B.E.F. Explosion Culminates In A ‘Dark’ Night Out

B.E.F. BURST no. 1

The showcase gig for the best B.E.F. album is imminent…

The showcase gig for the best B.E.F. album is imminent…

Great googly moogly! This little gem was received on the personal device this morning and it serves to remind us that the age of Organ Donation Events has yet to abate in these end times! Martyn Ware gifted us with “Dark,” a.k.a. Music Of Quality + Distinction Vol. 3 this spring and now the re-scheduled showcase concert is coming into view on the horizon. The event is top loaded with their friends who will be lending their pipes to a performance of great B.E.F. cover versions, in many cases reprising their performances from “Dark” and no doubt tackling earlier material from the first two MQ+D volumes as well.

Kim Wilde, Andy Bell, and Green Gartside are the top billed talent but my eye is drawn to the appearance of Glenn Gregory’s friend Claudia Brücken, who was not scheduled for the earlier concert, but tellingly, Sandie Shaw previously was. Then Ms. Shaw threw a curve ball around the time of the album release and retired from performing, leaving the spot open for another singer. I can’t say that I would look askance at Ms. Brücken taking to the stage in any aspect, though I can’t imagine her tackling “Walk In My Shoes” as Ms. Shaw makes that one her own on the “Dark” album!

Seeing as I’m in the midst of a Pere Ubu phase right now, I’m eager to hear the “Long Live Pere Ubu” album that Sarah Jane Morris recorded with them in 2009. I love her performance of “Don’t Wanna Know” on “Dark” and can’t help but wonder what other songs she will be singing at the actual event. But since this is one show I can’t see, I’ll have to read the set-lists afterward. Perhaps Ware will have it recorded for DVD afterward, which would be the best we Yanks can hope for.

B.E.F. BURST no. 2

So that’s one event that would be magnificent to see live, but there are other B.E.F. manifestations that I’ve become aware of in recent times. First of all, there is a download single from “Dark” and it’s remixes of Kim Wilde’s riveting take on Stevie Wonder’s “Every Time I See You I Go Wild” with just Wilde and a luscious, Roland System 100 for accompaniment. But to date, I have only found out the track listing from Wilde’s own website discography:


B.E.F. Featuring Kim Wilde: Everytime I See You I Go Wild UK DL [2013]

  1. B.E.F. feat. Kim Wilde – Everytime I See You I Go Wild (Radio Edit)
  2. B.E.F. feat. Kim Wilde – Everytime I See You I Go Wild (Album Version)
  3. B.E.F. feat. Kim Wilde – Everytime I See You I Go Wild (Echoes Remix)
  4. B.E.F. feat. Kim Wilde – Everytime I See You I Go Wild (Black Asteroid Remix)
  5. B.E.F. feat. Kim Wilde – Everytime I See You I Go Wild (Black Asteroid Remix Instrumental)

I can’t find the DL for sale anywhere in the States. It’s not even on the Wall Of Sound website! So I’m guessing that it’s a UK-only bummer from The Man! Grrr. But when I was researching the availability of that “single,” I did uncover some extra-well hidden B.E.F. goodness that no one at H17/B.E.F. central has bothered to mention.

B.E.F. BURST no. 3

post-fab-fourPost Fab Four: A Tribute To The Monkees DL [2013]

  1. British Electric Foundation: Little Bit Me Little Bit You
  2. Mekon vs PIG: Mary Mary
  3. Echoes: Pleasant Valley Sunday
  4. Killaflaw: Randy Scouse Git

This little puppy has been out in the wild since April 15th! A little promotion might not have hurt, eh? Glenn Gregory tackles vocals on the venerable Neil Diamond classic, which in all honesty, always sounded more like him [at his pop peak] rather than The Monkees. Fortunately, this EP is available even in The States at the usual places. I will be buying this ASAP and report back on my findings.

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5 Responses to B.E.F. Explosion Culminates In A ‘Dark’ Night Out

  1. chas_m says:

    That concert poster is killing me.


  2. Echorich says:

    I bought a lottery ticket tonight after seeing the concert email this morning…


  3. Nick A says:

    There are some promo cds out there, unfortunately a lot has gone on Ebay and has also gone for some pretty high prices [ £42 ???? ] http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_Complete=1&_nkw=kim+wilde+everytime&rt=nc
    Sheffield is only an hour away from me too………..


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Nick A – Welcome to the comments. That’s good info. While I always prefer hard copy of music, a promo CD-R only offers better quality while being as “fragile” as a download. But I can’t shell out that much for a trio of remixes. I’ll wait to see if there are US downloads in the offering. Meanwhile, I hope you’re hopping on the M-whatever and seeing the B.E.F. “Dark” show.


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