Bowie Is Back To His Old Tricks… The Next Day Extra Extra DLX Ed. Drops

Columbia Records | US | 2XCD+DVD | 201

Columbia Records | US | 2XCD+DVD | 2013

David Bowie: The Next Day Extra EXT DLX ED US 2xCD+DVD [2013]

Disc 1

  1. The Next Day
  2. Dirty Boys
  3. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
  4. Love Is Lost
  5. Where Are We Now?
  6. Valentine’s Day
  7. If You Can See Me
  8. I’d Rather Be High
  9. Boss Of Me
  10. Dancing Out In Space
  11. How Does The Grass Grow?
  12. (You Will) Set The World On Fire
  13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
  14. Heat

Disc 2

  1. Atomica
  2. Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA)
  3. Plan
  4. The Informer
  5. Like A Rocket Man
  6. Born In A UFO
  7. I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)
  8. I’ll Take You There
  9. God Bless The Girl
  10. So She


  1. Where Are We Now?
  2. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. The Next Day

Hah! I knew it!!! When the first Bowie album in a decade dropped in March following an onslaught of antihype, multitudes of fingers were poised on the “add to cart” button of various online dealers… but not mine. Team Bowie tried to fog my senses by offering the basic 14 track album CD plus the “deluxe” 17 track CD, but I didn’t fall for their cunning plan! I’d been born with eyes and by this time had seen the sights and been around the block for at least a few times! I knew how the Bowie action worked.

Bowie- heathen2xCDAThe modus operandi of marketing Bowie at his latest label Columbia followed a simple script, if you had bothered to pay attention. I found this out by not rushing out to buy
Heathen” on its initial release. I had dragged my feet on buying
it for one reason or another, and by the time I bought a copy, the market was already served [about six months later] with the “deluxe” 2xCD package of “Heathen” with a four track EP added in a double fold Digipak®. The extra tracks were the Moby remix of “Sunday” [weak], the Air remix of “A Better Future” [nowhere near as good as the LP mix], a new recording of “A Conversation Piece” [the real point of interest here], along with the 1979 recording of “Panic In Detroit,” which had initially surfaced as a bonus track on the Rykodisc “Scary Monsters” re-issue from 1992. By this time it was an OOP cut, but not to me. Being up for a certain amount of exploitation, I went with the 2xCD “Heathen” at the time of purchase.

When the next year bought what for ages seemed the final Bowie album in “Reality,” I didn’t bite at all. While I liked “Heathen” at the time of release, I didn’t like it better than his previous album, “Hours,” so I suspected diminishing returns with this contemporary thread of Bowie albums. Plus, let it be said that I found the anime style cover art for this album off putting in the extreme! It actively repelled me [and my Bowie fan wife] each time we would pick it up in the record store, only to leave it in the bins with a mild shudder. But cover art not withstanding, the sales trajectory of this album followed the script from “Heathen” exactly.

bowie-realitydlxUS2xCDASeveral months later, a deluxe 2xCD edition appeared in time to goose the sales numbers for the Christmas gift-giving season. This time the extra disc was a three track EP with non-LP songs, but it remained until a year or two had passed before we deigned to buy a copy in the used bins. And in this case, it was the standard album, which wasn’t as bad as the cover art portended. Not by a long shot. In “Bring Me The Disco King” I had a very late-in-the-game favorite Bowie track! I’ve been known to listen to this track on repeat for hours at a time.

That brings us to “The Next Day.” When the album appeared in March I held off buying it because my money is tight. I can’t even think about buying the same album twice in as little as a year! Even though there was a “deluxe” CD with three extra tracks added to the straight album for a few dollars more, I held my cards. I wasn’t going to fold when I knew I had the winning hand. When word broke this morning of an über-deluxe 2xCD+DVD version of “The Next Day” in the cards, I knew that my plan to wait until the end of the year to buy the new Bowie album had been justified!

Even better, the three bonus tracks from the previous 17 track DLX ED have been moved to disc two as a consideration of the integrity of the original album. I’d read commentary from fans on the Bowie forum that the adding of those disparate three songs also destroyed the mood of the original sequencing. By waiting it out, I now have the best of all possible worlds when I buy the new “Next Day Extra” edition. The original album is pristine as disc one. All of the previous bonus material, including four previously unreleased songs, two remixes, and the real gold; the track added only to the Japane$e version of the CD [“God Bless The Girl”] are in a neat package of supplementary material.  And adding the videos as a DVD is a crowning touch. Watching videos on the web has close to zero appeal to how I live my life.

So I can finally buy and hear what the cool kids have been discussing since March, but with the satisfaction of not having handed Bowie money to buy it twice! Sure, sure. Maybe I “missed out” on the exciting new music by major mover David Bowie, but I’m such a cheapskate, that I’ve been known to wait decade until I can get an album at a low price. I don’t have much coin to throw around on music these days. Not getting hit with buying the same album twice in less than a year is a must. But I must add that Team Bowie are fair-minded. They are also making a seven track package of the new material on disc two available as a download package for those who also have a problem buying twice. Two thumbs up for the download as shown below.


  1. Atomica
  2. Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA)
  3. The Informer
  4. Like A Rocket Man
  5. Born In A UFO
  6. I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)
  7. God Bless The Girl

“The Next Day Extra” will be available on November 4th, but that will probably be Tuesday, November 5th in America, for some, inexplicable reason.

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6 Responses to Bowie Is Back To His Old Tricks… The Next Day Extra Extra DLX Ed. Drops

  1. Echorich says:

    I haven’t bought The Next Day either Monk. As much as I consider it one of my favorite albums of the year, I have been listening to a downloaded stream of the album for months. I too thought there might be a decent reason to wait for a different iteration. Glad to hear we were proved right. I haven’t minded listening to the album in one as it really is one which works start to finish for me. All my favorite Bowie albums have the same effect on me – Lodger, Station To Station, Low and Scary Monsters. I should list Aladdin Sane in there as well, but that album has actually lowered on my Bowie-meter over the years.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – I’ve only seen the first two videos thus far. I’m a firm believer in delayed gratification, so I eschewed the third one, and has the 4th one surfaced yet? Not sure… After all, I lived without a new Bowie album for a decade, what’s six more months?


  2. If anyone here is interested in hearing the (very good) Japane$e-only (for a while longer) track “God Bless the Girl,” it’s on my latest episode of Chas’ Crusty Old Wave which you can hear (streaming) from or from iTunes (search “crusty old wave” in the store.

    If it’s your first time listening to the podcast, this particular episode is a very unusual one, as it’s a collaboration with current WPRK host Phantom Third Channel, who deals in eclectic all-over-the-map music. So we get a mix of old, new, New Wave, and whatever else — but it is a good way to hear “God Bless the Girl” a couple months early (at the 30:51 mark, if you can’t wait).


  3. PPM: the third video (Valentine’s Day) will probably be seen by some as disappointing, since it’s way cheaper/more straightforward (just a performance clip really). However, for those of us who admire looking at Mr. Bowie up close and personal, it’s a change of pace from the other two and a treat. The fourth video is a return to “form” in terms of being an elaborate production, but I think it tries to do what it does a little too hard (don’t want to spoil it). I personally see it as deliberately OTT and fun.


  4. For a reclusive rock star, that boy sure knows how to market! I gotta admit, I resisted buying the album as well but the new incarnation has me intrigued.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      orange county dj – Welcome to the comments! Yes, I think Bowie is currently writing the book on marketing in the age of no labels. As ever, he is leading where the rest will follow later.


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