I Would Blog 500 Posts… And I Would Blog 500 More…

The Proclaimers © 2012 Sol Nichol

The Proclaimers © 2012 Sol Nichol

Today is my 500th blog post, so I am taking a slight breather since I think I’m entitled today. I had resisted the idea of blogging for a long time. In fact, I was never really thinking about doing it, so there was nothing to resist! That didn’t stop my friends, of course. Arch-Collector Ron Kane has blogged daily for what, almost a decade now? I’ve known Ron since 1985 or so, and yet, I’ve only been in the same room as him twice, both times in fairly recent years! Ron’s taste in round spinning things far exceeds mins, but never the less, I found myself writing daily comment on his blog. When I noticed that the length of these sometimes exceeded that of his original post, I realized I was blogging by proxy. That opened a door for me.

Since I’ve been thinking [sometimes hard] about music for 45 years or so, and I’ve done my share of writing/editing in my lifespan, though one would be hard pressed to note that by daily reads of this hastily typed hack-rag!  I’ve always found myself “writing reviews in my mind” while thinking about the music I was consuming, and the sociopolitical machinery surrounding it. So the idea was to blog about it. But I have little free time, and that which I have, I’d prefer to be mastering rare vinyl to CD with, given my ‘druthers. I was pondering this conundrum when I recognized that I was sitting in front of my computer at work for an hour a day [unless there were extenuating circumstances] and the actual eating only used minutes of this span. Why not blog during my lunch hour? 

And the open door got a welcome mat placed outside of it as I walked ran through it. So this blog was tucked away in a small corner of the web to grow on its own with no social media feeding it. I still don’t understand the lure of Twitter or Facebook. And I have a political aversion to feeding metrics to faceless corporations to profit from, so I have a small blog. The traffic I get is not overwhelming and I’m fine with that. What traffic this blog gets comes from associates kind enough to give me a link [special kudos to Version Crazy and So Hip It Hurts; check’s in the mail, gents!] or by my signature when posting to other blogs/forums. In these Bowie-centric days, the davidbowie.com forum [just re-activiated a week ago and already sprawling] is a fun place to be, but even before the re-emergence of Mr. Bowie, I was hooked on the brilliant blog Pushing Ahead Of The Dame, which I can say actually does host some stellar writing. Much of it by the readers!

Of course, this blog has some fantastic readers as well who kick in with intriguing commentary which turns this whole shebang into a conversation, and makes of it a better place. Given that I live in a remote monastery high in the Appalachians and under a vow of poverty, this Monk deeply appreciates all who engage in a dialogue with me. I haven’t taken a vow of silence yet and I enjoy the stimulation.

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2 Responses to I Would Blog 500 Posts… And I Would Blog 500 More…

  1. Echorich says:

    500 thank you’s Monk. Your blog keeps this ever expanding world a little more intimate.
    And I agree, your blog is a a wonderful, engaging, conversation!


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