30 Albums: 30 Days | John Cale – Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood

30-days-30-albums-headerThis will be quick. I have traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina today to attend the Hopscotch Festival, just to see John Cale for the first time in nine years! The last time we was him we were spellbound; all 50 people in the huge club in Asheville. I never though that Cale would set foot in the state again.

John Cale ‎– Shifty Adventures In Nookie WoodUSCDA

Double Six Recordings | US | CD | 2012 | DS 047

# 6 • John Cale: Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood US CD [2012]

  1. I Wanna Talk To U
  2. Scotland Yard
  3. Hemmingway
  4. Face To The Sky
  5. Nookie Wood
  6. December Rains
  7. Mary
  8. Vampire Cafe
  9. Mothra
  10. Living With You
  11. Midnight Feast
  12. Sandman [Flying Dutchman]

This latest album from Cale, follows the arc that he began in the new millennium with the “Hobosapiens” album. That recording let Cale loose in a contemporary setting informed by the sample/loop methodologies of the time as practiced by The Beta Band. His follow up, “Black Acetate,” was an altogether more rocking affair. And let it be said that the elder Cale has no problem in that regard!

“Nookie Wood” charts a course informed by either extreme that each of his last two albums proffered. The sound is more subdued and Apollonian with involved arrangements using a groove based methodology, while still not forgetting to rock, to a certain degree, on occasion. One new wrinkle here that is less than chic is the appearance of AutoTune on three tracks. Cale is not the first artist I like to have waded into these dark waters. Eno and even John Foxx have beaten him to the punch. But let it be said that he comes out smelling all the better for it.

Cale has a more eclectic approach to constructing his music bed so the magpie technique of AutoTune is less jarring in his hands. Still, it is AutoTune! Any effect originated on a Cher record can’t be said to have ever not been past its sell-by date! But that’s the only quibble I can find with this satisfying album. That Cale can make fantastic records for nearly 50 years with no duds is pretty amazing.

CONCLUSION: enjoy… a lot

– 30 –

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