Record Review: The Epoxies – Stop The Future

Fat Wreck Chords | US | CD | 2005 | FAT689-2

The Epoxies: Stop The Future US CD [2005]

  1. Radiation
  2. This Day
  3. Synthesized
  4. Robot Man
  5. Wind Me Up
  6. Everything Looks Beautiful On Video
  7. Stop The Future
  8. Struggle Like No Other
  9. No Interest
  10. You Kill Me
  11. At The Seams
  12. It’s You
  13. Toys

I first heard The Epoxies in 2006 when my wife gifted me with a Pandora subscription, so that I could listen without ads. I started my Pandora channel with Gina X as the genetic seed and it sprouted many wonderful new discoveries. Not the least of which were The Epoxies! I immediately ran across their Dirtnap CD EP of their first two singles which I had no problem buying at full price at Static Age Records in Asheville; purveyors of fine music of a punk slant. I then was looking forward to maybe catching The Epoxies in concert when visiting their home turn of Portland, Oregon, during my 2008 visit there. Alas, the band split up a scant few months before my visit. My one shot at seeing these incredible musicians in person to grovel at their feet; gone!

As someone who was buying records just like this one in 1979, I am in a sort of awe over how masterfully The Epoxies have grasped the New Wave tropes they use like they were born with them [and they probably heard music like this from their older siblings]. This is what I’ve always wanted out of music and was ecstatic to have arrive in the late 70s: crunchy guitars [for energy], buzzing synthesizers [for energy], coupled with deadpan vocals [a must for the ennui generation] that coalesce to create a paradoxical sort of vibrant, life-affirming cynicism that I consider the hallmark of New Wave music. These anthems of disaffection are played with such vigor and a sublimated kind of passion that they send me over the edge!

This utterly fantastic album is a pastiche, yes, but it’s one hell of an expert pastiche made by people who are mocking nothing!  I have to commend them for carrying on a tradition magnificently. It is difficult to imagine returning to a time and space to re-examine a style and then successfully carrying it forward in a way that differs from what actually happened. In the meantime, thrill to Post-Punk hits that never were like “Synthesized,” Radiation” and “Everything Looks Beautiful On Video!” The latter of which I am dying to remix just so there’s a vocoded refrain of the word “video” a beat behind the real vocals in the chorus.

The Epoxies also have the beautiful nerve to cover The Scorpions “Robot Man” from their [wait for it] 1979 album “Tokyo Tapes” without an ounce of irony. The Scorps should be pleased and you would be too! Too bad they dissolved, but not before I rounded up all of their releases and rather quickly too. At least I heard their final EP as a new release. Fortunately, ex-lead vocalist Roxy Epoxy has a solo album out called “Band-Aids On Bullet Holes,” and its a corker. It’s less of a pastiche and something more contemporary while still holding classic New Wave values close to its chest. All of The Epoxies releases are must have listening, but “Stop The Future,” in particular, stands out as not just an evocative simulacrum of a 1979 New Wave album 26 years later, but an album that had it appeared back in the day, would be a release I’d have held a brightly flaming torch for the entire time.

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1 Response to Record Review: The Epoxies – Stop The Future

  1. chas_m says:

    Were I to be disproven that there’s a) an afterlife and b) a heaven, I would fully expect to see The Epoxies take their rightful place opening up for The Tourists. Two perfect bands in one concert — that hasn’t happened for me since I saw the Tom Tom Club open for Talking Heads (at the Fox, in Atlanta!) on the 81 Remain in Light tour!


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