Another New John Foxx Project for the Fall of 2013

hulkkonen-foxx - islocatedFRCDAAs if yesterday’s post wasn’t enough to deal with in these hectic times, the last few weeks also saw further John Foxx action while I was hip deep in the 30 Days: 30 Albums thread! He’s recorded yet again with Finnish synthesist Jori Hulkkonen. I first became aware of their pairing in 2005 when Hulkkonen’s “Dualizm” album featured a single from it with Foxx on vocals. The “Dislocated” track was a conscious nod to Foxx’s earlier cut with Ultravox, the seminal “Dislocation. This was a 12” and CD single at the time, but as it was during a period of low-budget [do you begin to sense a theme here], I had to make do with a DL of the LP cut.

hulkkonen-foxx neverbeenherebeforeFRDLThen in 2008, another single reached the ears of the loving public. “Never Been Here Before” was released from Hulkkonen’s 2008 album “Errare Machinale Est.” But as of yet, this is one of the many Foxx side projects that is absent from the Record Cell due to various pedestrian reasons. There was a two track 12″ and a 4 track DL bundle that, sadly, I’ve not heard. And now Hulkkonen and Foxx have produced something more substantial than a single. It’s a full on EP called “European Splendor!”

Sugarcane Recordings | UK | CD | 2013 | SUGARS.024.

Sugarcane Recordings | UK | CD | 2013 | SUGARS.024.

John Foxx + Jori Hulkkonen: European Splendor UK CD [2013]

  1. Evangeline
  2. Strictly
  3. Something Is Coming Down The Avenues
  4. Can’t See You Anymore
  5. Evangeline (David Lynch Remix)
  6. Evangeline (David Lynch Instrumental)
  7. Evangeline (Radio Edit)

The four EP cuts are abetted on CD by the presence of a pair of… David Lynch remixes as well as the radio edit of the track “Evangeline.” Okay, so this collaboration has grown to encompass a currently-in-musical-mode David Lynch. Anything to keep him from making his infuriating films is fine in my book!  The stunning cover sees Foxx returning to graphic design chores on his work after surrendering the Mac to Jonathan Barnbrook for the series of Maths projects that have flowed out of Metamatic central of late. Welcome back, Mr. Leigh! The return to classic typography harkens back to his hyper-seminal “Systems Of Romance” cover of 1978; without which, we would not have Peter Saville to kick around.

Sugarcane Recordings | UK | 12" | 2013 | SUGARS 024

Sugarcane Recordings | UK | 12″ | 2013 | SUGARS 024

John Foxx + Jori Hulkkonen: European Splendor UK 12″ [2013]

  1. Evangeline
  2. Strictly
  3. Something Is Coming Down The Avenues
  4. Can’t See You Anymore
  5. Evangeline (David Lynch Remix)

Not content to waste the possibilities, the 12″ version of the EP, while slimming a pair of “Evangeline” mixes, gains a very remixed cover design. I have to say that I prefer the CD cover to this excessively “hot” interpretation. If I ran the world, this would have been the CD sleeve since if I were not a Foxx obsessive, I would think about buying the 12″ in addition to the CD just to get the previous design at a square foot of size. Since I am a Foxx obsessive, you may have guessed that I’ll be buying both, anyway! But not for a while. As ever, the travel plans intrude on music purchase… sigh. Meanwhile, why not hear the original mix of “Evangeline?”

If you’re in a buying mood, the project can be had a DLs at iTunes and Amazon, as well as the preferable hard copy from Amazon and the John Foxx Store at Townsend Records.

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4 Responses to Another New John Foxx Project for the Fall of 2013

  1. Echorich says:

    LOVE European Splendor, it’s one of my favorites of the year. I enjoy the Lynch mixes, but the original of Evangeline is sublime. One of John Foxx’s best qualities is his willingness to collaborate. His musical world isn’t so insular that he won’t let other’s intrude. His work with Robin Guthrie was breathtaking. Benge has brought a renewed sense of purpose to his work.

    As for Lynch, I enjoy his infuriating films…I feel like if I was a filmmaker, my films would have the same “what?” factor and always include a little person and a part for Nic Cage. Hell back in the era of Twin Peaks my friends and I would get together to watch the episode and only eat food that they served at the Double R Diner on the show – lots of pie.


  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Echorich – Was more than okay with Lynch until “Lost Highway.” Then, something snapped within.


  3. Once I finally figured out that his films are mostly a dream journal (where logic isn’t needed or even desired) … I finally understood stuff like “Lost Highway” and “Mulholland Drive” and was okay with it.

    As for “Never Been Here Before” … OMG it’s fantastic. Ten seconds of preview on iTunes and I was stabbing the “buy” button like it was labelled “Destroy All Golfers!”


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