHBB – Ima Iki-Mashoo
  5. Front 242 – Body 2 Body (2 Trax)
  6. Vice Versa – Riot Squad
  7. Chris & Cosey – Driving Blind
  8. Doris Norton – Personal Computer
  9. Plus Instruments – Vom ertrunkenen Mädchen
  10. Conrad Schnitzler – Das Tier
  11. Neon – Lobotomy
  12. Arthur Brown & Craig Leon – Conversation
  13. Haruomi Hosono – Platonic
  14. Godley & Creme – Babies

I just caught wind of this and because the first such compilation by Trevor Jackson was so crucial [more on that later] I rush-released a post on this latest chapter of Jackson’s ongoing excavation of the alternative club music of the 80s that never gets any airings on the endlessly commercial 80s comps that predominate the marketplace. That’s not what you get here. What Jackson curates is what you might have heard in the very hippest clubs back in the day, with absolutely nothing very popular on the playlist. There is an electro bent to it all, but that was not adhered to 100% on the previous volume, so the same might not happen here. What binds it all together is the uncompromising hard edge that these disparate artists brought to the their music over the years spanned.

I have a familiarity with about half of these acts, with just two of these tracks in the Record Cell. A ratio very similar to the last volume, which I bought just for a single cut by a group I collected. Yello, since you asked. What I got was a masterpiece of compilation. And the mastering on volume 1 was from master tapes only with no telltale vinyl rips. If there were vinyl rips, they were mystical. Jackson has said that there was about a year of work to get each volume together due to the difficulties in tracking down masters and obtaining licensing, so these projects resemble something I might do with lawyers and [lots of] money involved. Sample this beast now! Purchase it here.

Hmm. I did detect some vinyl rips in that mix [sighs]. Still, I’m most amazed at the presence of Vice Versa here. I can’t believe that the master tapes for that one were available! While I’m not a fan of Skinny Puppy, I’ll still have this one in my sights. I’m expecting great things from the names that I don’t recognize! As for those that I do, the extended version of Visage’s “Der Amboss” might be one of the little treats that Jackson mixed himself that sometimes make their debut on these projects. The three-figure promo-only 12″ of that single has never sat on my racks and it’s not likely, but the record has a 5:39 A-side and an instrumental B-side. We’ll see if this is a new extended version courtesy of Jackson soon enough. The last volume had a new mix of Nitzer Ebb’s “Control I’m Here” that really rocked. The album is available on Monday, October 14th on CD/LP/DL.

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8 Responses to Trevor Jackson Strikes Again: Metal Dance 2 Imminent

  1. Echorich says:

    Seems VERY essential.


  2. I guess my “going to the hip gay dance clubs” phase was at just the right time! I recognize a lot of that minimix though I never knew the names of the artists. I heard this kind of stuff (and presumably what’s on v.1) when I was working in Ybor City. After work on Thursday I would head to the strip, hang out, dance and drink, sober up and drive home to Orlando for the weekend. I remember I had a comp tape from the Monk that lasted precisely as long as my drive, from my driveway in Orlando to my office in Ybor!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – “Hip Gay Dance Clubs…?” Is that a multiple redundancy or what? At least back then, anyway. It wasn’t until the early 90s that the music played in HGDCs started to pass me by. What was on that mix tape, by the way? I made so many over the years, but always for other people. I’d be curious to see what went on all of those 30+ years later. There would be people that I only saw twice a year, but when I did they would have a blank tape in hand!


  3. nick says:

    I didn’t realise Der Amboss was worth this much!! I have it but can’t recall paying more than £4 for it !! Lucky me eh ?? Already have volume 1 of this and vol 2 is on its way, buying it from the Strutt store also gets you a bonus mix cd which should also be good


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Nick – Lucky you is right! The only place where I can find that record is in the Discogs marketplace and it’s not cheap:

      Glad to be of service on the Trevor Jackson comp. Thanks for pointing out the bonus mix CD as I hadn’t noticed that. I can’t buy this right now as all of my spare cash is going into a period of concert travel. Simple Minds on American soil in a week!!


      • nick says:

        I had preordered from the Strutt store for this reason and it should be landing on my doorstep next week- will let you know what mix of Der Amboss is on it. Is this the SM tour with Ultravox supporting ?? Oops, perhaps i shouldn’t have mentioned that ‘U’ word again………..!!


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Nick – No way! I’m in America. We get Simple Minds for 2+ hours with no Ultravox detracting. If you had told me 30 years ago that Simple Minds would have Ultravox as an opening act, I’d have been incredulous. Stupefied, even. Today, I consider Ultravox lucky that SM made them the offer.


  4. nick says:

    For when you return from Simple Minds Heaven – the mix of Der Amboss on this compilation is listed and appears to be the ‘Instrumental’ version, though the odd few female vocals doesn’t stricktly make it instrumental !! It runs for 4m 15s. The bonus mix-cd sent with the album includes many not on the album [Shriekback for one are on it but there are no titles listed ]


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