Record Store Day 2012: Reaching Critical Mass

I can vividly remember where I first heard of Record Store Day from; my wife! She mentioned it to me and I didn’t really think too much of it, because if you’re anything like me, the idea of a special Record Store Day is puzzlingly obvious! Every day is Record Store Day to me [if I can get away with it].  That was 2007, and for the first few years, I didn’t bite. Why go to the record store when it’s full of people pawing at records? Sure, sure. There were RSD exclusives trotted out after the first year, but these tended to be the work of wizened “classic rock” acts or today’s up and coming stars; exactly the demographic whose audience I was definitely not a part of.

Last year was a shocking revelation. Duran Duran, a group with nothing but ironic “hipster credibility” were issuing a RSD exclusive. Hmm, looks like it was time to participate. Details on last year’s event here. But what of this year, you may ask. Well, this year it’s reaching critical mass with many releases tempting to me by the Post-Punk performers I’ve come to know and love for a change.

The Clash – London Calling 2012

A 2012 mix of “London Calling” may be too revisionist for me since there was nothing wrong with the original version the last time I checked! Still, I’ll note it and see what happens once I get “in-store.”

Joey Ramone – Rock ‘N Roll Is The Answer

I loved the posthumous Joey Ramone solo album, which I bought full retail in 2001. That’s saying something. I had no idea that there was a second posthumous album in the works, but this single is its herald. Three cheers for Joey Ramone. I miss the guy. I will definitely get this.

PIL – One Drop EP

The return of Post-Punk visionaries PIL to the recording studio is welcome news and I will definitely be buying this new EP as a taster of their upcoming album. I enjoy both phases of PIL, the pure Post-Punk and the more commercial phase that followed the loss of the original band, with “This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get” being the metaphoric line in the sand. The title of this seems to imply the earlier dub terrorist phase of the group may be revisited. Color me most interested.

DEVO – Live In Seattle 1981

A double LP chronicling a full “New Traditionalists” concert that is LP only is intriguing to me. I always loved that album and the only Live DEVO I have is their earlier EP from the “Freedom Of Choice” tour.

David Bowie – Starman 7″ PD

Not Post-Punk per se, but without Bowie, most of the acts I collect would not exist. The recently rediscovered live performance of “Starman” on TOTP, what made Bowie into an “overnight sensation” in the UK is in mono, so having it released on a lo-fi picture disc sort of makes sense. Besides, Bowie is so visually oriented.

That’s a fair amount of stuff that piques my interest, but that’s just the North America RSD booty of interest. There are things released abroad that are driving me insane with desire! Fortunately, my agent in the field has assured me that he’ll do his best to obtain them for me. Here are the notable RSD UK releases.

Catherine Ringer – Punk 103 10″

Catherine was the vocalist for the late, lamented Les Rita Mitsouko. This is a live 10″ with poster. I’ve not heard anything by her in over 20 years, so I might as well re-start the collecting here.

Edwyn Collins – Tape Box 6×7″

This box contains a single from each of Collin’s solo albums with the sixth one being a taster for his next album [still in the works].

Gruff Rhys/Cate Le Bon – Gold Medal Winner 7″

I loved the Neon Neon album and this 7″ reunites Rhys and LeBon from that project. I’m interested for sure.

John Cale – Transitions 12″ 

This is a must-have! I just got his “Extra Playful” EP in the Black Friday edition. This record is white vinyl with remixes on the A-side and “Cale-inspired” material by others on the B-side. Wha? In any case all Cale is needed!

Simple Minds – I Travel 2012 12″

This is the bomb. John Leckie, who produced the always relevant original, has crafted a new mix of my favorite Simple Minds classic. Not to be outdone, Moby has remixed the band’s perennially relevant “Themes For Great Cities” for the single’s B-side! Fact: all new mixes of “Themes For Great Cities” have been worthy. Very worthy. This marks the 4th time mixers have gone back to the till on that classic. I will be willing to pay whatever it takes on the aftermarket if it transpires that I don’t get a copy of this through my proxy.

Watch this space on April 24th for a full rundown, with photos of the carnage.

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