CD A Week Project: #17

REVO | CDR | 2012| PM017

Various: REVO Premaster 17 CD-R [2012]

  1. Annabel Lamb: Tell Him
  2. Annabel Lamb: All Night TV
  3. Annabel Lamb: I Know How Love Goes
  4. Annabel Lamb: Electronic Toys
  5. Annabel Lamb: Cinderella
  6. Annabel Lamb: Safety In Numbers
  7. Nitzer Ebb: Hearts + Minds [mix subsonic]
  8. Oingo Boingo: I’m Afraid
  9. Simple Minds: Hypnotised [ext. remix. inst.]
  10. Simple Minds: Hypnotised [malfunction mix inst.]
  11. Real Life: Catch Me I’m Falling [7″ remix]
  12. Yello: There Is No Reason
  13. OneTwo: Cloud 9 [mac devila’s out of the blue remix]
  14. OneTwo: Cloud 9 [mac devila’s into the dark remix]
  15. OneTwo: Kein Anschuß [blank + jones rythmus raum remix]
  16. Radio Heart + Gary Numan: Radio Heart [7]

It’s late September. Time for this month’s alleged CD A Week: number 17 in our seemingly endless series.

A+M Records | UK | 7″ | 1982 | AMS 8230

Annabel Lamb: Tell Him UK 7″ [1982]

  1. Tell Him
  2. All Night TV

Written about earlier here.

A+M Records + UK | 7″ | 1982 | AMS 8240

Annabel Lamb: I Know How Love Goes UK 7″ [1982]

  1. I Know How Love Goes
  2. Electronic Toys

Written about earlier here.

A+M Records | UK | 7″ | 1982 | AMS 8257

Annabel Lamb: Cinderella UK 7″ [1982]

  1. Cinderella
  2. Safety In Numbers

This is the final of Ms. Lamb’s initial salvo of non-LP A-sides as she was finding her artistic footing in a kinder, gentler time. The A-side is a Mark Damron song, he of The Resistance. Even so, it’s another feminist New Wave song, making it a hat trick for Ms. Lamb. Her first single was a deconstructionist cover of The Exciters “Tell Him” and her second was the acidic riposte to romantic love “I Know What Love Is.” This one is a gentler look at a sad young woman who finds herself falling through society’s cracks in the search for a mate. But Lamb is still singing in her soft feminine range, marking this as the last time she did that before finding her true voice on her next single, “Heartland,” which did appear on her debut album “Once Bitten.”

Mute | GER | 12″ | 1989 | L 12 MUTE 78

Nitzer Ebb: Hearts + Minds GER. 12″ [1989]

  1. Hearts + Minds [mix subsonic]
  2. For Fun
  3. Time Slips By [PK mix]

Back in the day, I collected Nitzer Ebb. I always appreciated their plowing of the austere, electro furrow that D.A.F. started several years earlier. But subsequent albums found them stretching their wings to eventually move far afield from their rigid E.B.M beginnings. I bought all of their singles on CD at the time, but that meant that I missed out on a lot of vinyl-only mixes in my restrictive, digital purist mindset of the late 80s. Today, of course, I want it all, so I’ve begun to buy the stray singles with unique mixes.

This single was always favorite of mine in that the baleful lead synth lines recalled the earlier work on John Foxx’ seminal “Metamatic” album. I swear they used the same patch that Foxx did on “Underpass,” so that made this song near and dear to my heart. Of course the differences between the CD only “Mix Hypersonic” and the vinyl-only “Mix Subsonic” come down to differences in arrangement. They both sound like the same song as “remixes” that rebuilt the song from the ground up were not yet widespread by this point. Thank goodness!

Rhino | US | LP | 1979 | RNLP 009

Various: L.A. In: A Collection Of Rock And New Wave Bands US LP [1979]

  1. The Kats: Can’t Have You
  2. Oingo Boingo: I’m Afraid
  3. Charm School: Stranded
  4. Rubber City Rebels: Young And Dumb
  5. The Low Numbers: Elementary Dr. Watson
  6. Denny Ward: Show Me
  7. The Twisters: Heartless
  8. Surf Punks: My Wave
  9. The Ravers: Have I The Right (Come Right Back)
  10. The Droogs, The: Ahead Of My Time
  11. Spock: On My Radio
  12. The Furys: Say Goodbye To The Black Sheep
  13. The Weasels: Beat Her With A Rake

This was a record I was aware of from the get go. I saw it advertised on the inner sleeve of Rhino’s issues of the time, from when they were largely a comedy/novelty label making their first inroads into oldie reissues largely through The Monkees and Turtles back catalog only they seemed to be interested in at the time. I saw this album on a Fireside Theatre inner sleeve and it stuck with me. When Oingo Boingo surfaced on I.R.S .Records the subsequent year, I remembered this early appearance and kept an eye open for this album.

Twenty nine years later… I finally found a copy at a recent record show! The Oingo Boingo cut still appears only here and gives fever dreams to the army of Boingoloids  to this day, one imagines. The cut is a typical twitchy, ennervated Boingo track which is wholly appropriate, given the song’s impetus. Anxiety of every stripe is proffered in the track’s lyrics. It’s a typical Bingo outing, cleanly recorded if not dazzlingly produced.

Virgin | UK Promo | 12″ | 1995 | VSTDJ 1534

Simple Minds: Hypnotised UK Promo 12″ [1995]

  1. Hypnotised [Extended Remix]
  2. Hypnotised [Extended Remix Instrumental]
  3. Hypnotised [Malfunction Mix]
  4. Hynotised [Malfunction Mix Instrumental]

This single was a real trainspotter’s special. I collect Simple Minds but one never knows about this sort of record until later. In my case, sixteen years later! It wasn’t until this release got included in the Simple Minds database, that I knew about it, and then when it showed asa available in my want list, I pounced. It’s nothing earth shattering, mind you. Just instrumental versions of remixes that I already had on CD singles, but these were good Tim Simenon mixes, and worth the time and money. The pressing was sweet and clean, which didn’t hurt, either.

MCA Records | US | 7″ | 1983 | MCA-52362

Real Life: Catch Me I’m Falling US 7″ [1983]

  1. Catch Me I’m Falling [7″ remix]
  2. Exploding Bullets

This was the far less successful follow up single to Real Life’s spiffy “Send Me An Angel” hit and I nabbed the 7″ at a used record store [Crunchy Armadillo Records] back in the day since I knew from the single viewing of the video on MTV that the 7″ had been remixed. The song is working in the same space as A Flock Of Seagull’s “Space Age Love Song with some substantial differences. First of all, AFOS had guitarist Paul Reynolds doing all of the heavy lifting for that band. The other three were riding his coat tails! Not so with Real life, where talent was distributed more equally throughout the band. The B-side was a straight album cut from their excellent “Heartland.”

Do It Records | UK | 12″ | 1982 | DUNIT 18

Yello: She’s Got A Gun UK 12″ [1982]

  1. She’s Got A Gun
  2. The Evening’s Young
  3. There Is No Reason

Written about earlier here.

Inversion Recordings | SPAIN | 12″ | 2007 | NVR 003

OneTwo: Cloud 9 SPAIN 12″ [2009]

  1. Cloud 9 [mac devila’s out of the blue remix]
  2. Cloud 9 [mac devila’s into the dark remix]

As a Claudia Brücken collector, finding out about obscure tributaries like this radical house reworking of OneTwo’s “Cloud 9” shimmer like candy, just out of my reach. Fortunately, I eventually happened across a dealer on the web who has a mint copy at an affordable price. “Cloud 9” got a lot of attention, probably due to the co-write by Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, but in all candor, I never warmed up to the tune all that much. I felt that it was less than the sum of its parts, so this stomping house remix sort of works for me. Both mixes are kind of eerily similar in that house music sort of way, but the jazzed up energy levels offer a more interesting listen even as the mix skirts the usual house pitfalls; sometimes dangerously close. Once in a blue moon a repetitive house mix can almost pass muster with me. This was one of those times.

There[there] | UKP | 12″ | 2007 | TTVNL001

OneTwo: Remixed UK Promo 12″ [2007]

  1. Kein Anschluß [Blank & Jones Rhythmus Raum Remix]
  2. Home [Tonight] [Manhattan Clique Remix]

I had the CD single equivalent [“Cloud Nine”] of this record ever since it came out, but I finally got off of my complacent behind and ordered this vinyl single directly from the OneTwo webshop and was rewarded with the Blank + Jones remix of “Kein Anschuß.” I like the acid house touches that Blank + Jones brought to “Kein Anschluß.” They have turned up the pressure considerably from what was already the prime dancefloor cut on “Instead” but the essential core of the song still remains to support the structure they’ve built on to the foundation. It manages to keep my interest throughout its 7:28 length via series of ever changing “movements.” Had I never heard the SITD remix [on the “Cloud Nine” CD-5] of this track first, I would be quite happy with it, but I prefer the Moroderspace modifications of the SITD remix far, far more than Blank + Jones efforts. That’s not to say that I dislike the Blank + Jones mix. I don’t. I find it to be excellent house music; something I rarely say. As far as the SITD remix of this cut, it is undoubtedly my favorite remix of the last decade.

Atco Records | US | 7″ | 1987 | 7-99454

Radio Heart: Radio Heart US Promo 7″ [1987]

  1. Radio Heart [7]
  2. Radio Heart [7]

Written about earlier here.

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