Lene Lovich Is BACK… Finally!

Lene is ready for a nice cup of tea © 2013 Morgan King

Lene is ready for a nice cup of tea © 2013 Morgan King

Holy Moly! While I was under the “30 Days” pact… the world, she kept on turning! First and foremost on my agenda is the dramatic return of the incredible Lene Lovich to the public eye after many years of existing on the fringe of my consciousness, if not the public sphere in its entirety. It had been eight years since her stunning last album, “Shadows + Dust” [which, damningly, I did not buy until – gulp – 2011!] and I had grown accustomed to cosmic spans of time between each increasingly remote transmission from Planet Lovich! But this summer, something happened to shake me from my torpor.

The Women of Meltdown 2013 Photo © Kate Garner

The Women of Meltdown 2013 Photo © Kate Garner

When Yoko Ono curated this year’s Meltdown Festival, who appeared in the morning after commentary but Ms. Lovich herself as part of a large group of artists performing the “Double Fantasy” album live! That got the mental wheels turning last month, so I did my by-now-every-five-years glance at the Lene Lovich fansite that was so old and dusty it was created on an Amiga… only to discover that it was no longer the top search result. Instead Lene Lovich had finally procured her own web presence and was working that action as only she can! Moreover, she had been on the web with her own domain for almost a full year by the time I stumbled onto her website. It seems that Ms. Lovich has been busy, burning up the stage with her otherworldly charm. Quoth the lady herself, “retirement is over!”

While this year there have been no North American appearances, her band was invited to the infamous SXSW Festival only to find that the visa requirements would preclude them attending this year, so they have made plans to hit North America on a tour next year in March and April, to coincide with the fest timeline! This is big news!! Longtime readers may be aware of my bitterness at stupidly passing up the chance to see her in Atlanta 21 years ago, but I will not make the same mistake twice.

What else has La Lovich got up her unique sleeves? Well, for starters, she’s gotten control of her back catalogue and new editions of “Stateless,” “Flex,” and “No Man’s Land” made for the first time with her involvement are in the pipeline from her own Flex Music label! But wait, there’s more!! She will also offer a B-sides and rarities compilation to boot! Nice to see Ms. Lovich likes her music Monk-style, with rarities segregated. Which is how I prefer it. Give me an album as it was released, but then I want a special package of rarities to dive into… separately. They are also talking about a DLX RM box with all four discs plus additional ephemerals for the ever faithful… now how much would you pay? I eagerly await the announcement of these goods from the lips of the icon herself.

In the meantime, I need to let the best brains at LL.net know that they should be harvesting souls, er, e-mail addresses of her fans, for a mailing list to better keep us abreast of her goings on. I don’t want to miss a thing in this new and busy phase in her career. The children have grown, the retirement money has been sucked dry by financiers, so there’s no time like the present to sing it to the people, who’ve gone far too long without this dynamic artist adding her unique and exotic spices to the workaday musical world.

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3 Responses to Lene Lovich Is BACK… Finally!

  1. Taffy says:

    Squeal of joy!!!!!!! Saw her when March came out, seeing her again would just flip my greying wig!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Taffy – You and chasinvictoria are men to be envied… But I hope to join your private Lene Lovich club next year! As much as I have abject fandom for the likes of Claudia Brücken or Billie Ray Martin, I dare say that Lene Lovich is really my favorite and most significant female artist. She hit hardest years earlier than any others left standing in the hall of fame.


  2. Agreed! This is fantastic news and I plan on dropping however much money she wants to see her again live and buy the remasters/box and anything new she cares to put forth! I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with her and Les in Atlanta — a truly memorable night and part of a longer story that involves the Cramps and various Athens bands — and can’t believe that was two decades ago. This fall is turning out to be one of the best in recent memory for shows by bands I care about and news from other artists!


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