Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Now With TWICE The Sex

Make sure your disc has number 056837 near the spindle hole

Back in August, ZTT/Salvo announced the release of a 2xCD of Frankie Goes To Hollywood mixes, largely from cassette called “Sex Mix.” Reader opinion was sharply divided on the merits of this release due to the fact that ZTT admitted up front that the wrong master was sourced for the first five tracks on the disc, resulting in a mirrored single channel in mono for the “Welcome To The Pleasuredome [How To Remake The World, Completely]” portion of disc one. Some were aghast at the temerity of ZTT daring to still ship the defective fruits of their labor.

Personally, I was sanguine about it. Have you ever remastered audio files from disparate sources, compiled and sequenced the work, resulting in a flawless and coherent piece of luscious product? Well I have, and let me be the first to say that it is no walk in the park. People, it’s work. If you are dealing with a group with many, disparate variations/mixes/versions [FGTH, Japan] the mental overload in sourcing/mastering/compiling and producing a product such as “Sex Mix” can get downright arduous. Personally, it’s a wonder all CDs don’t have at least one such “f*** up” as ZTT so honestly put it.

Fortunately, the best brains at ZTT realize that they have a rep at stake and have done the right thing and located the stereo masters for the offending tracks and are issuing corrected versions of “Sex Mix” that are 100% stereo. Did you purchase “Sex Mix?” Then you may send the affected disc one back to Salvo with your return address, and they will replace the offending disc, postage paid. Send that disc to:

Union Square Music Ltd., Unit 1.1
Shepherds Studios, Rockley Road
London W14 0DA

Digital download purchases are also covered under this warranty replacement and the individual stores are honoring the replacement downloads for any purchased copies. I will assume that all physical copies from here on out [ZTT announced the replacement during the Thanksgiving break here in the US] will be the correct stereo version of disc one. Until we live in a world where children can snuggle safely in their beds at night with a copy of “Sex Mix” playing on their music player of choice, it will be helpful to know that the code on the defective disc is : *053731. The code on the replacement disc is: *056837. These codes can be found on the playback side of the disc near the spindle hole. There. Are we all happy now? Thank you, ZTT.

– 30 –

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3 Responses to Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Now With TWICE The Sex

  1. Tim says:

    Any thoughts on the Blank & Jones take on Frankie that just came out?
    I have to say that I am really enjoying this. I read some negative reviews of some of the mixes but my, this is good.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – I haven’t had the time just yet to investigate much of anything! It’s busy as a beaver time at PPM central. I just got back from a family trip and there’s a mountain of work facing me. Thanks for reminding me of this Blank + Jones project. I approve, on the face of it.


  2. Tim says:

    It is really good, I listened to it as much as I could last night and it is one of the rare recent albums where I really want to plunge further into it and just immerse myself in the minutia of it. The Two Tribes mix is awesome & I had read some reviews that were pretty coldhearted toward the Art of Noise mix (Moments In Love) which I really enjoyed.

    By the way, also released this week is a new Debby Harry/Blondie and you do know that she covers Relax on it, yes? Another one that just exceeded my expectations; as good as if not better than some of the original ZTT mixes.


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