BSOG: Re-Flex Re-Issue Everything… and then some

I was never fully into Re-Flex in spite of enjoying their huge hit “The Politics Of Dancing.” I liked the song although it was not exactly the sort of song that made me run right out and buy a copy. It was produced by John Punter, whose work I generally love, but it was largely redolent of the time in which it was made, which lacked a spark that I was looking for. I’ve pontificated on the “mid-eighties malaise” in earlier times. To this day I only have the the track “The Politics Of Dancing” on “Living In Oblivion Vol. 1,” an EMI New Wave compilation [which the great Mr. Vero contributed to] The main reason for this was simple… I never heard another song whatsoever from the group. How weird was that to have a sizable hit and that there was absolutely no followup in my world to let me hear another song ever by the band? I expected to have at least seen/heard some sort of followup but it was not to be. Flash forward 28 years and I’ve become aware that the band [who no longer exist, really] have issued a massive 6 CD boxed set of god® featuring their entire recorded output and then some!

Jambo Music | UK | 6xCD | 2010

Re-Flex: Re-Fuse 6xCD boxed set UK [2010]

Disc 1 – Movement Of The Action Fraction

[early recordings]

  1. Mindless Dancing
  2. Bop Bop
  3. Praying To The Beat (Unpleasant Version)
  4. Love Sucks
  5. Graffiti
  6. Hurt (Maison Rouge Version)
  7. Looney Tune
  8. Love At First Sight
  9. Alright On The Night
  10. Hit Line (Original Version)
  11. Mechanical Music
  12. Knock It
  13. This Beat
  14. Dub Dub Dancing

Disc 2 – The Politics Of Dancing

[the band’s single EMI hit album release]

  1. Praying To The Beat
  2. Hitline
  3. Hurt
  4. Couldn’t Stand A Day
  5. The Politics Of Dancing
  6. Something About You
  7. Pointless
  8. Jungle
  9. Sensitive
  10. Keep In Touch

Disc 3 – Humanication

[the unreleased EMI followup album]

  1. Humanication
  2. Cold War
  3. Tears Fall Like Rain
  4. Forever And Ever
  5. Playing For Time
  6. How Much Longer
  7. Sending Out A Message
  8. Tell Her That You Love Her
  9. Give It Up
  10. You And I

Disc 4 – Music Re-Action

[EMI-released A/B-sides and remixes]

  1. The Politics Of Dancing (Original 12″ Mix)
  2. Cut It (Original 12″ Mix)
  3. Praying To The Beat (12″ Mix)
  4. True Lust
  5. Hurt (12″ Mix)
  6. Hitline (12″ Mix)
  7. Jungle (12″ Mix)
  8. What You Deserve
  9. Flex It (12″ Mix)
  10. Cruel World

Disc 5 – Jamming The Broadcast

[post-EMI unreleased album]

  1. Ain’t Nobody
  2. Down On Your Luck
  3. Revolution Now
  4. Wrong Decision
  5. Jamming The Broadcast
  6. Can You Feel It
  7. Angry Man
  8. Mystery
  9. When Did U Stop Loving Me
  10. It’s Only Me
  11. Recognise Yourself
  12. Chain Reaction
  13. Hide Your Love
  14. Reach Out

Disc 6 – Re-Fuse

[alternate versions and rarities]

  1. The Politics Of Dancing (Original Punter Version)
  2. New Progression
  3. Life’s Too Dangerous
  4. The Look
  5. Praying To The Beat (Original Punter Version)
  6. King Of No One
  7. Life In The Lay-by
  8. Over The Top
  9. Alright On The Night (Version 2)
  10. Wizz Kid
  11. Human Rights
  12. Hit Line (Unpleasant Mix – Video Version)
  13. Something About You (Original Version)
  14. I Saw Her Standing
  15. Mindless Dancing (MK Big Band Mix)

The band’s website is the only place where this little gem is available and even though I have only ever heard one track by this band in 28 years, I am impressed by their taking the bull by the horns and undertaking this impressive DLX RM program. The first five CDs are available individually from the band at £10 each, [£15 for the “Politics Of Dancing” CD which comes bundled with the related “Music Re-Action” CD as a twofer] or the complete, full monty boxed set with the last CD only being available in the box for a fair price of  £50. $80 for everything that a group ever recorded on 6 CDs strikes me as a reasonable deal and in the end, I’m just impressed at the band’s dogged, detail-oriented nature in compiling a project like this. I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels this way about music!

–  30 –

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3 Responses to BSOG: Re-Flex Re-Issue Everything… and then some

  1. James T. says:

    has this band set some sort of record for largest ratio of released-to-shelved LPs?
    One record released, two shelved, and three discs worth of leftovers?
    Wish I had a cow that could deliver that much milk.
    What kind of cow? A cash cow!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      JT – But the question is… Did they milk that cow until it gave powder? I aim to find out! John Punter produced all of the later unreleased material and I love his production and engineering technique. By the way, excellent article on stopping the shuffle which I read just this morning. I wanted to make a comment there but am not a member of any social networks! You have hit on concepts that are important to discuss and kudos for being the first writer to use the word “yottabytes” in my experience.


  2. Echorich says:

    I’ve thought of Re-Flex or they have come up in discussion once or twice recently with long time friends whom I have had many musical experiences with or share in my of post punk era music. Both times I just couldn’t come up with a second song or even album title for the band. My good friend Patty reminded me that we had rubbed elbows with the band in NYC around 1987 or 88 in a nightclub VIP room after another friend came scampering over really excited that they were there. I seem to think they were NYC to film a video or remix a record. Can’t say I really remember.


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