Karl Bartos: Atomium Video Now Online


The full video for the new Karl Bartos single is online and since I am under the gun today, that will have to pass for a blog post. Please discuss amongst yourselves.

– 30 –

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5 Responses to Karl Bartos: Atomium Video Now Online

  1. Nick says:

    Sure i won’t be the first to say this and won’t be the only one either, in the words of Electronic – Disappointed. Sounds a lot like his previous output, a few orchestral stabs and a bunch of meaningless vocodered English sentances. I really want to like it, obviously because of the Kraftwerk connection, but find it difficult even after a couple of plays.Electric Music’s ‘Esperanto’ i love but if this is what the album is going to be like then i will be saving my pennines……..sorry Karl


  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Nick – Welcome to the comments. Personally, I love the chord sequence; it’s like “Pete Gunn” brought to bold, electronic life with a relentless quality that really sticks with me. Agreement on “Esperanto,” though! Definitely my favorite of 1993.


  3. chas_m says:

    Not his best work. There’s something there, I just wish he’d done more with it. That building is, I think in Belgium? Brussells? I think he could have used it as the jumping off point for the still-surviving wondrous buildings of World’s Fairs gone by …


  4. Echorich says:

    Funny, I like the playfulness and the “user friendly” concept of the sound. The fact that it acts like a soundtrack to a trip to the Atomium makes it even more enjoyable in it’s cheek. The computer voice is a positive for me, especially as it fits in well with OMD’s Decimal. The progression/repetition feels like your climbing higher and higher and the final end wash is kinda gorgeous.


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