Want List: Vicious Pink… Finally On Legitimate CD!

Cherry Pop | UK | CD | 2012 | CRPOP101

Vicious Pink: Vicious Pink UK CD [2012]

  1. Cccan’t You See
  2. Spooky
  3. The Spaceship Is Over There
  4. Blue (Love Mix)
  5. Fetish
  6. Take Me Now
  7. Always Hoping
  8. 8:15 To Nowhere / Great Balls Of Fire
  9. Cccan’t You See (Exxxx-tended Re-mixxx)
  10. Cccan’t You See (French Extended Mix)
  11. Cccan’t You See (Re-mixxx)
  12. Cccan’t You See (7″ Version)
  13. Cccan’t You See (7″ Dj Mix / Master Mix)
  14. Fetish (Extended Mix / Feteeesh)
  15. Take Me Now (Extended Version)
  16. I Confess

Finally! On June 18, the much sought-after Vicious Pink album that never was will get its first release in the UK as well as its CD debut following a stately 26 years in which the singles comp that got a release in Canada and Spain was the only such beast in the world! I’ve had a pristine, sealed copy of the Canadian vinyl for at least 18 years that I purchased at a record show back when those were mind-blowers. The complete Vicious Pink BSOG® has been mentally pencilled in for years now as noted on my “Planed Projects” page. The songs in red are the bonus track material, and the package will have the full and helpful cooperation of Brian Moss; one half of the band. He’s supplying liner notes, photos and ephemera. This one has been percolating for a looooong time, so be sure to pencil this one in on your want list. But the thought arises… does this disc meet The Monk’s scrutiny? Let’s begin the examination.

Parlophone | UK | 7″ | 1984 | R 6074

Vicious Pink: Cccan’t You See… UK 7″ [1984]

  1. Cccan’t You See…
  2. 8:15 To Nowhere
Well, so far, so good. The 12″ version of this single came in three formats. The first was a single 12.” The second was a double pack that had the first 12″ packed with a bonus 12″ of remixes. We’ll skip number one and go straight to the second version.

Parlophone | 12″ | UK | 1984 | 12RD 6074

Vicious Pink: Cccan’t You See…[version] UK 2×12″ [1984]

Disc 1

  1. Cccan’t You See… [French Extended Mix]
  2. Cccan’t You See… 
  3. 8:15 To Nowhere / Great Balls Of Fire

Disc 2

  1. Cccan’t You See… [7″ Version]
  2. Cccan’t You See… (12″ Dub)
  3. Cccan’t You See… [7″ DJ Mix]
  4. Cccan’t You See… (12″ Effects)
  5. 8:15 To Nowhere / Great Balls Of Fire

The definitive 2×12″ version of “Cccan’t You See…” has the 12″ Dub and 12″ Effects mixes missing from the final program. The rest of this package is accounted for.

Parlophone | UK | 12″ | 1985 | 12RX 6074

Vicious Pink: Cccan’t You See…[Exxxtended Mixxx] UK 12″ [1985]

  1. Cccan’t You See [Exxxtended Re-Mixxx]
  2. Blue [love mix]
  3. The Spaceship Is Over There

The third release was a remix 12″ from 1985 and it is fully included. How about the reactivated second 7″ remix as shown below? It has the 7″ re-mixxx from 1985 as the A-side.

Parlophone | UK | 7″ | 1985 | RX 6074

Vicious Pink: Cccan’t You See…[re-mixxx] UK 7″ [1985]

  1. Cccan’t You See…[re-mixxx]
  2. The Spaceship Is Over There

Check! Let’s move onto the next single. The brilliant “Feteeesh.” The Canadian version in my Record Cell has all three tracks spread out among the 7″ and 12″ UK singles.

EMI-Manhattan | Canada | 12″ | 1985 | V-75096

Vicious Pink: Fetish Canada 12″ [1985]

  1. Fetish [dance mix]
  2. Fetish
  3. Spooky

Check! This is looking pretty good. What about the last Vicious Pink single? Here’s the 7″ version.

Parlophone | UK | 7″ | 1986 | PINK 3

Vicious Pink: Take Me Now UK 7″ [1986]

  1. Take Me Now
  2. Always Hoping

Done and dusted. Are the 12″ cuts included?

Parlophone | UK | 12″ | 1986 | 12PINK 3

Vicious Pink: Take Me Now UK 12″ [1986]

  1. Take Me Now [extended version]
  2. I Confess
  3. Always Hoping

That would be yes. So looking at this new CD one is struck that just two of the numerous “Cccan’t You See…” remixes have been omitted. The other six are on the album. So… cause for celebration? Of course! But in this fallen world, theres always a fly in the ointment. You see, I first became aware of Vicious Pink when they surfaced performing backing vocals for Soft Cell’s debut album as Vicious Pink Phenomena. And VPP had two singles to their credit on labels other than Parlophone/EMI. The ugly specter of licensing issues have conspired to make these early singles missing in action.

Mobile Suit Corporation | UK | 7″ | 1982 | CORP 1

Vicious Pink Phenomena: My Private Tokyo UK 7″ [1982]

  1. My Private Tokyo
  2. Promises

Mobile Suit Corporation « UK | 12″ | 1982 | CORP 12

Vicious Pink Phenomena: My Private Tokyo UK 12″ [1982]

  1. My Private Tokyo [long version]
  2. My Private Tokyo [remix]
  3. Promises

Warehouse Records | UK | 7″ | WARE 1

Vicious Pink Phenomena: Je T’aime UK 7″ [1983]

  1. Je T’aime [Moi Non Plus]
  2. In The Swim

Warehouse Records | UK | 12″ | 1983| WARET 1

Vicious Pink Phenomena: Je T’aime UK 12″ [1983]

  1. Je T’aime [Moi Non Plus] [extended ver.]
  2. In The Swim [extended ver.]

So by all means, buy the long awaited Cherry Red DLX RM of the eponymous Vicious Pink album since it duly qualifies as an event. That is has all but two of the EMI sanctioned mixes is probably down to the limits of the CD carrier medium more than anything else. So your move should be: buy the CD and try to get your paws on the 2×12″ of “Cccan’t You See…” and you’ll be set for the EMI era of the group. In an ideal world, the CD booklet might have a download code for the extra two mixes not included. Hmm… memo to self.

Still, you’ll have to dig your heels in and track down the primordial Vicious Pink Phenomena material, which you should definitely have on 7″ as well as 12″ versions. As for me, I’ll be buying that Cherry Red edition and mastering a REVO edition of the pre-EMI material as well as those loose remixes of “Cccan’t You See…” for a bonus disc of the remaining ten tracks. But even then, the quest for Monastic Scrutiny still doesn’t take into account the third party remix service material!

<insert dramatic stinger – here>

– 30 –

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6 Responses to Want List: Vicious Pink… Finally On Legitimate CD!

  1. This is fantastic!!! Finding affordable VP on vinyl has been rather cumbersome over the years. If I remember correctly, Tony Mansfield (Naked Eyes, New Musik) produced most if not all of the Pink’s music, making this collection a golden gem. I know that there have been some bootleg compilation cds from the Philippines over the years, which I don’t necessarily frown upon when the labels refuse to make great music available to consumers and the artist’s hands are tied when it comes to ownership. Like the Wild Swans, which finally saw their 1987 masterpiece “Bringing Home the Ashes” released in a long-awaited CD format in 2008, I see this as a win-win for everyone. A big kudos to you for the announcement!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Jeremy Kennedy – It’s no big feat. I just visited the Cherry Red site to see what was up, and got an eyeful. This has not showed up in my monthly Cherry Red email newsleter just yet, so it was a total, but pleasant, surprise. Since Brian Moss is chipping in it should be a real winner, even though I’ve amassed a rather efficient collection that gets highly obsoleted by this disc. Apart from the omissions detailed in my careful analysis. But I’m very happy to pay $15 for a CD that saves me from 20+ hours of sometimes painful [and yes, boring] manual denoising. And there are some record sound artifacts that all my tender ministrations just can’t wish away. I got the Canadian LP 20-ish years ago for a decent $30 price. It was still sealed at the record show but it could have been re-sealed, though the vinyl was indeed immaculate. And you’re right. Tony Mansfield of New Musik fame produced the lion’s share of this material, apart from Gary Moberly who did the honors on the incredible “Take Me Now.”

      You should interview Brian Moss for the release!


  2. jt says:

    Hi –
    Poking around the VP web site last night.
    Seems your BSOG might need to include a new instrumental track that Moss released recently, working as VP but without Josie. Also, in his “videos” section, there’s an unreleased track being played over the end credits of a 1980s dance party t.v. show. Plus, apparently there are a few trax floating around here and there from an unreleased proper VP LP. A completist’s work is never done…


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