Molly Nilsson Is Back On US Soil For Her “Travels” Tour With Alligator Indian in the Southeast US!


Molly Nilsson brings her lovely songs to a room near you soon [you should hope]

Wow, almost a year to the day that I was last beguiled by the unassuming but winning synthpop of Molly Nilsson, she is once again in my town for a concert. This time on my 50th birthday, so what more could I ask for? Her new album, “Travels,” was released in July and I’ll definitely buy a copy from her merch table since there’s nothing more karmically good than buying merch from an artist who “jams econo” on their tour. And it can’t be too “econo” to travel the world like she does. I’m really looking forward to this show since the last one was so lovely. Not familiar with Molly Nillson’s darkly enchanting pop? Then by all means partake now!

Alligator Indian on the outside, looking in © 2013 Jameykay Young

Alligator Indian on the outside, looking in © 2013 Jameykay Young

That alone would get me out of the house on a work night, but how about a tag-team Southeast Tour with Asheville’s finest purveyors of Po-Mo Post-Punk, Alligator Indian? They have a new EP out now, “More Songs About Animals and TV” on Bleeding Gold Records and this mini-tour heralds its release. AI + MN dates in monksblood red. Why not listen to it here? Then go see them live; they completely sate my monastic thirst for post-punk pop that’s inventive and left-leaning yet melodic.

Molly Nilsson Fall 2013 World Tour

24 September 2013 | Atlanta, GA | 529
25 September 2013 | Athens, GA | Go Bar
26 September 2013 | Asheville, NC | Apothecary
27 September 2013 | Winston-Salem, NC | Krankies
4 October 2013 | Miami, FL | Gramps
5 October 2013 | Mexico City, MX | Cine Tonala
11 October 2013 | Montreal, QC | TBA
13 October 2013 | Toronto, ON | Double Double Land
20 October 2013 | NYC, NY | Glasslands
08 November 2013 | Copenhagen, Denmark | Ideal Bar
15 November 2013 | Athens, Greece | Death Disco
16 November 2013 | Larissa, Greece | TBA
17 November 2013 | Thessaloniki, Greece | The Residents Bar
22 November 2013 | Paris, France | In Bloom Birthday Party
23 November 2013 | Ghent, Belgium | TBA
27 November 2013 | Vienna, Austria | B72

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2 Responses to Molly Nilsson Is Back On US Soil For Her “Travels” Tour With Alligator Indian in the Southeast US!

  1. YE GODS! How did I not know about Molly Nilsson!! I feel like I just discovered a vitamin shortage in my bloodstream that must be corrected immediately!

    As for Alligator Indian: yes, sorry I won’t be able to see them live, but very nice stuff!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – While you will miss Molly Nilsson, who sez’ we might not swing an Alligator Indian show in town while you’re here. My gawd, what we wouldn’t have done with these guys 30 years ago in Boreblando!! Obviously, they’ve been boning up on their Lene Lovich records!


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