Simple Minds X5: The Supplement [pt. 1]

So we’ve established that the X5 set, wonderful as it is, does not bear the level of Monastic scrutiny that I bring to my REVO projects. Obviously, there are legal issues involved with licensing tracks from other labels and space issues with each CD needing to have an album with 30-40 minutes of room to spare. But what about the person who buys X5 and wonders “how can I make up for what Virgin left out?” Never fear – I’m here to draw you a map. First up, the rare and wonderful Johnny & The Self Abusers single, issued by the band on the day they broke up and re-christened themselves Simple Minds!

Chiswick Records | UK | 7" | 1977 | NS 22

Johnny + The Self Abusers: Saints + Sinners UK 7″ [1977]

  1. Saints + Sinners
  2. Dead Vandals

This primordial 7″ from 1977 will set you back a pretty penny. Thank goodness I got mine in the early 80s when it was still possible to get this for <$10! These tracks need to be there for a sense of just how far Simple Minds progressed from these halcyon days of identikit punk. Don’t have $50-80 to spare for a battered 7″? Relax, these tracks have made it to legitimate CD in the following releases:

Chiswick Records | UK | CD | 1995 | CDWIKX 162

“Dead Vandals” appears on “Good Clean Fun,” A Chiswick sampler CD dating from 1995. This is the only place where this B-side made another appearance, apart from the original 7″ single. It doesn’t seem to be too prevalent in the aftermarket, but now you know that if you see one in the used bins, you should buy it! Fortunately, your options regarding “Saints + Sinners” are so numerous as to positively be head-spinning!



Connoisseur Collection | UK | CD | 1991 | IBM CD 77

This “Indie Scene” compilation is also available on a 2xLP, but you’ll want the CD of it for the “Saints + Sinners” A-side as lovingly mastered to CD format. But this is but one place to find that song on CD. Speaking confidentially, this is a great album no matter what reason you buy it! No home should be without one.



Virgin | NETHERLANDS | 2xCD | 1996 | 7243 8 41541 2 7

This “The Best Punk Album In The World… Ever!” compilation was released by Virgin in the Netherlands in 1996, so the slimy vermin have already licensed the track once before from Chiswick! Why not now, when it matters most? As a Dutch import, this can’t be too easy to nab a copy of, it’s true.




Shanachie Records | US | CD | 1996 | 5705

Therefore, it’s a good thing that US indie label Shanachie Records also released this “Punk – Lost + Found” CD in The States the same year! You just know this puppy is lurking in some grimy used bin for a dollar… just waiting your eager fingers to take it home!



Well, I seem to have gotten away with myself again. We’ll have to pick this up when next we meet as I continue to show you the way to pick up the loose pieces that Virgin left off of X5.

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2 Responses to Simple Minds X5: The Supplement [pt. 1]

  1. This overview promises to be Self-Abus-alicious.


  2. I somehow forgot to add to my previous comment that the entire Indie Scene series (at least as far as 83, that’s as far as I went with em) is a must-have for this group! Good luck with that, suckers!


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