CD A Week Project: #10

REVO | CD-R | 2011 | PM010

Various: REVO Premaster 10 CD-R [2011]

  1. Blondie: Atomic [12]
  2. Blondie: Call Me [Spanish 12]
  3. Blondie: Call Me [inst.]
  4. Blondie: Rapture [disco mix]
  5. Blondie: Live It Up [disco mix]
  6. Blondie + Fab 5 Freddy: Yuletide Throwdown
  7. Blondie: Warchild [12]
  8. Maneaters: Nine To Five
  9. The Nails: Hotel For Women
  10. The Nails: Cutting Edge
  11. The Nails: 88 Lines About 44 Women [ver. 1]
  12. Swing Out Sister: Twilight World [US 12]
  13. Swing Out Sister: Twilight World [inst.]
  14. Swing Out Sister: Another Lost Weekend

This Premaster serves to have another dominant theme like the last one. Namely, it ties up loose ends in the not substantial Blondie collection. I had acquired a number of import 12″ singles in the 90s, all featuring mixes that had not yet surfaced at the time on the almighty compact disc. It seemed as good a time as any to commit these to the old hard drive.

Chrysalis | UK | 12" | 1980 | CHS 12 2410

Blondie: Atomic UK 12″ [1980]

  1. Atomic [single mix]
  2. Die Young, Stay Pretty
  3. Heroes [live]

I originally bought this to get the fabbo live cover of Bowie’s “Heroes” complete with Robert Fripp guesting on guitar! But no sooner did I shell out the shekels for this disc than did musical hero Vinny Vero shepherd the great “Blonde + Beyond” comp along down the pike with the Bowie cover among it’s many merits. So I never played the 12″ until recently. Turns out that I assumed that the full monty 5:45 LP mix of “Atomic” would be on the 12.” Au contraire! Apparently all single releases sport a nifty remix edit that snips off the “three blind mice” intro from the LP cut and makes it a better track for its direct attack.

Chrysalis | UK | 12" | 1981 | CHS 12 2514-A

Blondie: Call Me [Spanish 12″ version] UK 12″ [1981]

  1. Call Me [Spanish 12″ ver.]
  2. Call Me [inst.]

The 7″ Spanish version of “Call Me” also turned up on “Blonde + Beyond,” but the extended remix is still on this 12″ and waited years for my ears. This track was hugely overplayed in its day, so it is a relief to hear it changed in any way at this late date. The instrumental B-side is a nice remix, and not the straight 7″ mix sans vocals. It would be possible to mix the two sides into any number of alternate mixes, should you want to.

Chrysalis | UK | 12" | 1981 | CHS 12 2485

Blondie: RaptureUK 12″ [1981]

  1. Rapture [special disco mix]
  2. Live It Up [special disco mix]

This was a surprise to run across 12 years after it was released. Given that “Rapture” was a 6+ minute track on LP, it surprised me to find that someone thought that it wasn’t long enough! So it appears here in a 10 minute version, which is a extended version with additional lyrics – that rarest of gems! Since the original was heavily played, getting a different spin in this chestnut late in the game gives the overplayed track a new life. Better still is the 8:30 version of “Live It Up.” It really puts a coat of new paint on a tired track, for these ears.

Chrysalis | UK | 12" | 1982 | CHS 12 2624

Blondie: War Child UK 12″ [1982]

  1. War Child [12]
  2. Little Ceasar

There’s not a lot of love out there for the last contiguous Blondie album, 1982’s “The Hunter.” I haven’t had a copy in decades but would bite if I saw a used CD, I suppose. “War Child” is the only extended remix from the album and represents Blondie’s return to sequencer-based dance music ala “Call Me.” Needless to say, this one didn’t trouble the charts a tenth of that song. It’s a little faceless and really sounds like a Deborah Harry mid-80s solo effort rather than what I’d consider a Blondie tune. By that time the writing was on the wall, I imagine.

E'G Records | UK | 7" | 1982 | EGO 8

Maneaters: Nine To Five UK 7″ [1982]

  1. Maneaters: Nine To Five
  2. Suzi Pinns: Jerusalem

Maneaters were a synthetic combo on the Derek Jarman “Jubilee” soundtrack. The 1977 film originally had its soundtrack released years earlier, but for the fortuitous happenstance that Maneaters were actually Toyah Willcox and Adam Ant, E’G found itself with something exploitable five years on, so after Adam & Toyah had scaled the charts, they cashed in with this re-issue. In the end, the only one exploited is the buyer as this is an absolutely dreadful song! It’s 90% Toyah at her most “punk” and is all but unlistenable. Her early Safari Records material is a little rough, but has some charm, unlike this. Adam can be heard on backing vocals at one point for a few seconds. Not really anything to write home about for fans of Toyah or Adam.

Jimboco Records | US | 12" | 1981 | CJN-111

The Nails: Hotel For Women US 12″ [1981]

  1. Hotel For Women
  2. Cutting Edge
  3. 88 Lines About 44 Women [ver. 1]

This is an indie 12″ that The Nails released on the magnificent Jimboco label prior to singing with RCA in 1981. It has some earlier recordings and the great title track has guest vocals by Connie Garcia on the ska-like track that sounds very different from The Nails sound we all know and love from “Mood Swing.” Also included for good measure is the primordial version of their colossus of a hit “88 Lines About 44 Women.” But I’m here to tell you that if you’ve only heard the RCA re-recording of it, you’re not missing a thing. Marc Campbell’s delivery is far less expressive, lending the whole affair a tentative air compared to the on the money second version that lays it all on the line.

Mercury | US | 12" | 1986 | 870 015-1

Swing Out Sister: Twilight World US 12″ [1986]

  1. Twilight World [US 12″ remix]
  2. Twilight World [7″ remix]
  3. Twilight World [inst.]
  4. Another Lost Weekend [7″ ver.]

As was often the custom, these US remixes are specially commissioned by Mercury for the US market and feature Different Bruce Forest mixes which are less jazzy and more clubworthy for the US dancefloors. I have the 7″ version on the Japanese “Another Non-Stop Sister” compilation, which has the 12″ version of  “Another Lost Weekend.” So for the sake of completion, I’ve included the 7″ edit on the disc. There were quite a few of these SOS US mixes and one day I’ll have to quantify what’s still missing from the Record Cell.

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