Badges! Badges! Badges! – 3

Yikes! It’s another busy day and I only have minutes to blog today. That means… Badges!

This was the official badge of the late, lamented Crunchy Armadillo Records! Back in the early 80s, my friend Tom was at the scuzzy comics shop we frequented, when he took a careful look at the rest of the slipshod “strip mall” that the shop was nestled near. Much to his surprise, there was a record store there that he investigated. That was Crunchy Armadillo MKI on South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. The proprietor was Craig Michaels, whom I knew by reputation as he wrote for Dogfood, Orlando’s free “New Wave” newspaper. I quickly twigged to the fact that Crunchy Armadillo had the cheapest used records in town! And the selection was spectacular! Obscure records I’ve not ever seen again in 30+ years of crate digging were as plentiful as copies of “Saturday Night Fever” at Crunchy Armadillo! And Craig was happy to let you keep a stack of reserve material behind the counter so you could stop in and whittle down your stack without having the discs you wanted enter the Record Cell of a lesser Monk! I could go on and on about Crunchy Armadillo and Craig, but that’s a full topic some day. All hail Arnie Dillo!

This Human League button was certainly purchased at Record Mart Warehouse. In 1981 I started buying Human League Records after hearing them on the “Cash Cows” Virgin sampler. The first record I bought was “Sound Of The Crowd” 12″ [Canadian edition] and by the end of the year it was all about The Human League! Boy, the post-split League sure sounded like they would be a real powerhouse of a band, against all odds, but we all know how that turned out, eh? Sigh.

Someone must have given me this Peter Gabriel badge. I didn’t recognize it when I hit the badge bag. It’s from a 1988 concert, and the only person I know who saw him in concert was my wife, but that was in 1983, I think. So where did this come from? Buy howdy, the art sure recalls Malcolm Garret’s graphics for Simple Minds’ “New Gold Dream” era, doesn’t it? In 1980 I would have been all over it! PG’s third album is still the cream of its time period to me. I love it even more now than I did back then, and that’s saying a lot. But the only time I could have seen PG was when he hit the Orlando Arena in ’93/’94. And by that time I really didn’t want to know Peter Gabriel! I was totally past done with him.

p.s. – Aha! My wife thought it might have been her button but wasn’t sure either. After a bit of research, it looks like PG named his ’82-’83 US tour the “Playtime 1988” tour after all! She was lucky to have seen him when he was still on top.

Ah, yes! The Hate Bombs! They were Orlando’s finest garage rock combo and constituted a huge chunk of the 90s for me musically. I must have seen them more than any other band; dozens of times. They were blistering in concert but traditionally, had a difficult time getting it down on wax, natch. Their 45s came a lot closer than their debut album, but even those lacked… something. They finally nailed it on their second and final album, “Hunt You Down,” from where the cover art was repurposed for this badge.

To be continued…

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