Song Of The Day: The Stranglers – Peaches

United Artists | UK | 7" | 1977 | UP 36248

The Stranglers: Peaches UK 7″

  1. Peaches
  2. Go Buddy Go
It’s been a while since a song got stuck in my head that wasn’t related to what I’ve already been writing about. This track entered my brain on Sunday and it’s still there right now. My wife was eating a peach and the next thing you know she requested to have the track on, which I complied with. The next thing you knew, she put the track on repeat. Well, hurt me. Ultimately, she ended up putting the first chapter of the movie “Sexy Beaston repeat several times, since it is cut to this song rather brilliantly. That was a first. I’m very familiar with her playing a music track repeatedly. Pretty much the whole song plays through the scene, except for a few lines of dialogue where it is faded down. Fans of The Stranglers could hardly do better that watching the whole, truculent movie. Rarely has form and content been seen so closely united onscreen!

“Peaches” was The Stranglers second single and it features the subterranean bass of J.J. Burnel taking on all comers. The lyrics had to be changed for airplay since naughty words like “cli-taurus” and “bummer” were deemed offensive to Auntie Beeb. The edited version of the song is available on the “rarities” album but it was mastered from vinyl since the master used to make the commercial single was lost in the UA archives. It was money well spent, since the track was a big hit for the band. The song seems to be cast in the Randy Newman “first person narrative” style, with vocalist Hugh Cornwell taking on the persona of a sexist lout cruising the seashore taking in the “sights,” but with this band one can never be too certain of when their tongue is in their cheek or not.  In any case, I would imagine that when the proposal to synchronize the track in “Sexy Beast” crossed the band’s desk, it was certainly perceived as a one-in-a-million example of being extremely appropriate for a change.

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