CD A Week Project: #13

REVO | CD-R | 2012 | PM013

Various: REVO Premaster 13 CD-R [2012]

  1. Down To Earth: Interference
  2. Down To Earth: Fear Is The Thing
  3. Act: Snobbery + Decay [Moonlighting Mix]
  4. Act: Snobbery + Decay [Moonlighting Mix 2]
  5. Act: Snobbery + Decay [Instant]
  6. Act: Snobbery + Decay [Instant 2]
  7. Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To [club version]
  8. Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To [mini version]
  9. Im-Mac Logic: Bolero
  10. Im-Mac Logic: Logics Of Emotion
  11. Im-Mac Logic: French Version] Two Takes
  12. Cosmetic With Jamaladeen Tacuuma: So Tranquilizin’
  13. Cosmetic With Jamaladeen Tacuuma: N-R-Gize Me
  14. The Nails: Reel World [Beat Boys + B Girls

Well, it’s more than a week later, and truth be told, this disc has been mastered for months, but I’m posting a new Premaster “mix CD” of rare singles material only a week or so later than the last one. The project has jump-started my being able to listen to records that I’ve had for decades or more so it’s continuing to be a winner on the home front. I’ve got a little more time to devote to this pursuit as well, so let’s begin with lucky volume 13.

Island Records | UK | 7″ | 1981 | WIP 6721

Down To Earth: Interference UK 7″ [1981]

  1. Interference
  2. Fear Is The Thing

Read all about this record here.

ZTT | UK Promo | 12″ | 1987 | CT 01

Act: Snobbery + Decay [Moonlighting Mix]  UK promo 12″#4 [1987]

  1. Snobbery + Decay [Moonlighting Mix]
  2. Snobbery + Decay [Moonlighting Mix 2]
  3. Snobbery + Decay [Instant]
  4. Snobbery + Decay [Instant 2]

Read all about this record here.

Curb Records | US | 12″ | 1986 | MCA-23640

Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To  US 12″ [1986]

  1. Music That You Can Dance To [LP ver.]
  2. Music That You Can Dance To [mini ver.]
  3. Music That You Can Dance To [club ver.]

This was the first Sparks single that I heard after “Cool Places” several years earlier. It was a fantastic hi-NRG stomper with the usual brilliant lyrics!

“Music that you can dance to,
get yourself in tune for the real McCoy.

No heavy message baby,
just a perfect blending of sex and noise.”

The mini version is a tiny dub version of 2:36 duration and the Club Mix is a more luxuriant 6:40 proposition with some hard channel panning for maximum stimulation. The song is the title cut of their single MCA album which originally had the cover below.

MCA | US | LP | 1987 | MCA-5780

Just four years later the rights got transferred somehow to our friends at MCA subsidiary  Curb Records and they re-branded this release with the cunning title and image as seen below.

Curb Records | US | CD | 1990 | CUR 468617 2

Niiiiiice! Trying to fob this off to the näive would-be Sparks fans as if this were a compilation!! Good to know that Mike Curb never lets a dirty trick go untried, even after all of these years!

Assorted Images | UK | 12″ | 1984 | AI001

Im-Mac Logic: Bolero UK 12″ [1984]

  1. Bolero
  2. Logics of Emotion
  3. Two Takes [French Version]

Read all about this record here.

Gramavision | US | 7″ | 1985 | 18-4508-7

Cosmetic With Jamaaladeen Tacuma: So Tranquilizin’ US 7″ [1985]

  1. So Tranquilizin’
  2. N-R-Gize Me

I came across this Cosmetic single via the video that was part of one night’s Night Flight stew of music related programming 22 years ago. Tacuma [neé Rudy McDaniel] is a serious jazz bassist who favored what he referred to as a “harmelodic” approach to the bass. But all work and no play makes Jaamaladeen a dull buy, so Cosmetic was his electric funk party band, and let me say that by 1985, this was a genre in somewhat short supply. At least if Prince wasn’t involved. Fans of Level 42 will have no problem with Cosmetic. I like the sampling touches that add the hook to the great A-side and his bass playing is definitely killer. The B-side is  6:53 party jam that’s gets a little thin on 7″ but is still worth your time.

Stiff Records | UK | 12″ | 1981 | BUY IT 97

Lene Lovich: New Toy UK 12″ #2 [1981]

  1. New Toy [ext. ver.]
  2. Cats Away

Read all about this record here.

Jimboco + City Beat Records | US | 7″ | 1982 | CJN-222

The Nails: 88 Lines About 44 Women US 7″ [1982]

  1. 88 Lines About 44 Women
  2. Reel World [Beat Boys + B-Girls]

Finally, the original B-side to The Nails indie version of “88 Lines About 44 Women” debuts on the Premaster series courtesy of my friend Tom, who owned this copy of the 7″ single. I have the “Hotel For Women” 12″ which contains the classic-no-matter-how-you-slice-it A-side, but the B-side is 7″ only. It’s a mind-boggling dub track with psychotic backwards tapes layered for maximum  freakout effect. If I had not told you this was The Nails, you would never guess. That wraps up this Premaster but join us soon for the next chapter in this never ending saga of sound.

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