Paul Buchanan Steps Out Of The Blue Nile And Into “Mid-Air”

Paul Buchanan ca. 2012

Longtime readers of this blog may remember a book review of “Nileism: The Strange Course Of The Blue Nile” by Allan Brown I posted about a year ago. In it I referred to a Paul Buchanan solo album in the can but tied up in legal proceedings between the fractious members of The Blue Nile. Well, I’d say that the mess has been sorted out, since on May 21st, the first Paul Buchanan solo album will be released; only eight years following the last album by The Blue Nile, 2004’s “High.” And I do mean the last album by The Blue Nile. Right on time, in other words.

His new album is called “Mid-Air” and it offers 14 new songs that were recorded by Buchanan both at a friend’s home as well as Gorbals Sound, a new SOTA studio in Glasgow. Word has it that the songs are relatively brief; most are under three minutes in length. Long time fans must be aware that he was flirting with this possibility when albums three and four by The Blue Nile had more than the requisite seven tracks. Even so, this must have raised eyebrows when he delivered the masters to his new label, Newsroom Records. In any case, don’t expect a redux of The Blue Nile’s trademark spacious electro-minimalism. These songs are pretty much voice and piano based.

Newsroom Records | UK | CD | 2012

I must say the cover is a striking departure. As is commonplace today, the album is available for pre-order right now on in a number of popular formats/packages. I’ll outline them here for your edification.

  1. Digital Download – 14 tracks – MP3/FLAC/Apple Lossless – £7.99
  2. Standard CD – 14 tracks in jewel box – £9.99
  3. Album – 14 tracks – ltd. ed. 1000 copies, 180 g. vinyl/MP3s – £14.99
  4. Deluxe CD box – 7″ x 7″ box, ltd. numbered ed. of 2000 copies, 14 track CD1, bonus exclusive 10 track CD2, 20 p. 7″ lyric/photo booklet – £25.99

Those who know how The Monk rolls must already realize that I’ve pre-ordered the dlx boxed set! Though I may rail against exploitative music releasing practices, there’s a certain price point where I’m a happy camper to pay for something nice, and this set is well below my pain threshold! The buy-in for ten tracks of exclusive music is a relatively modest £15.00! After conversion and charges, I’m looking at about $55.00 here [including international shipping]. Heck, I’ve seen the “Happiness” singles [which -gulp- I still need] going for that much in aftermarket pricing!

Buchanan’s website has a link to a pre-release download of “My True Country” available right now for a donation to the British Heart Foundation if you have the impetus and can’t wait until May 21st. I’ve had no middle ground on his work in the past. Three of his albums I love, with the first two accorded classic status. “Peace At Last” was the odd one out. I’ll be interested to hear, come two months time [with shipping], to see on which side of the line of demarcation his newest work falls. When you’re as careful and deliberate a musician as Buchanan is, it pays for his fans to have some patience.

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4 Responses to Paul Buchanan Steps Out Of The Blue Nile And Into “Mid-Air”

  1. Tim says:

    Thank you for the update. I probably would be oblivious to the release of this if it wasn’t for this blog posting – not for lack of interest but just so many hours in the day.


  2. Echorich says:

    Somewhere, three weeks ago, I got an email that invited me to purchase the Paul Buchanan album.
    Of course I went to the website and 5 minutes later I had purchased the deluxe 2CD package and received my link to download My True Country.
    This is turning out to be an excellent year! A John Foxx special package, Simple Minds Box and a PAUL BUCHANAN release! An excellent year indeed!
    Add to this the new Dalis Car release capturing Mick Karns final work with Peter Murphy and the just announced Heaven 17 Luxury Gap tour later this year and I have no complaints!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – many, many years ago, I registered with the Blue Nile website, so they had my contact information. I was wondering why in the hell had I not been contacted, as they have already legally harvested my soul. Also, I purchased the box – but received no download link! What th’…!!!


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