Want List: The Complete Colourbox…Colour…Colour…Colour…Colour…Colour…Colourboxed Set Due This Month

Well, you never know where you are going to end up once you begin walking on a path. Last night I was recording Cabaret Voltaire’s “Keep On” UK remix 12″ [see left] to my music drive and while I was never a fan of the album it came from, I held out some hope for the band’s own remix on this 12″ A-side. Their own mixes of the “Groovy, Laidback, and Nasty” singles had been improvements on the group’s “house music” phase that didn’t completely suck. No such luck with this disc, which at least cost me only $0.50. The Derrick May remixes on the B-side were no better, but gosh darn it, weren’t those the wonderful Lorita Grahame’s vocals isolated on the “Sleazy Dog Mix” and brought to frontline prominence?

I love Lorita Grahame’s singing on the many Colourbox records in my Record Cell. I quickly decamped to Discogs.com and discovered that, yes, she indeed sang on several of the cuts on “Groovy, Laid Back, and Nasty.” “Keep On” inclusive. It had been so long since I had heard that album I had no memory of this fact. It had been given to me in 1990 by a disappointed Cab Volt fan and I gave it back after a few listens, since I felt it would have been unethical to trade it in for something better myself. My next step was seeing what else Ms. Graeme may have done that I’d care to listen to. The next thing I knew, I was on a Colourbox fan site with a link to buy the new complete recordings of Colourbox boxed set that will be released on May 22, 2012 to commemorate what would have been the band’s 30th year, had they not imploded after securing earth-straddling success with their M|A|R|R|S project in 1988.

4AD | US | 4xCD | 2012

Colourbox: Complete Recordings US 4xCD [2012]

CD 1
1. Sleepwalker
2. Just Give ’em Whiskey
3. Say You
4. The Moon Is Blue
5. Inside Informer
6. Punch
7. Suspicion
8. Manic
9. You Keep Me Hanging On
10. Arena
11. Edit The Dragon
12. Hipnition
13. We Walk Around The Streets
14. Arena II
15. Manic II
16. Fast Dump
17. Sex Gun

CD 2
1. Baby I Love You So 7″
2. The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme 7″
3. Hot Doggie
4. The Moon Is Blue 7″
5. Breakdown (Version 1) 7 ”
6. Tarantula (Version 1) 7″
7. Philip Glass
8. Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse 7″
9. Say You 7″
10. Fast Dump 7″
11. Keep On Pushing
12. You Keep Me Hanging On 7 ”
13. Breakdown (Version 2) 7″
14. Tarantula (Version 2) 7″
15. Shadows In The Room
16. Punch 7″

CD 3
1. Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse / Shoot Out 12″
2. Baby I Love You So 12″
3. The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme 12″
4. Breakdown (Version 1) 12 ”
5. Tarantula (Version 1) 12″
6. Say You 12″
7. Fast Dump 12″
8. The Moon Is Blue 12″
9. You Keep Me Hanging On 12″
10. Breakdown (Version 2) 12″
11. Tarantula (Version 2) 12″
12. Punch 12″

CD 4
1. Shotgun
2. Keep On Pushing
3. Nation
4. Justice
5. Arena (Extended Version)
6. Punch (BBC Session)
7. Kill It (BBC Session)
8. Bleach (BBC Session)
9. Water Up The Tap (BBC Session)
10. The Look Of Love (BBC Session)
11. You Keep Me Hanging On (BBC Session)
12. The Wanderer (BBC Session)
13. Low Rider (BBC Session)

Wow, and I was just getting serious about buying all of the 7/12-ers that I still needed for my own BSOG but it looks like Martyn Young has done all of the hard work for me! Disc one is the 1985 “Colourbox” album complete with all of the tracks from the 10,000 edition 2xLP version. The 1986 CD of same I bought on its release for some diabolical reason had three of the seven cuts on that bonus album missing. I’ve heard that early CD mastering companies charged extra for discs that topped 60 minutes? Anyone care to confirm this rumor?

Disc two is all 7″ mixes and non-LP B-sides. I only have Colourbox on 12″ so most of this is tantalizingly new to me. Disc three are all of the 12″ mixes – I only have about half of these on the “Punch” 12″ and the “Colourbox” EP/12″ compilation CD. Disc four is the 1983 “Colourbox” EP that is also on the CD compilation with a previously unreleased extended version of “Arena” and all of the band’s BBC sessions. Sweet! Check out some of the classics they covered there. I sincerely hope that it’s War’s “Low Rider” that’s on that disc!

The best thing I can say about this four disc bounty is that the retail price is a laughable $30.00! I’d pay that for just 2-3 12″ers that I need, not to mention the postage! So hats off to Colourbox’s Martyn Young and his friends at 4AD who green lighted this boxed set of god that goes beyond the non-LP material to encompass everything that the band ever recorded in their too-brief lifespan. Anyone with a taste for adventurous Post-Punk dub rock with excursions into electro, synthpop, and soul-reggae would do well to preorder this set like, pronto!

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5 Responses to Want List: The Complete Colourbox…Colour…Colour…Colour…Colour…Colour…Colourboxed Set Due This Month

  1. Echorich says:

    Looking forward to this one!!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Make sure you preorder from the 4AD web store for the insane $30.00 price. I checked Amazon.com and it was over $50.00! This will be a great thing as I’ve had only the first two CDs and a tiny dusting of vinyl from back in the day.


  2. Someone … nay, YOU … needs to a) win a million dollars, then b) set up a BSOG professional label and do NOTHING but issue product exactly like this from only short-lived groups of worth and promise that didn’t stick around long enough for it to become insanely difficult to track down every variant of their recordings. What a VALUE this would be for collectors who are mainly interested in obtaining all the tracks rather than all the packaging.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – Robin… you’ve done it again, old chum!! You have ferreted out my ultimate purpose in life! Many years ago, my wife asked me what I would be doing if I could do anything in the world that I wanted to and I told her at the time “curate the Museum of New Wave,” which was my way of saying exactly what you have put into words. At least this blog functions as a crudeproof of concept! It’s not like I haven’t hinted for any Post-Punk loving VCs who read this that I can be bought [or at least rented] and would love to work like a fiend on curating perfection in word, image and sound as it is in regards to the material covered here. You’ve seen REVO editions. You know what can be achieved in this fallen world with just passion, grit and determination on a budget of just hundreds of dollars a year. Imagined if I were bankrolled by a VC with more money than sense!! The mind freaking boggles!!


  3. postpunkmonk says:

    I hope that any fans of Colourbox bought this when it retailed for $30. Within months of release it was approaching three figures and now it is solidly parked in the $200-300 zone! For once, I have no regrets because I acted quickly!


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