Want List: B.E.F. – Dark [Music of Quality + Distinction 3]

BEF packshot

B.E.F.: Dark 2xCD DLX UK [2013]

Disc 1

  1. Every Time I See You I Go Wild (Kim Wilde)
  2. Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time (Green Gartside)
  3. Just Don’t Wanna Know (Sarah Jane Morris)
  4. Picture This (Kate Jackson)
  5. Breathing (Andy Bell)
  6. It Was A Very Good Year (Glenn Gregory)
  7. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Boy George)
  8. Same Love (David J Roch)
  9. God Only Knows (Shingai Shoniwa)
  10. Make Up (Boy George)
  11. Just Walk In My Shoes (Sandie Shaw)
  12. The Look Of Love (Polly Scattergood)
  13. Party Fears Two (Glenn Gregory)
  14. Smalltown Boy (Billie Godfrey)
  15. The Day Before You Came (Maxim) – Bonus Track
  16. Copilot To Pilot (Kelly Barnes) – Bonus Track

Disc 2

  1. Every Time I See You I Go Wild (inst.)
  2. Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time (inst.)
  3. Just Don’t Wanna Know (inst.)
  4. Picture This (inst.)
  5. Breathing (inst.)
  6. It Was A Very Good Year (inst.)
  7. I Wanna Be Your Dog (inst.)
  8. Same Love (inst.)
  9. God Only Knows (inst.)
  10. Make Up (inst.)
  11. Just Walk In My Shoes (inst.)
  12. The Look Of Love (inst.)
  13. Party Fears Two (inst.)
  14. Smalltown Boy (inst.)
  15. The Day Before You Came (inst.)
  16. Copilot To Pilot (inst.)

It was a delightful day when The Monk received an email from B.E.F. in his inbox a few weeks ago proclaiming that the long wait was over; The much anticipated third Music Of Quality + Distinction album was finally reaching the waiting music playback devices of the eager fans. When the first MoQD album dropped in 1982, it was a seismic event for this one. Heaven 17 mastermind Martyn Ware was indulging in his penchant for pop with the finest po-mo cover album since the golden days of Mr. Ferry and his early solo career. I owe him more than I can ever repay just for Billy MacKenzie’s stellar cover of “The Secret Life Of Arabia” on that opus! Sure, he can be said to have given Tina Turner the lift she needed with her take on “Ball Of Confusion.” The end result was so hot MTV played the clip even though it wasn’t released here! But I enjoyed the re-activation of Sandie Shaw with a heart-wrenching “Anyone Who Had A Heart” even moreso.

Ware has been promising this for a year or two now, but he’s a busy man. I respect that. What with his sound design company, 3D sound installations, sonic branding, the occasional Heaven 17 gig/project, as well as this long-simmering look at “previously light pop music” given a dark, electronic slant in these covers. The first track to reach the ears is Boy George covering Iggy Pop’s “I Wanna Be Your Dog!”

Gott Im Himmell…! That’s some tasty dark brew there! I don’t think I’d ever identify the singer of that as Boy George!! It sounds more like Nick Cave in delivery, if not voice! And wasn’t that Tom Jones belting following the bridge??!! This almost atones for 30 years of “Karma Chameleon” and actually makes me want to hear Boy George sing more stuff! Almost anything! Bravo, Mr. Ware. Bra-vo. I could yammer on about this album for a thousand words more, why not go straight to the source? Here’s an interview with Martyn Ware with Mark Taylor giving some further insight.

What you do need to know is that the package is available on May 27, 2013 and it is available in a 16-track download and CD package, but for a pittance more, you [yes, you reading this right now] should pre-order the deluxe 2xCD edition with a second bonus disc of instrumental versions for your own B.E.F. karaoke night. This Monk’s just pre-ordered that edition mainly because Martyn Ware has personally signed every copy. And stop the presses…

This DLX 2xCD Edition signed by Ware set me back only £13.00 and modest postage for a pittance of $22.29 in pre-order!!

Are you still reading this? Must I slap you harder?! In a world where musicians are asking $70-$100 for “collector versions” of albums for the faithful, this is a trend each and every one of you needs to get behind with your shrinking wallets full force! All of this [and Green Gartside, too] in a tidy, elegant package personally signed by Martyn Ware for about 20 bones. This Monk is poor, but not that poor! I can hardly wait for its arrival.

– 30 –

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9 Responses to Want List: B.E.F. – Dark [Music of Quality + Distinction 3]

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the post as I was otherwise unaware of this. I don’t see an MP3 offering by Amazon US (yet)…the entire item doesn’t interest me but there is the odd track or two that I would really like.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – Looks like iTunes UK is the only digital seller I can see thus far. Amazon US has the B.E.F. box set so we’ll assume that this will follow. Wall Of Sound are the label, so I guess it’s up to them.


  2. As you well know, O Monk, that Billy McKenzie cover of Bowie’s “Arabia” has haunted me ever since I first heard it, and it was just a taste of the full brilliance of MoQ&D! Like you, I pre-order the signed version (hey, when am I ever going to get to meet him in person to get stuff signed?) and am very excited about the whole project. How come BEF seems to be the only entity that can do not one, not two, but three count em three covers albums and not suck?!

    And yeah, after just having shelled out for some pricier albums and concert tix, my wallet thanks Mr. Ware from the bottom of its billfold!


  3. ronkanefiles says:

    Green Gartside…(sound of brains churning)…


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Ron – You know you have to snap up anything Green sings on. Ever get that Chaka Kahn album “Destiny” from 1986? “Love Of A Lifetime” is exactly an Arif Mardin produced Scritti cut [all three members] with Kahn duetting with Green.


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