Gary Numan: Living On Video

I’m beginning to receive data on the upcoming Gary Numan 2xDVD set that threatens to sate his long time fans with the most comprehensive collection of his videos and TV appearances to date. He’s beginning a UK tour in days where he will be performing a show consisting entirely of singles material; some of which have never been played live and others which are not likely to get played live again. A nice treat for the fans. He’s making a DVD to be sold on the tour that collects a large portion of his video work as seen below.

Gary Numan: Machine Music UK 2xDVD [2012]


  1. Cars
  2. Complex
  3. We Are Glass
  4. I Die: You Die
  5. This Wreckage
  6. She’s Got Claws
  7. Love Needs No Disguise (with DRAMATIS)
  8. Music For Chameleons
  9. We Take Mystery To Bed
  10. Warriors
  11. Berserker
  12. Your Fascination
  13. Call Out The Dogs
  14. Dominion Day
  15. Cars (with FEAR FACTORY)
  16. Rip
  17. Crazier (with RICO)
  18. In A Dark Place
  19. Healing (with ADE FENTON)
  20. The Fall
  21. My Machines (with BATTLES)


  1. Down In The Park (Micromusic)
  2. Are ‘Friends’ Electric (Top Of The Pops, 1979)
  3. Cars (Saturday Night Live, 1980)
  4. Praying To The Aliens (Saturday Night Live, 1980)
  5. Metal (TV, 1979)
  6. I Die: You Die (Kenny Everett, 1980)
  7. Remind Me To Smile (Live Teletour 1980)
  8. We Take Mystery To Bed (Top Of The Pops promo film, 1982)
  9. White Boys And Heroes (Top Of The Pops promo film, 1982)

Hmmm. That’s a nice package but Numan has had to cut licensing deals to obtain some of this footage that came with strict provisos. The practical upshot is, that the package is limited to just 3000 copies because of these licensing issues and will undoubtedly never get a release here in Region One. So that means you will need multistandard equipment to play this. Not too much of a problem in this modern-a-go-go digital age. It’s considerably more troubling that the package will be sold on his upcoming tour with any leftover stock then sold online at the official Gary Numan store at Townsend Records. You, I and the lamppost know that with just 3000 copies of this, it will sell out rapidamente. So expect to shell out gray market shekels for this puppy if you want it. And in reviewing the contents, yeah… I want it.

I’ve seen most of these videos from the Beggars Banquet portion of his career on the “Newman Numan” tape, back in the day. What intrigues me are the clips from the following Numa Records portion of his career. “Call Out The Dogs” is one of my Numan favorites to this day. Also, the ability to revisit his Saturday Night Live performance in 1980 is probably the reason why he can’t press up 20,000 copies of this collection. Saturday Night Live is notoriously reticent to license out music performances from their archives, and the only way that Numan could afford to have this in here was probably the low number of copies he was ultimately producing.

But one can’t fail to notice that there are huge gaps unaccounted for in this collection. I remember going way back on Numan’s web site, one could buy a VHS tape with a wide variety of material from the post-Beggars Banquet portion of  his career. The tape was called “Shadowman” and it was almost a seamless carry on from the “Newman Numan” VHS, though there was some overlap. It was filled with material not in evidence here.

Gary Numan: Shadowman UK VHS [1992]

  1. Warriors
  2. Your Fascination
  3. Berserker
  4. Call Out The Dogs
  5. Heart
  6. This Is Love
  7. New Thing From London Town
  8. Emotion
  9. I Can’t Stop
  10. My Dying Machine
  11. Machine And Soul

Tracks 5 – 11 are missing from the new DVDs and the material covered includes both Numa Records releases as well as his dalliance with I.R.S. in the late 80s. “My Dying Machine,” in particular, from his “Berserker” album is among his best tracks ever. But that was a Numa release that he owns. I’m guessing that the inability to track down a high quality master of some of this material some 30 years later is at the core of why it has not been made part of the new DVDs. We all know that Numan is not one to attempt revisionist history. Regrets, he has a few, but he’s not one to sweep them under the carpet.

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2 Responses to Gary Numan: Living On Video

  1. Echorich says:

    OH MAN I WILL DEFINITELY NEED THIS!! I have a VHS of The Beserker Tour which I have actually never watched because it was the wrong region – it was a birthday present 20 yrs ago.
    I’d love to get my hands on the vids from the Shadowman VHS. I remember being in London when Strange Charm was released and seeing the New Thing From London Town vid in the Trocadero HMV Store.
    I simply love the Numa Years. I can’t make a Numan playlist without them. I have always maintained that The Fury was one of Numan’s best albums, but I’ve been listening to Strange Charm more recently and it is a dark, complex album. Numan really allowed the music to open up and relied a lot less on Tessa Niles and the crowded sounds on Berserker and The Fury.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – “The Fury.” Strange Charm.” Flip a coin. I also vacillate between those as my favorite Numan albums. Sure he had some classics on Beggars Banquet, but those two in particular are completely different but clearly the equal of “Replicas,” “Telekon,” or “Dance” for my ears. Good luck with that DVD. It will sell like hotcakes on that tour and if there are any left over at Townsend it will be a feeding frenzy.

      Ha ha! I also have videos I’ve bought and not seen for 20 years or more. And they’re NTSC!


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