Record Review: Visage – Frequency 7

Blitz Club Records | UK | CD | 2013 | BZCR002LCD

Blitz Club Records | UK | CD | 2013 | BZCR002LCD

Visage: Frequency 7 UK CD [2013]

  1. Frequency 7 (Original Version)
  2. Frequency 7 (The Dance Version)
  3. Frequency 7 (Radome Remix)

I had posted about this back in February, but now it’s in the Record Cell.  As a taster for the new Visage album, the classic B-side “Frequency 7” was given the remix treatment and sent out to the loving public. Fortunately, die-hards can hardly carp, since the original B-side to the “Tar” 7″ is the first track here, and justification alone for purchase, since the paradoxically more intense 7″ mix of the cut here has never made the official jump from analog to digital… until now. It has definitely been remastered from the master tape with care and a total lack of brickwalling.

The “Dance Mix” used for track number two is not exactly the famed John Luongo remix we are overly familiar with, since it has turned up countless records, CDs, CDVs, etc. At least this time something different has been done with the beast. There are no credits to ascertain who did it, but the lead patches have been heavily flanged, while the machine-like rhythm bed has remained untouched. It gives the track a somewhat different character; neither desecration nor renovation. At the very least, it beat hearing the same “Dance Mix” yet again. But I would have given it a new name, at least. This sort of tomfoolery wreaks havoc on discography junkies like myself. Five’ll get you ten that future generations will scratch their heads over this little incident.

Finally, the last track is the Radome mix of the cut which sees the tempo slackened while the tune has been dropped into thick and viscous Moroder-space for a fairly stunning re-interpretation that retains a bit of the lead lines and FX as well as snatches of vocoded Strange dubbed out from the original 7″ mix. A few samples of Barry Adamson’s bass are brought high in the mix before a touch of acid is injected into the proceedings. I can find no other Radome mix credits on save for this track, but the results are… most impressive. This post-modern mix is right up there with a pair of Simple Minds po-mo mixes that are high water marks of the kind for me. The Interference Mix of “The American” and the 2012 mix of “I Travel.”

I can give it no finer praise than to say that when it suddenly ends after 3:58 I am left disappointed that it didn’t continue for another four minutes at least! This one takes the cake for being a very different and yet highly enjoyable remix of a 34 year old track! This doesn’t happen every day so if you’d like to indulge, than do so here. But know ye this: I didn’t buy it alone. I did so as part of a bundle of the new Visage album, which is also in house, so prepare your spleens for the Visage Rock G.P.A.®… coming Monday! Be there. Aloha.

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4 Responses to Record Review: Visage – Frequency 7

  1. zoo says:

    Can’t wait for your review of the new Visage. I’ve listened a few times on Spotify and am impressed. If you haven’t listened yet, I won’t say anymore except this….be prepared for a heavy dose of Robin Simon (which is no complaint at all).


  2. Can’t wait for a GPA on this group — plus I just got my copy of Dark (MoQ&D v3) and recorded some great Crusty Old Wave stuff while I was in Orlando, so I am set for a great week!


  3. Echorich says:

    Well Monk, you have your work cut out for you! The audience is waiting with bated breath for both the album review AND the GPA!!! Me, I’m rubbing my palms together furiously awaiting the comments!!!


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