Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You: Midge Ure Pied in “Brilliant” Concert Shocker

I was just eating lunch [I’m working] and listening to the live Ultravox album of 2009, the excellent “Return To Eden,” and the power and talent of the band was really sticking in my craw due to my well-documented feelings about their dire new album “Brilliant.” Why had they tarnished their legacy so thoroughly with that release when they should have just left well enough alone? So naturally I went out looking for others who also thought their new album was dire, when what to my won’dring eyes should appear this breaking news story! Last Thursday night on Sept 27, 2012, at the end of the band’s show at the Hammersmith Apollo, an apparently crazed woman leapt onstage and smacked Midge Ure with what looked like a custard pie! Adding delicious levels of irony was the fact that the band were right in the middle of an interminable live version of the tiresome and worthless “Contact” from that album! When reviewing the video evidence, I had to laugh at the audacity and dare I say appropriateness of it all! If ever a band deserved a pie in the face for their latest album, it was certainly Ultravox!

“Sad machines won’t talk to me tonight…”


The Aftermath.

Back in the distant past, fave New Wave mag Trouser Press ran a feature, Raving Faves, that asked readers their opinions on various topics, and one of them was once “which rock star would you like to see most get hit in the face with a pie?” I believe that Robert Fripp was the winner back then, but right now, in 2012, I’d be hard pressed to name a more deserving recipient than Midge Ure. Now that was brilliant!

– 30 –

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7 Responses to Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You: Midge Ure Pied in “Brilliant” Concert Shocker

  1. Echorich says:

    THAT just made my day!


  2. Brian Ware says:

    In these uncertain and morally ambiguous times we live in, it’s reassuring to know that in some cases, justice is sure, swift and fair.


  3. Brian Ware says:

    I watched what was available on the link that you provided. I’m wondering how she snuck it all into the venue and managed to hold it all together on the front row until her perfect moment. Also hard to tell if she had to climb up some way to stage level, but however it went down she should be awarded some kind of medal of honor. And does anyone really think they’ll actually put that on the live DVD??


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Brian Ware – I fully echo your sentiments! That she managed to perform the act during one of their worst new songs suggests divine intervention. All I can add is, that if her actions prevent a live CD/DVD of the “Brilliant” tour by Ultravox, then her sacrifice will not have been in vain!


  4. Leggylady says:

    I was at this gig…. It wasn’t “Manchester” it was the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Midge handled the whole thing fantastically and actually showed what a pro he really is. To be fair, contact was a bad choice of song to end the show on, as it’s slow they had kind of lost the audience a wee bit. Until the trifle incident……Then, The audience reaction was fantastic, roaring applause and the warmth from the crowd was immense.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Leggylady – Thanks for the correction. When I heard of the incident I was hurrying to write a post on it quickly since I write on my lunch hour. Midge sure took it in his stride. I see that LiveHereNow have issued that show as a CD/download. Does anyone know if the pie thrower is immortalized on the recording? If you click Ultravox on my tag cloud, you’ll see that I hold them in high regard, but I seem to be in the minority that find the new album [and almost all of Midge’s solo career] indigestible.

      I also dearly loved Simple Minds but reviled their career for the 10 most successful years of it. I eventually enjoyed Simple Minds again. Not as much as 1979-1983, but I certainly make time for them now, as you can see from my latest post. Unfortunately, if Ultravox are to pull their artistic fat out of the fire, they’d better do it quickly, since they are all hovering around 60 right now. When Simple Minds were awful, they were still in their thirties!


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